Friday, December 31, 2010

Out with 2010......In with 2011!

Wow! 2010 was a busy but great year! Just a few things, Trevor graduated which enabled them to move out of Breon and Shirlene's house!!! It was so nice to have the kids live in their home with them while Trevor went to school, but it was difficult at best for everyone always is. I know Trevor and Staci are grateful for all Breon did for them and will always be grateful, but it is just nice to have their own little apartment where they can be their own little family. They even changed their traditions this year for Christmas and had it at their own apartment with a beautiful big live Christmas Tree....I know this is something that every family needs ... traditions need to be created and passed on....they really had fun...we went up in the afternoon, took good food, opened presents and went to the movie Narnia...Max really seemed to enjoy himself. Another thing that happened in 2010, Kristi lost her job! Dang! She tried to find a job in Logan, she really loved living there with her roommates, but there just weren't any jobs to to her dismay, but to our happiness, Kristi moved back home and immediately got another job, close by but that she really didn't like much...guess what? You guessed, she was layed off from that job..oh darn...she is now working for another company getting paid a lot more and this time I think is more stable. Kristi would love to move out again with roommates...but until that time comes, we are just happy to have her home. (One day she'll be gone for good on her own..these times are precious to me) Kristi is attending our newly formed singles ward in our Stake and is Visiting Teacher Coordinator. Kati started cosmetology school at SLCC and really loving it...she cuts all our hair right now...what a bonus for us! I think she will really enjoy doing this..and she is really good (that helps) She is still dating Ben...don't ask, we don't know hahahah...Then there is Rob...he left on his mission December 8th and is now in the Washington Kennewick Mission! It was a struggle at first for him...homesick, but he called yesterday and he is doing great! I had surgery, Hysterectomy, Dec 15th Ouch! I am in recovery mode and hoping it happens sooner than later...just not patient! I'm feeling pretty good. Gary is still working at Gustave Larsen and missing his son...they had a great opportunity to spend a lot of time together and I'm sure this is quite a void in both their lives right now...he follows his map that he bought to keep up with Elder Rob. I start my new job on Monday! I now have my own office and am responsible for the attendance of all the students at Kearns High (among other things...lots of other things) And I will be teaching Jessica Lokini the ropes of my old job as soon as monday hits! Kristi and I were doing jazzercize before my surgery, I hope to get back into it after I can...I loved it..of course, eat better, more sleep, try a little harder to be a little nicer etc etc etc....let's just have a great 2011!!! Good by 2010!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010.........

So much for us to be grateful for because of the birth of our Savior and His atonement for us....our Love and appreciation for Him grows every day. I am so grateful for the knowledge that I have of this great man and his sacrifice for me and my family. I love this time of year and the reminders that it brings to me....I still love the excitement and fun that goes along with this Holiday...the joy and fun in a child's eyes waiting for Santa to come and deliver gifts at their house...I think there is room for being grateful for the birth of our Savior and the excitement that comes with this time of time and smiles everywhere. Staying away from the commercialization, remembering why we celebrate this time of year, and enjoying the fun and excitement with family and's just a wonderful time of the year.....

Sunday, December 19, 2010


So just an 4 after surgery...."OUCH" I realize I have a long road ahead of me, but at least I'm on the road to recovery....thanks wonderful family and friends...lots of help and yummy dinners from Emily and Jean, Sally and guys are, rest, rest.....that's my life right now...I will obey...hahaha

Friday, December 17, 2010

Well...I did it...I had a hysterectomy with A/P repair.......geezzz....never thought I would have this surgery! I was up at the University of Utah Hospital.....had my surgery on Wednesday then came home on Friday....Great service and staff..they were all incredible and I appreciated what they did for me. Staci and Max brought me home around 1pm...and home is nice....still in lots of pain and I tired, this has shown me I am not the Super Woman I thought I was....this time the surgery kicked my butt!! LOL Oh well....6 weeks to recovery then I will be as good as new doing everything I can for everyone around me.....'cause that's what I do...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Tomorrow I will be having a little surgery....I really hate hospitals, but I promise to be good....Cya in a couple days.....

Monday, December 13, 2010


Yummmm...Pizza! That is dinner tonight...little Cesar's and that will give me wrapping time! Yes!

Getting closer.......

Wow! Time is flying by....I have today to finish up anything I need to finish for see, I am having some surgery on Wednesday and will be recovering for the Holidays....yes, pretty dumb but it works since I already have the time, work today, then some shopping..finish getting Rob a box for Christmas and send his bedding to Kennewick, they will hold onto it at the mission home for whatever I need to finish up before I really can't clean....Tuesday a party at work, then sending out boxes for Rob, then our Mission...CRAZY BUSY time...we'll get through this....Christmas is going to be simple and quiet this year and that's ok....Our plans have been made....we will have a Christmas Eve dinner with just the few of us....(Staci, Trevor and Max are spending Christmas Eve with Grandma Jana)...then sleep in on Christmas morning...a special breakfast, open few gifts then off to Ogden around noon time to spend the afternoon with Max opening gifts and a movie. Just a quiet time and I'm ok with it this year...I don't even know if I will be able to get any neighborhood gifts or Christmas cards out this year....I just can't worry about all the extra things this year...most of my time was getting Rob ready for his mission, and now my surgery....CRAZY BUSY!!! That's just how we roll........

Friday, December 10, 2010

I just started Christmas shopping!!!

I know, I know...a lot of you are DONE with your shopping...but not me! I just started today LOL. I decided I'm running out of time and I better hurry up! I had the responsibility of buying our Administration their gifts so I went to Tai Pan trading and put together a cute bucket with candy, popcorn and movie tickets...I have half the stuff I need for my aids in the office to complete their gifts, and now I can say I have something for everyone at least...not finished by any means but maybe I will do that the cold snow...yuck! I'm excited for Christmas though it is going to be a strange one this year. Trevor, Staci and Max are going to stay at their home for Santa to come this year...that should be fun for, we are going to sleep in, wake up and open our few gifts, pick up grandma Bahr then go to Ogden. After Max and Trevor and Staci open their gifts then we are going to a movie! Weird Christmas, but I'm looking forward to it....I get to have a little surgery on the 15th, so I will still be recovering anyway...take it easy and keep it simple is my philosophy. We already had a little Christmas with Rob before he left and I am sending him a small box to open up...oh, of course, we will be sending him a care package from too. I'm not sure about neighborhood gifts and Christmas cards this year...we will just see how I feel...ya know, take it easy and keep it simple....I do hope everybody has a wonderful Holiday season....I am so grateful for Christ and the fact that he came to this earth for us to be our many reasons why Christmas is a Wonderful time of the year...especially celebrating His birth. Merry Christmas to all of you! We love you and hope the best for you all.............

Monday, November 29, 2010

Very, very nice day yesterday.... inspite of it all.......

Ya know, this has been an interesting week to say the started with a lot of "good intentions" and expectations....and ended with tons of love and blessings from family and friends who we love and cherish, but this was not without a snag here and there...Saturday we had the best experience with Rob in the Bountiful Temple...what a beautiful experience..then dinner and a storm...haha...the storm actually stranded Staci and Trevor in West Valley (which we totally love sleepovers)... Sunday we woke up with about 10 inches of newly fallen beautiful Snow. Next we heard the crackling sound of huge leafy tree branches falling down under the heavy snow..(not ours thank heavens)OOPS. Tues nigh was the night of the 2010 Utah Blizzard! This will go down in the Utah History books...not...Hahaha...they even called out emergency police/sheriff to cover the catastrophe....many of us, including myself stalked up on water bottles, foods that you could eat without electricity....(didn't have to do much due to food storage...bonus) checked our flashlights for batteries and hunkered down...well, we actually went to Village Inn first then Hunkered Down...yes, they also closed the Family History Library (our mission)..all that was heard the next morning was Blizzard??? Big big deal...I, though, decided to pick up a nasty little bug from one of the Kearns High Darlins to remind me of what I should be Thankful for...HEALTH!! I am, I promise I can I feel better? Anyway, then we had a great Thanksgiving with a wonderful family, good food and PIE!! I, of course, felt miserable and went to be early in hopes to get up 3am for Black Friday...nope...too sick! Kristi and I decided to wait, go around 9am and see if there was anything left...we did ok...surprised to know that there were a few things left, we were well rested and No Crowds..hmmmm....anyway..I did go to the Doc and was told, lungs clear (Xray)just take this cough medicine bla bla bla...I WANT AN ANTIBIOTIC..but no...oh well..home, took cough med...had a slight gallbladder attack...but I am Thankful for my HEALTH...remember..slept a long time...sat preparing for Rob's Farewell..cough *&spat**choke#$*cough...I'm ok...took another dose of cough medicine...had another small gallbladder attack...preparations continue with Staci and Trevor having another times/helps...lots more preparations and then bed....Sunday...Rob's day..we woke up to..yes...another snow storm! Go figure! The meeting was spectacular! Sam Harper spoke (I couldn't have been happier since Rob has known Sam pretty much all his life)then we had the newly formed Missionary Choir which consisted of past/present/future missionaries singing Called to Serve...huge choir and they were beautiful (Gary, grandma and I sang too..)Loved it! Then Rob spoke and did an great job..much impressed with that Young Man...huge crowd in spite of the snow fall...people came from EVERYWHERE on the horrible roads...we felt so blessed and loved. Our home was FULL of people..they were EVERYWHERE...lots of food to go around and good conversation. We have the very best family and friends and I am Thankful for each and everyone of them and love them with all my heart...the Lord does bless us with good people to share our lives...we are a lucky people. Lots of emotions about Rob leaving. I'm going to miss him terribly, but I know he is doing what the Lord wants him to do...we concluded our meeting with God be with you 'till we Meet Again...of course the Schroeder's, (and I heard others)teared up through the entire singing from our row hahaha)We ended the day with Tithing nice it was to sit in our Bishops office and declare a full tith..such a good feeling. Well, it snowed ALL DAY continually..I am not kidding! I couldn't tell you how much fell..somewhere between a foot to a bazoodle amount of snow fell throughout the night leaving us a huge mess to drive in to work! UGH!!!!! We all did great in our drive...I again maybe should of stayed home due to my feeling yucky, but decided I better take a dose of cough syrup and go and it was a good thing..(Trudy, our attendance secretary called in sick!) may kids STUCK/LATE...parents calling in kids either sick, stuck or just not going due to the weather....and to top it all off...around 8:30am it hit me with a vengeance....GALLBLADDER ATTACK!!!! It lasted about 2 1/2hrs!!! I was miserable and thought I was going to DIE!!! I turned white as a ghost and sweat poor aid..cute 10th grader named Roy was so worried about me...I kept telling him I would be ok as soon as it passed...but he thought I needed to go to the hospital...he was so cute...I finally got over the severe pain, decided no more cough medicine for me..that seemed to trigger the attacks... and managed to finish the day with all the extra work! Whew...ok...what was I saying... oh ya..I am Thankful for MY HEALTH! I really am thankful for my health and know that even though all these things that I endured this week blessed out lives in one way or another...there is always a reason for everything and I never did feel alone at any time...just one of those times I had to endure...we are told we will have these times and we need to be strong and endure...this is so minor considering what our Savior Jesus Christ did for us...he endured so much and gave his life so we could, through our Repentance have Eternal Salvation...I wasn't asked to do much of anything this week though it seemed like so much and at times more than I could was just a reminder of the great and many blessings I have and I love Him for everything He has and will do for me.....Thanksgiving over, Christmas to come....These are my favorite times of the year.......

Monday, October 18, 2010

Life is sometimes full of so many changes.....

Isn't it crazy how things change day after never really know what to expect from one day to another....Kristi found this out today...last week one of the employees at her work was laid off...her boss called everybody in and reassured them that their jobs were secure and not to worry....well he lied of course and today Kristi and another girl were laid the door closes on that job and experience, and of course will open on another job and opportunity....I actually really think things happen for a reason....not sure why or what this reason is, I do know Kristi was not happy working for this company (or boss) and would have probably stuck it out working somewhere she was not happy...but now is forced to move on and make different will all be good, you watch..just a bump in the road of life...Trevor and Staci are doing better with Trevor getting a job that might just help him with his business endeavors for the future as well as give him experience in building a business...they found a great school for Max to attend that he loves....Kati is loving her schooling learning all about hair and everything it takes to cut, curl, etc well as her job seems to be working out so that she can advance....Rob has had set backs but they also seem to be something he needed to prepare better for his mission..looking forward to taking out his endowments soon and having the opportunity to attend to Temple several times before he leaves...also, his old boss hired him back for the short couple months before he leaves....Gary and I are loving our new calling of a Service Mission in Genealogy, finding out and learning alot about our own families....on and on...a month ago was so different than this month and so on....these changes are and can be so good, sometime painful, sometime lots of tears fall...but I have noticed in my older age, that looking back at everything...I would not change a thing...the lessons we learn, the blessing we get from all our trials and challenges are worth so much....I am very grateful for everything in my life...because it is my life.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Where do I find time???????

Geezzz! Does it sometimes feel like there just isn't enough time in the day to get things done??? Sometimes I want more time in the day, then I figure that still won't help...I just need to step back and bReAtH a little!!! Anyway, a month ago we decided that since we have soooo many people at our house at any given time, we should have enough sit down room for everybody! We just have a regular couch and a lounge chair...not enough butt times some of us had to sit on the floor! Well, we found a really nice sectional and bought it! I really love it and yes, it does provide more butt space for all! (problem is now some of us like to lay on a portion of the couch because it's so comfortable! Hahahahaha) It took about 4 weeks to get it because it was a "special order" actually got to choose what material, color, color of the accent pillows, style of arms etc...that gave me time to couch...these boring white walls could use a touch of, yes, we painted the walls kind of a light creamy brown color with accent white boarders! I really like it a lot...just freshened everything up. We got the sectional and "filled" up our livingroom.....honestly, sectionals are big and we got a large automen made out of the same material as the couch....(it's very has storage space and we put our blankets in it), new thing for the dogs....Yes, you guessed it....they have been banned from the couch! They have actually done pretty good. We got them both a doggy cushion to sleep on and they are good to lounge on that instead of the couch. Shado isn't the best with change but has actually done pretty good. I will post pic's soon...I'm on the wrong computer right now....It's been a fun transition to our little living room....

Sorry...these are pic's from my cell phone and they really aren't very good....but it really is nice and yes, more butt room!!! LOL

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I'm soooooo exhausted!!!

Can you relate???? It's just been a looonnnggg week! Hohum.....

Monday, August 16, 2010

Two sisters...and their posterity!

My cousin Diane and I, through this great media of emails and facebook, came up with this little get together for these two ladies...they are both getting older and we needed everyone (as many as possible)to be together as a pictures don't show it all, but My cousin Karen and her husband were there, Diane's and grandkids, Steven, my cousin, and his family made it... my brothers and their kids and grandkids were there as well as my family...we were missing some of the grandkids and their kids as well as my cousin Linda and her family...they are living in Arizona and were unable to be was a great event.....everybody was in the park playing and having a great time...

Eva Jane and Dolores....two sisters!

Birthday party for both...Eva Jane turns 86 on Aug 19th and Dolores turns 82 on Aug 22nd.....Eva Jane is my aunt and Dolores my mom...two great ladies honored with as many family member as could come....

Balloon art for all the grandkids by Trevor .... that is always fun!
....we honor these two great women and love them! Happy Birthday!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Once again, we went on our (turning out to be) annual trip to West Yellowstone! And, once again we had the time of our lives!! Our only drawback was Kati couldn't get the time off from work....we missed her a ton!!! But next year we are planning to schedule things better so we don't leave anyone out.....well that's the plan anyway!

We left Monday morning on our Ford Focus trip! Ha ha ha...we took our Ford Focus and Grandma Bahr's Focus

...4 people in each car (girl car and boy car hahaha) and it was actually perfect! Well.....until the last day, I will get to that later....

We had a great time we hit a bit of road construction in Idaho...but actually not too bad!

We, of course, stayed at the KOA outside West Yellowstone...our favorite place....we always get a Camping Kabin...sleeps 4 (and has a heater)
while the boys (Trevor, Rob and Max) slept in a tent next to us. It was a bit disconcerting this year since as soon as we checked in we were told..."THERE HAD BEEN A BEAR SITING IN THE CAMPGROUND" ummm....yeah, very aware this is bear country, but there has never been a siting before when we were there...YIKES!! She was sited monday and tuesday...probably more, (they were a little secretive about wednesday) was a Grissly and her cub and they apparently come into camp around 5am...JUST WHEN I NEED TO GO POTTY!!! We were somewhat close to the bathrooms, but ya never want to meet up with a mama bear while having a full bladder!!!!! Nice thing is everynight, all night, they had "Bear Patrol" out driving around the camp...hahaha...RARRRRR! Anyway, we never saw this cute little pair....THANK HEAVENS!

Grandma Bahr stayed at the Madison motel....(she wasn't much for KOA
camping especially with our little mascot....hey, she's 82!!! I think she would attack them with her cane!!!LOL)
Of course, got grandma settled then off to dinner at the 3Bears Restaurant...not my favorite dinner place, but it was ok...then it was the Playmill!!! Seven Brides for Seven Brothers!!! FABULOUS!!! What can I say!!....Then it was home to the kabin and tent and slumber land! (and no bear)Tuesday we went into Yellowstone....saw Old Faithful and shopped around....sadly we didn't see many animals this year! Boooo...I really love the's just funny, whenever there is an animal close to the road EVERYBODY stops, jumps out of cars to take pictures etc....crazy tourists hahaha!

We spent sometime in Yellowstone, then Kristi, Grandma, Max and I bought some groceries and spent the evening watching Max shows in grandma's room while the rest went to the Playmill to see The Foreigner....which, in fact, was another Fantastic Production!!!! Then again, home and off to slumber land with no Grissly in site, haha thank Heavens! Wednesday off into the Park again.. of course in the other direction...saw some fantastic falls, some animals and lots of ROAD CONSTRUCTION!!! Blaaaaa! It's everywhere even in Yellowstone!!! Then back to the KOA to rent some 6 seated bike thing....we drove this around all over and had a blast! Of course we looked a bit crazy, but so what.....we had a great time!

Grandma spent this time in her room with some needed rest time...thank heavens for her motel room. Then it was off to the Gusher Pizza place...This is a place we always hit during our stay...but, this time, not so good.....let's just say the customer service was BAD BAD BAD!!! Did I mention it was BAD!!! No more comment, just dissappointed in our Gusher experience this time around....Boooooo!!! Then walked the streets of West Yellowstone in and out of shops! I love to do the tourist shopping thing...makes the trip complete LOL!

After...we again ended our day with a Playmill experience of epic porportion!! Beauty and the Beast! FABULOUS, FANTASTIC, OUT OF THIS WORLD, STUNNING performance! I just love the Playmill (and of course their signature homemade Heidi Fudge! Fudge every night yummmmmm)! Grandma back to the Madison, us back to the KOA....another night to tempt the fate of the Grissly! Ewwwwww! Had a wonderful nights Grissly siting at our kabin...yeah! But, even with our most perfect, fun, wonderful West Yellowstone experience....we ended with our Schroeder curse! Anytime we go on vacation....something happens to put a little damper on such a fun time. We thought we had overpowered this curse..maybe found a way to have a vacation without it...but, alas, happened, the Schroeder curse!!!....we woke up to a FLAT TIRE!!!
(our tires were in pretty bad shape, but we thought we were ok for a while..hehehe..guess our first mistake was "thinking" hehehe)Well...the guys put on that little dinky tiny tire thing that comes with cars now days....ya know, the ones that look like your car has a peg leg driving down the street....and of course, you can't drive very fast due to the special needs of this little people get mad and start passing and you think they are being stupid because they almost cause accidents.etc etc....UGH!! Hahaha...and....since there really isn't any place to buy tires until Idaho Falls....that is where we Walmart at Idaho Falls...hahaha...(couldn't find a Discount Tire)...oh well, tires and it was off for home...dropped Kristi off in Logan, Trevor, Staci and Max in Ogden and Grandma in Taylorsville....we are now HOME!!!! Tired of course, but a good tired....I love WEST YELLOWSTONE and spending time with my family!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

sniff sniff......hoo...humm....

Ya know...that's just how I am feeling right now...contemplating so many things...lots of things going on in the Schroeder home...somewhat overwhelming to say the least. Just finished girls camp and really felt like it was a success...we have such wonderful young women in our ward...
Looking forward to Kristi's move home next week...though saddened by the fact that she is so sad about the move, and I totally understand why...being on her own has been so good for her, but I feel like she is doing this the Lord's way...which sometimes is a challenge but strength to do so....I really know this is something she needs and should will all work out for her good. Then Kati is getting ready for school to start soon...that will be really good for her, but a bit on the overwhelming side as well since she is going to school and working full time...glad she's young! Whew! She'll do good though....she has so much energy and needs to keep on the go. Then Staci, Trevor and Max...lots of things going on in their little being Max going to Kindergarten. They are kind of getting a late start on registration since they just moved, and they also hear horrible things about the school district they are living they have decided to put Max in Weber School district...waiting on whether they are accepted though...if not, they have alternatives. Then getting Rob ready for his mission! Wow! So much to do....he leaves 6 wks from yesterday!!! It's going so fast....I will be somewhere and start thinking about him and of course start to cry....these are not tears of's hard to explain...he's been my buddy for 19yrs.... now he gets to grow up without me...and that he will do! I won't have the influence on him as I always have...talks, errands, experiences contact will be through prayers for they are not tears of sadness...mostly I already miss him...but I know this is where he is supposed to be, doing what he is supposed to be doing....he will make a great missionary and I am very proud of him...but yes, did I say I will miss him terribly! They grow up way too fast!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Now it's August......

Wow! Last few weeks have really been busy with preparations for girls camp buying food, crafts, packing and was really great though...only we had a ton of extra does that happen??? I just think nobody really wants to eat much while camping, at least this year...of course, if we cut down on the food...we would probably run out and everyone would be hungry...UGH....happy medium! Anyway, I will add pictures really was a great girls camp and our girls were fantastic! Not a bit of drama...two wards and everybody got along...go figure that one LOL

August has hit!!! I was checking the calendar...oh my gosh is this going to be a busy month

**Rob and I have to pick up pants at Mr Mac's....and...I think we need to take back the ones he already has...they need to be tailored just a bit more...a bit big and riding a bike I am sure he will loose weight...better get them right now

**Temple recommend interview Tuesday night

**I have two 6 hour meetings Wed and Thurs this week, and Kristi coming home for a friends well as bringing some of her boxes...I need to clean out her room again in preparation for her return home

**Going to take Grandma Bahr on Friday to get some valances for her windows

**Monday the 9th leaving for West Yellowstone until the 12th...very excited!!! As well as Rob's birthday on the 9th

**Saturday morning moving Kristi from Logan....
then off to Springville for a combined sister (my mom and aunt) Birthday Party (what a nice thing since my aunt is getting really bad right now)

**Rob takes out his endowments on the 21st in preparation for his mission

**Ben's birthday on the 20th

**School/Work starts on the 23rd..............and it goes on and on....this is going to be a busy month..I just hope we all survive!!! Hahah

Let the Month begin...........................

Thursday, July 22, 2010

There's no place like home"

That is our Stake Camp theme this year...."There's no place like home" with a Wizard of Oz twist....I have been called to be our ward's camp director this fun fun!!!

Our ward theme is "The lollipop girls"

Our girls have worked hard on their skit and we made camp decorations....they did a successful wash and bake sale together....

They tie dyed their camp shirts....

I am looking forward to the camping part of all of this....planning and shopping are OVERRATED!!

4 more days....then....let the fun begin!!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Let the Shopping begin....................


Now this is a Missionary's New Found Friend!!!!
(Mom and Dad' too)

We really had a great shopping experience!!!

It was a good start................but there's more to do!

52 days to go.....on your mark....get set....and we're off!!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Elder Robert David Schroeder.........

WOW! It really is real! Rob opened his mission call tonight and he has been sent to the Kennerick Washington Mission!! The really crazy thing is he is leaving in exactly 2 months from today! Holy Get This Done Fast Mission!!! He is really going............ready to serve those wonderful people in Washington and teach them the gospel....share his testimony and love for our Father in Heaven. This is going to be the "Best Two Years" for Elder Schroeder.....he will have 2 years of great experiences, challenges, up and downs, spiritual experiences, testimony builders, growing times and trying times....but all in all, he will be the best missionary for the people of Kennerick Washington...there is someone in Kennerick who is just waiting for him to teach them those eternal gospel principles so they too will have the blessings of Eternal exciting is know there is a reason he is being sent to Kennerick! My heart is so full right now! I really can't express how proud I am of him and his willingness to serve the Lord for the next 2 years....he is and has always been such a kind hearted young caring and loving to everyone. He has been such a great example to me throughout his life. He is a hard worker and when given a task will complete it completely...he will really be missed at the Schroeder house for the next 2 years.

Max is struggling with this missionary thing.....he really doesn't want Rob to be gone for 2 makes him really sad...but these are teaching moments for this little guy too....he is learning what and how important this mission is to Rob, that there are things we can do to support him and help him while he is on his mission....Max really loves his uncle Rob...they have had a really great relationship for the last 5 years of his little times this mission will go fast and times it will seem like a lifetime, non-the-less, it will be a great 2 years and a blessing to our family.

Now, the really hard part is he leaves exactly 2 months from today!!!!! This is really the challenge...getting him ready! Some sisters in our ward are having a Missionary Open House for help him get the things he will need to take with him...that will be a huge help....then, he is going to stop working about a month early so he will have time to prepare as well. Just a ton of things racing through my head right now....all in all, I am so grateful for this Gospel, for the many opportunities we all have to grow and strengthen our Testimonies, for these fine young men who are willing to put 2 years of their lives aside in serving others and sharing the gospel....for the many many others old and young who do the same..who spread the gospel and serve our Father in Heaven...I have learned there are so many ways to serve a don't always need to be a 19yr old young man....Gary and I have been called to a service mission in genealogy...we are waiting to hear and officially get our instructions.....the Gospel is True, I'm more and more grateful to our Savior Jesus Christ..for ALL he has done for us...for his consistent love and guidance in all we do....this will be a great 2 years....I am actually going to start a mission blog for Rob sometime this are all invited to follow it...Love you Rob