Monday, April 27, 2009

Update with the dogs..........

Well.....after this much time, you might think things should be stable at the Schroeder house with...da da da daaaa "The Dogs".....some days it's ok, and some days it's just not...let's just say, more not than ok right now....that little Jack will look at you with those 'puppy dog eyes' and lay on the back of the couch just as peaceful and nice as can be one minute.....then "WHAM!" Holy Cow!...something, whatever it may be, got in his 'craw' and he jumps across the room like he is 'Super Doggy' running here and there...biting this and that (often the 'that' are our fingers and toes') Who...or I should say, WHAT IS THIS DOG!!!! He is POSSESSED!!! Kristi, Kati and I started playing a new game with him....we play Keep Away with a tennis, rather we play "HOT POTATO" with the tennis don't want the ball and throw it as fast as you can to the other person before "JACK...THE POSSESSED ANIMAL" gets the ball, or rather gets you instead of the ball! Let's just say, this game gets a little intense and if anyone wants to join us, anytime for some Extreme Hot are more than welcome to join!!! Oh, another thing, you know how little boy dogs lift their leg and you know, pee......welllll this little boy dog squats like a girl dog to on occasion when he feels the need to pee on the carpet (NEW CARPET mind you which he has done twice) we don't even get fair warning with the lifted leg thing....AUGH!!!! Why can't he be a normal male dog species.....must be his feminine side coming out! HA HA HA...(not funny!) Mockey...this is another subject....our sweet, docile, well behaved 17yr old little Shelty Mix has since made some changes of his own!!! (shoot) He now tries to get Jack into trouble...ya know, barks before Jack even does anything so that we will yell at Jack to Leave Mockey alone....oh brother tsk tsk, Jack was in the living room by the chair...Mockey was in the kitchen by their food looking at him snarling and letting out a bark here and there...CRAZY!!! What shall we do????? Right now, the two of them are just fine, sitting on the deck minding their own business.....thinking up something to do to make me crazy.......stay tuned to......da da da daaaaa "The Young and the Restless Canines!!"

(hahahaha...did you notice, I even split the dogs up in this post....perfect!! Don't they look like two good little doggies............AUGH!!! I'll be ok...)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Beauty and the Beast....

Our Stake has a ton of talent, probably just as much as other Stakes but we like to put our talents to good use at least every 4-5yrs in a Huge production. Just a list of shows they have done...Fiddler on the Roof, Music Man, Oklahoma (Kristi, Kati and I were involved as towns people etc)and this year Beauty and the Beast. I have been so busy with Life, I decided not to get involved....well, that was short lived. I was asked if I would help with costuming (something I have done for several other shows for Oklahoma and local theaters)...I agreed. We had help with 3 other women who are seamstresses and they did beautiful jobs...actually Laurie made Bell's yellow dress, blue jumper and a bunch of bloomers. (She is an absolute fabulous seamstress!!) Brenda made Gaston's costume and the silly girls dresses..beautiful. Kirsten worked on the main costumes renting the majority and making the salt and pepper, egg beater and chip's costumes. Jean Rhea helped with men's shirts and the Baker's apron (she was amazing to just jump in and help out)....I made several town's skirts, men's shirts, bloomers, fixed Bell's pink dress, added sparkly trim to Lumier's human tux to make it a little more bright and bold...I made Mrs Pott's human skirt and blouse...remade a lot of bloomers from adult sizes to children sizes, hemmed, took in..let out, made 2 more napkin costumes due to the fact we borrowed 8 from Cyprus High (Go Cyprus!)but we had 10 girls ready to wear the costume, and the list goes on. It was a time when I was having trouble with headach and neck achs...not a great time to sit and sew I really pays off though when you see some of those things that helped make the show "go on" so to speak. I don't exactly have pictures of all the costumes, but I posted pictures of the show ... we get to see it tomorrow, and can I say I am really excited..what a great cast! They are fantastic...a show to remember.......enjoy some of the pictures

Monday, April 20, 2009

Busy month.....change of life styles

You know, sometimes we get into a rut. Our lives get so busy that we choose to make bad choices in how we live and our health. During this time of economic problems, which has hit the Schroeder home along with others, we kind of get a little discouraged which then we tend to also just let ourselves go and we don't have that passionate feeling about taking care of ourselves as well as we should.......well, we at the Schroeder house are, out of necessity, making that change to our lives...TODAY...This has been a crazy month. We have had 3 April birthdays (1 end of March Birthday), Easter, I have been terribly busy sewing for the production Beauty and the Beast on and on and on....this has lead to a lot of eating out, eating bad, sugar eating etc etc etc.....well, I am done with costumes, done with birthdays, done with Easter and done with unhealthy living!! I want Gary and I to be around a long time to see our wonderful kids and grandkids live long, exciting and happy lives....I have been suffering from a 4wk long headach, back and neck ach, swollen ankles and full feeling in my head....Gary just showed me last night his ankles and feet are terribly swollen.......There is a diet change, exercise change, and Spiritual change at the Schroeder house.. starting today. (I also have a doc apt this afternoon) I know the Lord loves us and wants the best for us...he knows the needs at the Schroeder house...he knows the worries we have, our kids and their futures...Kati and Rob getting jobs...Kristi moving to Logan and getting a getting a part time job so that we can provide for Robs Mission in a year...we don't ask for, or need much, we just would like to be able to live lives full of love and the Gospel. We have been so blessed in our family and our lives for so long. I know that we have to play a part in what happens with us and our family. The Lord doesn't just give us everything, he wants us to work and live for what we get. Gary was set apart for a new calling recently, he was blessed at the end of his calling with the fact that the Lord knows of our family needs and desires and that he loves us and will provide for us those things that are was a beautiful ending to his blessing, but I know and knew then that we have to have "works" with our "faith"......we are not perfect by any means, we are struggling and working hard just like every family out there...I know we are committing to these changes, but I also know we will make mistakes, but we will pick ourselves up and move forward doing those things that are important......READY, SET, GO!!!! And we're off!!! Wish us luck!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Update on the "The Young and the Restless Canines"'s now been a couple weeks with the two dogs, Mockey and Jack. I'm happy to report that they still just kind of, sort of, a little bit, maybe are tolerating each other. It does still get a little out of control when Jack thinks he needs to play with the OLD unwilling Mockey...we are always refereeing them. We also have had a couple recent "accidents" from our OLDER, is that rebellion or what? Then this morning I saw that Jack pooped on the deck..What's with that (Lazy doggy)didn't want to venture out in the rain I guess. One thing I tried is Last night I found that putting Jack in "Time Out" actually works...the kids just laugh at me, but when he is naughty, I make him "Sit and Stay" in a certain corner until he is excused to leave...(I even set the timer one time hahahha..that was a little over the edge I will admit) He did very well with the time out thing..we will see how it works today....they are funny right now, they keep following each other around know where...on each's so funny, they keep doing this and you can tell it irritates the one getting question is, why do they have to keep this practice up...does the smell change? I would think one time would be enough already...anyway, let's say "Still a work in progress" at our house...will keep you posted!!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Kristi Graduated...what a nice day!!!

Congratulations Kristi....what a fun day with Kristi and family....All the family pulled it together to attend Kristi's graduation, Kati and Ben from Ephraim, Trevor, Staci and Max from Ogden (Kati and Trevor missing classes of their own) and the rest of us honoring Kristi at the Assembly Hall on Temple Square. There were actually over 300 graduates yesterday with several that received more than one diploma. Kristi was the LAST candidate to receive her diploma...."Last the BEST of all the game!!" A memorable day....Congratulations Kristi great things to follow.

This was a great "Family" day with it ending eating Papa John's yummy pizza and hanging out with each other....thanks Kristi for giving us this great day and congratulations on your accomplishments! One down, two to go!

Monday, April 6, 2009

A New Friend at our House.........

Well...more action at the Schroeder House for sure...Kati Jo, bless her little heart, fell in love with this little guy online and decided to adopt him. He is a cute little stinker, 1 year old Jack Russell Terrier named, yes you guessed, Jack. He is a good dog, if it wasn't for one thing...we already have a dog named Mockey, shelty mix, 17yrs old and very territorial. (of course this has been his territory and his alone for 17yrs..go figure LOL) Jack being a pup and Mockey being an old "grandpa" had to have some time to "work out" their feelings so to speak. They are actually doing pretty good, but it is a work in progress for the both of them. Jack just wants to PLAY....what can you expect from a 1yr old Jack Russell Terrier...hugh...sooo...Monday, Max was at my house and we "worked" on getting these two canines to be friends...."let's all be friends"....some success after a longggggg day. Max and I played outside for about 2 1/2 hours with Jack while Mockey slept or sulked on the deck....the two kind of "had it out" so to speak and Mockey let Jack know his place with a nip or two...I'm happy to say as of tonight....da da da daaaaaaa "they are tolerating" each other!!!! Now, this doesn't mean everything is totally hunky dory or anything, but it is progress and that is a step in the right direction!!! We'll keep you posted as to our Mockey vs Jack...aka "The Young and the Restless Canines" ...... stay tuned..............

These are pictures of Max and Jack playing with sticks....tug of war between to fine contenders for sure.....the intense looks, the tugs, the sure strength of hands and was quite a day leading to Max Hiding all the sticks he could find so that Jack wouldn't chew them before he came back to Grandma Lu's.....what a pair!!