Sunday, May 8, 2011

Through the eyes of a Mom.....and Grandma....

I have been reading everyone's thoughts about Mother's......what a nice day for us all to stop and reflect on all the mother's in our are a few of my thoughts...kind of cheezy and lame, but these are things I've been thinking about lately....

#1 It is darn hard to be a mom!!!! Can I put that any clearer. The pregnancy, birth
then allllll the responsibility that NEVER goes away! GEESH! But, through it all, I
would NEVER trade a moment of my experience of being a mom and a grandma....

Here are the reasons I LOVE being a mom.......
**4 of the most WONDERFUL and SPECIAL kids in the entire world!
honestly, there is never a dull moment in our home. Because of
these kids, I have grown as a person so much and learn something
every day. The times we laugh so's bathroom time....
the times we cry so hard you think the pain will never go away...
but through it all...through all these experiences, we are being
molded into the people we are now.

**Waking up every morning to get kids ready for school..making
sure everyone is dressed, lunches packed, backpacks on and the bus
is made....I especially loved Summer's and Day's off from school
I loved having my kids home around me more than anything.....
(I hated homework)

**Loved going on excursions with the kids...we always seemed to come
up with something to do from grabbing Staci out of school and hauling
all 4 kids including a 6wk old son to the airport to see the 1st
Pres Bush land in trips camping in our HUGE family tent!

**Our vacations...they were "Schroeder Adventures" for sure...something
ALWAYS seemed to go wrong...from multiple skunks in the camp ground forcing
us to hide out in our tent all doors breaking on the van
in "someone" we all love riding her bike out of control
heading towards the rushing LIGHTENING hitting the ground
in front of the cabin creating HUGH thunder and blue light...flat tires,
trailer carrying our stuff breaking down....running out of gas in the
boat and the girls getting stuck in "quick sand" trying to get help...
hiking into back country only to find out mountain lions are watching us...
need I go on...hahaha...but we are "Schroeder Vacation Survivors" and they
are not over.....stay tuned!

**With those 4 wonderful kids, there are a lot of hard challenging times,
some we made it through with a few "bumps and bruises" and some we are
still working on making it through...through these times, as hard as they
are...I see the Lord's hand in EVERYTHING...and I am in aww at how
courageous and strong my kids they move forward through their
challenges...with all the Faith they need to take the next step in their
lives....oh, through all the tears and TIGHT hugs, we have all been able
to move's the LOVE we share that helps, and the fact that
each of my kids have the courage to do what they know they should no matter
how hard it is at the time...they are my true HERO's.

**Then, the icing on the cake with all of this is being Max's grandma. I
LOVE that little man so much and it's such an honor to be his grandma...and
watching Staci be his mom...she is such a great makes me proud...
Oh how I love being a Mom and a Grandma....I love my family in such a big
way, I am so greatful for the experience I have had so far, and am so
so excited and anxious for ALL the experiences to come.....thanks to my
Mother and Grandmother for all they did for me and the love they have
shown and taught me through out my life..........

Another great reason for this day....I get to talk on the phone to my missionary
son whom I haven't seen for exactly 5 eternal months....I can't wait!

**MOTHER'S are the BEST!