Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Weight Watchers......AGAIN!!!

Ok, here we go again!!! This time I am determined to stay with it and make goal!!! I have lost a total of 65 pounds since I started about 3 years ago, but I have so much more to loose. I really love the program, it teaches you how to live and eat well, not a diet, but a way of life. Even though we stopped, due to not being able to make the meetings because of being so busy, I still find myself picking what I eat better...trying not to get out of control etc. Gary, Staci, Kristi and I are joining this weekend and we're "Off to the races" so to speak!! We love your support, and will keep you posted as to our SUCCESSES!! Probably my newest recipes will be Weight Watcher approved...hope you don't mind!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

If you need a smile....check out this picture!!!

Now, if that doesn't put a smile on your face, nothing will!!!!

Check out the new tried and true recipies!!! Yummy...love the granola on vanilla yogart!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Lucas has a roommate!!

Love this picture..."The thinking" picture

"Let sleeping babies sleep!"

I spent some time with Lucas at the hospital....we had a pretty good time until his gas started....he was really gassy. He was so cute even though. The nurses came in and gave him a bath, they weighed him and I think it read 9lb 2oz.. which I think he didn't really much like, but as long as I played with him he was ok....then they wrapped him up tight, he still found a way to get his hands out ... he was really funny. Uncle Gary came up, they brought in another little baby...hispanic family..they were nice as were their visitors, but they didn't speak much english. Then Lucas was fussy, I laid him in bed, got him comfortable and he went to sleep...for an hour...then the noisy nurse came in and yup, woke him up...she dropped something loud and he woke right up....he just couldn't get comfortable after that, they tried tylenol and it really didn't help, finally I think around 11:30pm, they decided he needed some morphine...we got him all comfortable and wrapped up, put him in bed, then they gave him the medicine....he just layed there for the longest time looking at the lights on the machines...it was funny. He kept pulling his right hand out, grabbing his binki and taking it out of his mouth or spitting it out... I would put his hand back in because I am sure he was trying to get to the tube in his nose...he just seemed like if he could, he would pull it out...he didn't want anything to do with his binki at all....finally, they turned the light off next to him and he fell asleep....he was asleep when I left around 4am...and doing really good...(I think they were going to wake him up soon after I left to do his vitals....I know, they need to keep up with his vitals, but he was sleeping so good...oh well...) He is so adorable and it was a honor to spend time with him!!! Luv ya Lucas

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Update on Aunt Eva Jane

Talked with Grandma Bahr tonight, Karen, our cousin called her this morning...apparently the car was hit on the right side by a man going 50 miles an hour direct....Eva Jane has fx ribs both sides, colapsed lung, fx pelvis, vertebra in her neck, concussion,on and on...she will be in ICU for 3 wks, then moved...she is heavily sedated for the pain. Karen is coming up to West Valley to get Grandma Bahr and take her to the hospital to see Eva Jane on Friday for the day.....

Now, you need to see the cutest and newest pictures of little Lucas....SMILING!!!

Not sure why he has the tube in his nose again....but isn't he a sweetie!! Follow his progress on the Fullmer's site at: thefullmerboyz.blogspot.com

Oh...I just got back from Ogden visiting with Max and Staci...I drove the Legacy Parkway of course, I really like it. It's a lot more relaxing. One thing though, I counted 8 dead racoon's in total north and south, and 5 skunk....I hope the animals will soon be used to the new traffic on their road...there were a lot of dead critters scattered on that road.....watch out!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

We Saw Lucas today!!! He is such a cutie!!

I took grandma Bahr to Primary's to see Lucas today. He looks good...he has lost some weight and is really tiny...we've, (well his aunt from Pittsburgh and we agreed) decided he needs to suck on dumb dumb suckers....wouldn't that be yummy for him!! Allison brought it up with his nurse and she wasn't impressed....anyway, I think they are going to try pediolyte soon..they took out his NG tube today. I bought him a rattle and he actually was grabbing at it in his weak little way..he would watch it as I would shake it...it was fun to see him watch for mom and dad when we were holding him...he is pretty observant and aware of people....Mike and Allison go home to the older boys at night...I am looking forward to spending Thursday night with Lucas while they are gone...he is just a sweetheart for sure.

More bad news for our family............Leon and Eva Jane our Uncle and Aunt were in a car accident yesterday...I guess the car hit the side Eva Jane was on and she was injured. She is in the hospital in ICU with multiple fractures etc....Leon is ok..that is good. Don't know too much, but if again you could keep them in your prayers...they are around 85..86yrs old so this is hard on them...there are so many car accidents anymore, everyone be careful and wear your seat belts!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Recipes for the Week....tried and true

I am going to start sharing some recipes that are tried and true in our family....My sister in law, Rachel and I talked about doing this a long time ago...so here goes...I will always post two off the right side of this blog under the calender...it kind of prints funny, but just follow what you read... Here is a little explanation about the recipes, I went to a cooking class for Relief Society last week focusing on using food storage....this month was "legumes" (beans of all kinds) We got these recipes and tonight I tried them with my family.....the cookies were 7 out of 9 really liked the cookies (these are soft ginger snaps and half of the mixture I added milk chocolate chips....yummy).....the taco soup recipe everybody but my grandson liked it...8 out of 9....he didn't actually try it this time so really it was 8 out of 8 liked the soup. (we put the taco soup in soup bowels and sprinkled cheddar cheese on top)....give it a try you just might like it...have fun!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Small Milestones!!! Lucas was moved out of PICU to a room!!

Yahoo!!! Lucas is out of PICU!!! They said he is a little more alert and I swipped these pictures from my nephew's site just to show you how good he looks...what a sweetheart!!
We are fasting for this little guy tomorrow for those who would like to join us...it's an honor to fast for such a special little boy...

Footnote to our day......Rob has an abcess!!! He woke up with a bad toothach on thurs night, we got him worked in to the dentist who said he needed a root canal but it would need to be done on Monday morning....he gave us a pain med and said he would be ok until monday....well, as you can see, he isn't ok...he started swelling up this morning...I called and they ordered him an antibiotic...thank heaven's he got his 3 doses in today!!! He also got a blessing from dad tonight...as you can see, he is miserable!!

Simple things........do we even see them?

You know, sometimes we get so caught up in life and all it brings and forget those little, simple things.....they may seem silly to some, but I think they are there to remind us that we need to take a step back and SEE things around us....I'm probably not making any sense. Today, Max and I saw a butterfly...it was flying around the flowers, landing and flying, landing and flying...how silly, but it was beautiful....we both loved it if only for the moment it was there, then it flew away......I tired to get a picture with my camera phone...sorry it isn't too good. I am sure there have been a lot of butterflies around....I'm ashamed to say, this was my first one this year....I honestly don't remember seeing one before now...now how silly is that? Yesterday Max and I were watching the bees picking up pollen from the flowers...they were really busy and it was interesting, you could see the yellow pollen on their hind legs...you can see them work so hard....just makes me wonder sometimes...ok, I'm done...I will stop with this mood I am in!! (but stop and watch the little critters sometime, they are really interesting)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Our little baby Lucas....his little life of challenges

I wanted to share with those of our friends who come to our site a little about Lucas Hinckley Fullmer our Nephew and Niece's little baby...Lucas is a special little guy who was born May 2008 with a chronic disorder in his intestines...basically, they don't and haven't ever worked...It's called Chronic Intestinal Pseudo-Obstruction.....I know....it is such a big name for such a little guy. Lucas has been in an out of the Primary Children's Hospital, a children's hospital in Pittsburgh, and utah Valley Regional Medical Center most of his life...he has been tested, poked and prodded so much...he vomits a lot, can't eat much, and has a distended tummy because of his inability to poop normally. This last Monday, he was hospitalized yet again with a fever and vomiting bile. He really was a sick little boy and the doctors finally decided they needed to do surgery on him on Wednesday night. His daddy and grandpa gave him a blessing, and they took him to surgery...things didn't go as well as they had planned, and due to the need to remove some intestine that had died, an infection that was in his remaining intestine, he was put in intensive care and listed as very Critical....as of today, the GI doctors are good with his progress and how he is looking right now, he has a long road ahead of him...I can't tell you the sweetness you feel around little Lucas...he is truly a special one and loved by all his family and friends. I hope his mom and dad don't mind me posting some of their pictures...I know the Lord has a plan for Lucas..we don't know what that is, but with faith and prayers things will be right. Lucas's Dad and Mom are having a fast for him this Sunday...I know they would be honored to have any and all of you join with us in Fasting for little Lucas...I admire all of you and know of your great faith.....just a little side note, can I just say how proud I am of Lucas's mommy Allison, and daddy Mike...they are great examples of love, faith, compassion and service...we can learn a lot from them and their example.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pictures of our Flowers before they are gone!!

This has been such a great year for our flowers...first of all, most of you know that we used to have a great big umbrella tree in the front yard. It was removed last fall due to being too old and dangerous...a huge branch broke and fell on cars during the night, didn't want that to happen to any kids...........so, this is what is left behind and to be honest, I don't miss the tree one bit!!! It was HIGH maintenance!! There was always something to pick up from that tree whether it be branches, grainy fluffy stuff, leaves .. whatever, it was always a mess....and I hated that part of it. Looking at these beautiful flowers has just been fine with me. I actually took the pictures so that I will have something to show the Nursery when it comes time to buy flowers again next year...the kids have a tradition every mother's day of getting me tons of flowers to plant, and they just pick whatever looks pretty....well, they did a great job again this year, but I want the same flowers next year. Most of them are annuals. I love my camera phone!! I just took a couple pictures and wa-la, something to show the nursery next year!! I can't wait to plant again and enjoy the beauty...the big flowering bush in front has been exceptionally fun this year because hummingbirds have really enjoyed it, and frankly, I have enjoyed watching them.....God's Beauty and we get to enjoy it!!! What more can you ask for?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Making Grape jam

We made our Grape Jam last night.....it really was a family thing this year...Rob and I picked the grapes (the ones that were left after the birds got to them!), we had about 4 buckets this year. Gary, Kristi and I separated them and juiced them. That is a big job. It is actually fun, we used my Grandmothers old juicer...all by hand. As the vine grows though, we may want to think about getting an electric juicer..hand juicing is alot of work. Kristi did a lot of the juicing, probably because it was easier than separating them. Then we made the jam. Unfortunately, we did have one accident. When the jam started boiling up, it splashed and got Kristi on the thumb...she got a pretty good burn. She is ok, and shows war wounds from a night of jam making. The best part of the night is, THE JAM IS YUMMY!! We got about 24 bottles this year. We probably would have had another 12 bottles if the cute little stupid birds hadn't eaten the top grapes on the vine...love the birds, hate their appetite. What do you do. Can't wait until next year, there should be tons more grapes the way the grape vine is growning.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

FOOTBALL!! Snow 27 Arizona 7

What a fun...HOT...but fun day!!...The game started at 1:30pm, in the sun, the heat, etc...we were all melting. I especially felt sorry for the "Badger"...he had to be deep frying in that costume...he was really good and played the crowd well...fun guy. We sat next to the Band..they are actually really good. They have a lot of fun and it shows. The bleachers for the Badger fans were full...they get a lot of support for their home games...it's like Magna and Cyprus, lots of home town and student support. They really need to add more bleachers so everybody isn't so jammed in...especially in the heat!

The team!!! What a bunch of great looking, hard playing young men!! They are doing the Haka, something they do before every game. Kati is funny, most of our team is made up of a great bunch of Poly boys...only a few white folk on this team...Kati calls it "where's waldo" when looking for the whiter few. They are all great guys, and what a team!!

Here are the Badgeretts...they are going onto the field to perform their first dance together as a team. They did a hip hop number that Morgan and Kati choreographed...it was really good and they did a great job. I can see this is going to be a fun year for performing...the team really danced well together and you could see they were having fun..that makes all the difference...

We took the new Legacy Parkway to South Ogden to take Staci and Max home...I really like it..the speed limit is only 55 mile an hour, but the bonus is no Semi's allowed on this road...they have neon lights reminding truck drivers so they can't say they didn't know....I think it is really nice! The police are waiting to hand out a little speeding ticket ...heavy footed people beware! All in all, it was nice and did skim a little time off the drive....PROGRESS, what can I say!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Utah State Fair.. &...Max

We went to the Fair!!! Max really loved the amimals..(animals)..the pigs, sheep and cows...and as you see, the ponys!! He was such a big boy riding the pony, the men put the kids on the ponys and hooked the strap. One of the kids had a huge hat on that fell off his head and startled his pony..it went wacko and jumped and tried to run jostling all the other kids including Max..he looked startled, but held his ground (or the horn on the saddle)...I just yelled at him "Max, hold on tight" the men running the pony ride jumped on the pony that was freaking until it settled down...fun ride for the kids..not for mom's and dad's!!! Time for my soap box...the cost was too high, $8, the food is too expensive, the water bottles were $3, you even have to pay extra for the rides, etc etc etc...this should be a family event, something that families can afford, but no...too expensive!!Done with soap box, for what good it did. Anyway, it was fun...Oh, Max LOVED Suessical the Musical!! He now has named our stuffed elephant Horton, and we bought him a "clover on the end of a pencil" at the theater for him, and yes, he is sleeping with both as we speak. It was a fun day and night, especially for a little boy!!! Tomorrow is FOOTBALL!!! GO BADGERS...stay tuned for highlights of the great game!!

Oh...I just couldn't pass this picture by....isn't it precious!! Ha Ha Ha

THE END (I know, old joke...BUTT still funny....sorry, couldn't resist)

Keeping up with Myself!!!

Sometimes I think I need to slow down a little, but as long as I can handle it, I am sure this is how I will live my weeks...Wednesday after work I went to So Ogden to spend some time with Staci and Max...can I just tell you how much fun that little boy is and how in Love I am with him!! I love being a mom and grandma!! We really had a great time, playing with his toys, reading his books, talking and listening to a 3 yr old, hearing "Grandma You?" (this is his way of pronouncing Grandma Lu, which comes out Grandma You).. every two seconds, going in the back yard, picking and eating the cherry tomatoes (Max loves tomatoes just about as much as I do, and Trevors tomatoes are yummy off the vine) playing on the swing and slide, running to Target to get Max a few wintery cloths and listening to Max say the whole time.."I want to go home Grandma You" (he just isn't going to be a shopper for sure)... then last night I went to a cooking class with our ward learning how to use our food storage, this time learning how to cook with legumes..some really good ideas and some I will use in our home...especially loved visiting with the ladies in our ward...it was a great night out. Today when I get home from work, Staci, Max and I are going to the State Fair for a while, then we are picking up Grandma Bahr and going to the play at the Empress Theatre "Suescical the Musical"...I helped make costumes for this play and of course, the carmels....tomorrow, we go to Kati Jo's first football game at noon, over to the Armitsteads with the Astills and Marcusens for a night out with friends, then Sunday back to Ephraim for a visit with Kati's ward Family day....could we do any more? You know, the only thing I don't like is we don't get everything done when we have weeks like this...but I love it!!! I love my family and everything I do to try to keep up with them, which can be very entertaining sometimes....foot note..Krisit's friend, Jocelyn Dickison just came home from her mission to Figi last night and I really can't wait to see her and give her a great big welcome home hug...this I will need to fit in for sure....and so on and so on and so on...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mockey David Schroeder!!! Our Best Friend

Not a very good picture of Mockey, I think he was shy....ha ha...he is now 16 years old. We remember the first day we got him...our other dog Sandy had died about a week before... we actually decided we didn't want another dog...loosing Sandy was so sad..but Marcusens came down with this sweet little dog, (and I am not kidding when I say little) they tried to keep him with their family but just didn't have the time to train him, and of course our hearts melted when we saw him....we watched him run circles around our livingroom, under the couch, falling off the stairs, etc etc, knowing full well we had just inherited a challenge, but we didn't care, we were already in love with him. Rob was around a year old at the time. Marcusens named him Smokey, but since Rob could only say Mockey, we renamed him and thus the name....he has been a joy and a pain in our house for 16 wonderful years...mans best friend for sure..very loyal. He used to run paths in our back yard, since his age, we don't see those paths anymore...he can run a little when needed, but not that hyper run that he used to do. He also hated fireworks and thunder...he would get so upset when we had a storm or during the 4th of July etc...since he has lost most of his hearing, he has no problem with either...bitter sweet...he also has cataracts, but they actually don't slow him down much...he loves to lay outside on the deck and chill...lot more lazy...time does take it's tole on the poor guy...but we can't ever ask for a better pal for our kids...he now loves Max and gets excited when he comes over...not really sure if it is because he knows there will be action of some kind or what, but he does get excited...we are hopeing for more years with Mockey dog, he is our best friend for sure!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

What a FUN weekend!!

First of all, Gary and I got away and went to Park City...I love Park City, it is so beautiful and peaceful (when there isn't a Sundance going on)..they have these huge Moose with paintings on them..this one is on main and is dressed..funny..next is our room..really a nice one...the last picture is main street..not a great picture from my phone...anyway, we have started a tradition of going somewhere on our anniversary and attending a Temple that we haven't been to before... we went to the Manti Temple last year, 2 years ago we went to the St George Temple, this year we planned on going to the Logan Temple...we couldn't get a room...some Bike thing had all the rooms booked...I really want to go there someday, maybe next year...we thought about the St George again, or even the Las Vegas, but I was sick of driving since we had just come back on Monday from Las Vegas...so we decided to go to Park City and attend the Mt Timpanogas Temple on Saturday..we have been there before, but a long time ago...it was really nice and beautiful...I think for comfort purpose, I really like the Bountiful and Mt Timpanogas..they are beautiful and roomy...what a nice place to be....I think next year, for our 28th, we need to branch out and maybe go to the Las Vegas Temple, or even one in California...we might need to start going on a 1/2 year anniversary and attend Temples all over the US....wouldn't that be fun!!

Kati came home this weekend, we took the kids to lunch at the Golden Corral...that is funny because our family really doesn't like buffets... we were in the mood that day...it was ok...the rolls were really great!! We just spent time with each other...really, these are moments, and I mean moments when your kids are as old as ours are, that we cherish....today we had Sunday dinner with grandma's and Kati left to go back to Ephraim...back to school!!! Kristi starts school tomorrow...she is almost done!! Hurray!! This was a great weekend!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Gary & I have been married for 27 Years Today!!

Wow!!! How time flies!!! 27 years ago today Gary and I were sealed for time and Eternity in the Salt Lake Temple............4 wonderful kids, 1 fantastic son-in-law, and the very best grandson later and here we are! We can't ask for anything else..we have it all! Love you Gary!! Ready for another 27 long years....and more of the above to join our family!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend in Las Vegas

Kati, Kristi and I spent the weekend in Las Vegas visiting with our favorite family the Taukinukufilis!! We had such a great time...we just love the hospitality and friendship this family shows us...this is a picture of Joe, Vaughn, Sierra and Cheyenne.

This is Sierra...she and Cheyenne have the most beautiful hair...Sierra's is curly and really pretty...she just wanted to see it straight so Kati got out her straightener and straightened her hair...this is a before and after..or half and half...her hair is so long straight!! Cheyenne is standing in the room...that is the back of her head...her hair is down past her butt!!! So pretty...

Of course, we had to go to the strip ... the only time the Taukinukufili's go to the strip is when the Schroeders come over...it's fun to see...and of course, we had to have the Fremont Experience...this is where they enclosed Fremont street and have it as a walking street...there are different things there, but the fun part is the video they show to music on the ceiling....it's kind of hard to see .. I took the picture with my cell phone...I always forget my camera!!!

This is Red Rock Canyon...this is out west of Las Vegas..it's really beautiful...We went out Monday before we left to come back to Utah...Cheyenne stood on this rock that had a drop off behind it.. you can't see it with this picture, it is really deceiving, but it really was high with a long drop off behind the rock ...it was scary...Bryce is with her in the other picture...the rest of us were too chicken to get up...not good if you're afraid of heights!!
We just thoroughly enjoyed our visit...we hope to get back soon!! Love ya Taukinukufili's!!!