Saturday, November 29, 2008 dad died..............

Wow.....I'm trying to wrap myself around this new challenge in my life. You may think I might be sounding a little dad died on wednesday due to a massive heart attack....but you see, my dad actually died when I was a little 4yr old girl...his only know, daddy's little girl...well, not so much, he left our family..our home..when I was 4, Mike was 5 and Kevin was 2yrs old...a day I will never ever forget as long as I live and can replay in my mind over and over again with great clarity... I was there when he drove away...even at 4yrs old I knew he was never coming back..I thought I could catch he drove off I ran and I ran after his car yelling and screaming for him to stop, to come home, please don't leave us...we need you..but, he never stopped and I just kept running and running until I got to the busy street of 800 north in Orem .....some man, someone I didn't know but will always thank because...he stopped me before I got on the busy street..he took me home...he had a bag a donuts that he gave all of us kids then he left...I never saw him again, but am so grateful that he took care of me at that time. Anyway, yesterday I got a phone call from Aunt Beverly...another person I don't know...his sister.. his family I guess disowned us, never having anything to do with us after the divorce...Grandpa tried to keep in touch a bit, but I guess it was just too hard for him, I really don't know exactly...anyway, she called me yesterday to tell me that he had passed away and the small funeral would be monday....yes, we are going so that we can pay our respects. I don't know how to feel exactly, I have never hated the man...when I was little I would cry myself to sleep at night wishing he would come home someday, that he would know he made a mistake and that he missed us...but, no, that wasn't to be...we just never saw him again. I will always have a small place in my heart that loves him...he was my father...doesn't that sound funny...that I would still love someone that couldn't do the same for me...I honestly can't explain it and will never understand..I wish him well and myself, I will move on with my life....this is a hard thing and monday will be a hard day...I feel like crying but I don't want anyone to see me cry, why should I cry for him......

Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas Shopping!!! Earlybirds..........................

Really not too cold.....little drizzle.....lots of fun times!!!
(are we crazy or what???)

Ok...our day starts at Target....we were in line for about 45min and actually in a good drizzled just a little, but it wasn't anywhere near as cold as it usually is....we had fun laughing and talking. A lady pulled up in her van and let out kids with a big 5 gal thermos selling hot was funny, a lady behind us said she wanted some then and asked how much they were selling it for...a small cup was $1..(hummmmmmmmmmm I see these kids have learned the American Way...LOL) anyway, nobody wanted to buy the hot chocolate...(it was too expensive and it really wasn't cold enough to need it)...then the security from Target came by handing out maps of where in the store the sale items were located, someone else came and handed out free donuts etc....lots of great fun. is the same every year, those stinkers from the parking lots tried to stay in their cars then run for the doors when they opened...actually Target had good security watching out for us this year..they had the front doors blocked off so people couldn't just run in...problem is, it didn't stop other people from butting in the lines to get in first (security did make some get out and the crowd would cheer like they were at some sporting event)...FUNNY PEOPLE...that's kind of why we go...we really don't go for great deals because non of us are confrontational (we won't fight for any item) and if we get something great, if not oh well...we just go to have fun and watch the people...they are hilarious!! We got a few things, then we went over to Walmart...(boring there)sooooooooooooooo we then went to Cracker that place...tons of great things for stocking stuffers there!!! All their Christmas is 40% off right now...then we came home to rest and take care of Grandma, we are going out for more fun later today...Tai Pan, IKEA, Walmart again, who knows....just a fun day......HURRAY FOR SHOPPING...isn't it great!!!!

Staci and I trying to be AWAKE!!!!

Kristi having a great time....Kati sleeping.................

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What do I do?????? Any Experience with Alzheimers!!!!

I am ok with her showers, combing her hair, brushing her teeth, cutting her nails, her taking off her cloths..(I have to admit I try to catch her before she gets too far)...everything, but when it come to her personal bathroom stuff...I won't get into it, but I found something in her garbage can today that just grossed me much that I won't keep a garbage can in her room for her to use anymore....ewwwwwwwwwww I am doing ok, this is just really hard.... if anybody knows any ideas for me...I'm open to's so sad to see her, but it's hard to be with her. I need to find the "Joy in the Journey" for sure....actually, today was a good day. Kati is here from Ephraim and Rob is doesn't have school today so we took Grandma to lunch...that was nice..she was actually good. Anyway...things will get better...I hope!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

I am Thankful for.........................................

First off, there are so many things I am Thankful for....I am only sharing a few because if not, this blog will go on FOREVER!!!
``1. I am first of all Thankful for my wonderful Husband Gary...he is a man of few words, but you know just what and where he stands in his life. He is a hard working man, loves the Lord and his family!! Such a great example to our family and especially to Rob as to honoring his Priesthood...I love you Gary.
``2. My kids!! They are my life and especially my Joy!! I have loved being their mother and learning so much from them. I ask them to forgive me for my short comings..I have so many, and have made so many mistakes...but everything I did and do is because I love each and all 4 of them. Staci, the oldest...what an example of love and concern for others..this girl has always wanted the best for everyone, has had such a hard time with different things in her life and has worked hard making others feel better...always concerned for our welfare, loves the Lord and has such faith in his love for her..such a beautiful daughter of God...what an example to me she is...such a good mommy to little Max..he's a lucky little guy. son in law..aka our son!! I am so grateful to him for the great husband and daddy he is. Trevor is such an example to us, and to Rob...such a hard working, strong willed, dedicated to his family and the gospel kind of guy, another that is an example to us on how he honors his Priesthood and is always available to use it when necessary...we are a lucky family to have such a young man marry one of our daughters! Kristi, the 2nd, this girl is miss loving and caring too. Kristi will give you the "shirt off her back" if needed, and on occasion, has done just about that for friends and others. Kristi is such a spiritual giant and has such talent in so many things..(I love to hear Staci and Kristi sing is so beautiful)Organizer for everybody, willing to help anywhere she is needed..and I know her Father in Heaven is happy with her and who she is. Kati Jo, the 3rd child, what a joy she is to our family..keeps us on our toes and even when she is having a hard time is concerned of us and what is going on. Very devoted to her shows...she is a beautiful dancer with such love, beauty and grace. This talent has given her opportunities to grow and learn so many things. Kati Jo is a loving caring young lady with a strong testimony of our Savior and not afraid to show others..(and she does have opportunity to do so frequently)Kati too is a beautiful daughter of God. Rob...what a great kid...I am so thankful to him for always wanting to do whats right even when it goes against the grain sometimes. He has such a love and respect for the Priesthood he holds, and is such an example to me and others when he blesses the sacrament. I so appreciate him for "babysitting" Grandma Schroeder when he gets home from school so I can run errands, and without any complaints. I can never tell these kids more how much they mean to me and how much I respect them for the good decisions they are making in their lives...
``3. Maximus Gary Breon Jacobs, the love of my life!!! This is my adorable little 3yr old grandson...I am the luckiest Grandma Lu around...I can never get enough of this little guy and I hope he know how much Grandma loves him. What a smart, handsome, energetic, wonderful little person!!!
``4. Then, I especially right now am thankful for Grandma Schroeders naps...finding her way to the bathroom, singing with the Movies like White Christmas, Kiss me Kate, etc...blood sugars being at a normal level and eating her meals. I especially love movies by myself and with others, lots of popcorn without butter, chocolate, ice cream and someone else cooking dinner. I especially am thankful for dear friends who care and are concerned and are always there for us, and all our family, what is greater than our families.. especially the renewed relationships with is good and I am thankful for that!! (see, this can still go on forever....there is so much more to be thankful for...Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Great new recipes.......................

Shepherds Pie.....this is great and has all the good things you need in your diet...filling too. Best of all, it's quick and easy

Broccoli Salad.....we love the broccoli salad at Costco...this one is the same except probably better because it's fresh.....ENJOY

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Kristi wants a LOCK on her bedroom door............

Ok, quick update on Grandma Schroeder....Wed, Thurs, and Friday Grandma had more confusion in her days...actually in the mornings really bad...she seems to only get up to go to the bathroom once in the early mornings...I try to listen for her. It was so funny though this morning. Actually, the other day first she got up and went to the bathroom, couldn't find her way (just around the corner) to her room and ended up sleeping in Kristi's bed for a couple more hours..(kristi was at worries) Then...........last night Staci and Max stayed over...Staci on the couch and Max with kristi. Well, Grandma couldn't find the bathroom early this the dark..ended up in the living to Staci..scared Staci to death..Staci said she flew up totally terrified and actually scared Grandma awake!!! Sorry, I laughed so hard...I wish I had been a bug on the wall to see that...thennnnnnnnnnn I guess just before that she opened the door and walked into Kristi's room and startled her too...the first thing Kristi said to us this morning is "Mom, I want a lock on my door!" You know, it's kind of sad, but I'm sorry, I just couldn't stop laughing..I'm so insensitive I just gotta laugh at these things or you will cry!!! She had a really busy day yesterday and it got to her. First she had a doctors apt and a student lab tech tried to draw her blood and did a crapy job..didn't even get close to her vein and I knew he wasn't..I wanted to say something to him....but I didn't....actually my first clue that he was REALLY new was he couldn't find the phlebotomy room....go figure....anyway, I took her to Wendy's for a kids kid again...then I took her sugar when we got home and it was a whopping 426!!! Holy Cow...not even on the sliding scale..I had to call the doctor..(I gave her 10 units of insulin while we waited for his call) Then Physical Therapy came and worked with her, then Occupational Therapy came and worked with her as then Dr Murnin called and had me give her another 10 units of dinner her sugar was 116 Hurray!!! We then went to see Lucas

what a nice visit...he was doing so good and talking a lot!!!!

and this is his "sucker"....he is so funny, they give him this yummy medicing on this spungy sucker thing to prevent thrush and he just LOVES IT!! He opens up as soon as he sees it is the cutest thing... Oh and love the right hand...he always keeps it on his cheek ... it's the cutest thing

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Grandma Update..........

We got our shower chair last night and Grandma got her first shower was WONDERFUL!!! She was so appreciative of it and kept saying "oh it feels so good"....the detachable shower head was perfect....I held it on her feet and she washed...Thank you Taukinukufili's..WE LOVE YOU!!!....Grandma actually had two good days Monday and Tuesday, I had to take my mom to the eye doctor yesterday and I took Grandma Schroeder along...she did really good... today she is more confused and the picture, I have her rolling yarn into a seems to keep her hands busy. I could sure use some ideas to help keep her busy. She enjoys the TV, but I think she needs something else to keep her busy...she helps me fold towels etc...but that doesn't take long. Ideas welcome. Will keep you posted....thank you for kind words of support...I really need to hear them!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Welllllllllllllll.....Here's Grandma!!!

We went to get Grandma at the Care Center...last week we talked with the social worker and got things scheduled for today to be discharged...well, when we arrived, the nurse on duty had no idea that she was being discharged!! Of course, nobody communicates took about 1 1/2hrs to get her paper work filled out and meds taken care of.....She's FREE!!! We went to Dee's for lunch and she did very well....when we got home, she looked around and has been watching TV ever since!!! What a great babysitter....ha ha ha...We have home health coming in 4 times a day to do her blood sugars for about a week, then I will take them over....and she gets to have occupational and physical therapy here at home...can you say "home body?" I am put on a schedule and I don't quite know how to handle it!!! We are going to teach Gary how to give shots next week so I won't be so attached to home so much. Oh, it's kind of funny though, I was folding and hanging her cloths I washed..she decided to help me hang them. She hung 2 shirts and one garment top wrapped around the hanger....LOL...I had to work to get it off the hanger and of course I did it in her room where she didn't see was really funny. She also keeps hand washing our dishes...great isn't it...only she doesn't use soap....when she goes to bed I will quietly put them in the dishwasher....ha ha ha...I'm good at this..lots of practice when our kids were doing their chores and I would kind of go behind them and kind of fix beds, cloths, etc without them knowing this point, this is going to be somewhat entertaining........keep you posted.

Max trying out the walker!! Now that was fun!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Recipes for this week...............

Looks like I am having a sweet tooth today!!!!! Thanksgiving is coming as well as Christmas, I don't know about you, but it is always fun to have "YUMMY" things available for guests to eat too.............I love the holidays and plan on NOT having a gain during that do this, you can have these good things in MODERATION...that's the key...portion and limit will work and be good too. Have fun with these recipes this week!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lucas had his surgery.........................

Thought we would update everyone on our little nephew Lucas. He is now 6 months old, and has had another surgery on his intestines....he is doing really good. He is such a special little guy...these pictures are a day after surgery....he looks good minus the huge smiles he usually gives...but that will come as soon as he feels better ... that, we all look forward too, he has been such a happy little trooper all this time. We are going to go up to see him this weekend since he is out of PICU ... then we will post more about his condition. Please, I know we don't have to remind any of you, but if you can keep Lucas and his family in your prayers we would all appreciate it...we know he is doing well because of faith and prayers....he is teaching us all a lot in his little life. Also, unfortunately, on their way up to Primary's on monday for testing, Mike and Allison with Isaac and Lucas, got into a pretty serious car accident...hit by someone running a red light...their car was totaled, but because everyone had on seat belts, they all did fine coming out with aches and pains and bruises and probably some emotional aches as well ... hopefully Isaac will be ok, he just struggles with all of this in the first place, another thing is just so hard on that little guy....oh and the other two boys Jayden and Caleb passed the accident while on their school can just imagine what went through their minds throughout that day... Can I just tell you how impressed I am with this little family...what a challenge they are going through daily, but what faith and strength they show us all...we can really learn from them.....even through it all they still find the time to "Find Joy in The Journey" I am so proud of them!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Gary..........

Happy Birthday Gary!!! 53yrs old today and 27 of those years have been mine!!! We have been married for 27yrs, 4 kids, 1 son-in-law and 1 grandson he is!!! It has been a great 27 years and I feel so lucky to have Gary as my husband and the father of our great kids. WE look forward to another ummmmmmmmmmm maybe 40 years more...that would make us 94yrs old...that is good! Anyway, thanks for the memories Gary. Everybody that knows Gary knows that he is a hard working, loving and caring person...there is nobody better...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Grandma is coming ........................

This is our Grandma Schroeder. She is coming to live with us on November 19th...soon. She is doing pretty good right now, just very confused. It was funny, I went over to the place she is living right now to take her cloths I washed, she wasn't in her room so I started putting the cloths away....turned around and there she was walking into her room using a walker!! She really doesn't need a walker, she shuffles her way around but is pretty stable when it comes to walking. It actually looked kind of funny seeing her with the walker. She probably saw it and decided it looked like hers, she tends to do that sometimes....when we cleaned out her room at the assisted living place, we found about 15 pairs of glasses, mens and womens that were not hers...they were nicely placed in a drawer...Klepto grandma...we took them to the desk and handed them in....all I can say is, THIS SHOULD BE GOOD!!! Hide the china and good silver ha ha ha lol

New Recipes for this week....yummies for game nights etc

These are really good recipes. The Hot Fudge is soooo good. I got it from Jean Rhea. My favorite hot fudge is from Leatherby's and this tastes almost the same...a great substitute anyway.

The Rice Dip is a favorite of Kristi and her friends. It is really good either warm or cold. It also makes a lot. Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We are going private too.....a week from today....Nov 12th

We, like everybody else, have decided that we need to go private with our blog...due to people that think they need to invade our privacy and use our blogs. One reason is, last Sunday, we noticed that we had over 28 hits from all over the world within a 45 min was weird, I have seen hits from different places periodically, but that day was really busy ... it must have been my title for a specific blog or something but it was a little scary to think so many had been on.....nothing happened, but I feel like we need to be more private....just leave your email address on this post, or send it to please...I really want to invite all of you to our blog...Thanks

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow...............

Isn't the first nice snow beautiful??? I really love the beauty of a morning snow, especially if you don't have to go out into it....Not so sure about the cold, but the snow is a thing of beauty for sure.............

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pic's of Bathroom Remake....

This is our new bathroom remake for Grandma Schroeder who is coming to live at our house. We now have a shower that is the size of the bathtub. This will give us room to put in a shower chair for her to sit on....we also changed the color of the cabinets and replaced the medicine cabinet...decided we might as well spruce the entire bathroom up while we are at it. I am really happy with the results.....we have the Taukinukufili's to thank for all their help in putting in our shower. We LOVE you Taukinukufili's!!!! We need to put in some bars for Grandma to hold onto....but other than that we are done!! Horray!!!

***Can I just say, I'm glad this election of 2008 is OVER!!! Not going to lie, it was not the results I would have liked, but it is what it is and I will do my best to be ok with it......IT'S OVER and done with....not it's time to move on!!!

Mockey...the dog.....................

Kati was talking about having a dog....there is something about "man's best friend"!! A lot of people don't want to take the 'plunge' into the dog world...they are a lot of work at first with the training and such, but there is nothing better than the friendship and companionship of a good loving old dog. That's what we have in our Mockey...our sheltie mix who is now a little over 16 years a little blind, deaf, and slow to do the stairs and jump onto things, I noticed that he now walks up the more running up stairs (I used to race him up the stairs, I can win now if that says anything)...he is a very healthy and very happy dog. He has so much love that it has made him such a good dog. He is always there for you...never judges...but has always been aware when you are sick or sad..he seems to sense that and is more clingy when that happens. He's a good old dog and it will be a sad day when he leaves us..............we love our Mockey!! Thanks for the memories old boy....(I hope all the kids continue with this great tradition of loving and caring for a wonderful's a good thing to do....lots of LOVE!!)

Ok....Kristi and I just had a good laugh!!! Kristi took that picture of Mockey, the one that is on this blog...I thought it was just an adorable picture of our precious doggy....well, if you look closely, he has his left leg lifted, and YES he is peeing on my frozen tomato plants!!! Now there is a picture to remember!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween with the Taukinukufili's

Can I just tell you the FUN we had with the Taukinukufili's and Halloween!!! Wasn't the weather just perfect for the Trick or Treaters this year!!! We had fun playing Halloween music from the basement windows.....I just love Halloween!!!

LOVE those kids and the holidays!!!

What a FUN weekend!!!

First, we want to give a huge THANK YOU to the Taukinukufili's for coming all the way from Las Vegas to put in our shower for Grandma Schroeder!! They will never know how much we appreciate and LOVE them!! We had such a good time with them. Our house was FULL...but it was a good, family and friendship!! Friday night and saturday we had 13 people in a great big sleepover...and we fit if you can believe it! Halloween was a hoot...while Gary and Bryce worked......

We PLAYED and had a great time......................

*****Check out the new recipes...............