Saturday, September 7, 2013

WOW!!!! Slacker!!! Yup that's me!

I really have to's almost been a year since I posted, and I used to be so diligent at it......I will not make any promises, but I will try to do better since this is my only form of journaling (is that even a word?). Life has been great/busy/sad at times/fulfilling/and adventurous during this last year......first off I LOVE our new house and neighborhood!  I feel at home, something I didn't feel for a long time where we lived for 26yrs in West Valley....when I drive to and from running errands I just know/feel like we are now where we should be......that doesn't mean I don't miss West Valley because I do...we made 26yrs of great memories and wonderful friends, I just didn't realize that when you turn yourself over to the Lord to direct and guide your paths, you know and feel the peace of being and doing those thing you need to be doing.  We have a huge grassy park area East of us.....Gary and I frequently walk the dogs down and around....such a peaceful experience walking through the neighborhood....acknowledging neighbors doing yard work then joining others walking their dogs around the park area (it's a mile around) I just love it....we have made some really good new friends and are keeping busy with callings in our Ward....Primary President & High Priest group assistant.....all in all it's really been a positive move.  I have LOVED having Rob home.....he keeps himself busy as does each of the girls with work and school.....Staci has been so evolved with Max's school and is now President elect for PTA next year....not surprising, she likes to keep busy....I am always in awe  and impressed with how amazing our kids (including Trevor & Max) are....that's not to say that they each haven't had/been through/or currently are going through their own set of challenges, but they do so with dignity/determination/and will they need to move forward in their lives......they are definitely my idols and I love and learn from them every day.  My mom is also doing amazingly good....she is a bit of a hermit sometimes and it has in the past concerned me, but we do get her out quite a bit with family things.....we actually take her on most of our vacations (which prove to be really hard for us but she has no other family support system right now and she needs us).   She's doing really good especially for being 85yrs is challenging, but we are
happy to have her in our try and give her a family and happiness she deserves during her 
final years with us however long that may is our privilege.....during all this time I have experienced and have had a growing enlightening experience with my older brother and his I don't like, but something I think I am learning from every day.....apparently I have offended someone in his family a couple of years ago....the funny thing is, nobody will tell me who or 
what I did to's this big "secret" within their family, that I'm sure in like a snowball, it is growing with time... It is poison to our families......At this point we are ok......some people can be so unchristlike and unforgiving ......l have tried throughout our lives to be supportive to all of them.....what I'm learning is that forgiveness is a powerful thing.....some people need to have that conflict in their lives to feel secure/powerful and can't see past situations so they can move forward.....I can't and won't let this happen to my  family... though I wish them all well...our lives are secure and happy without them...I know that sounds sad, but that is how they want it so we are good with that as well, it was their choice....the Gospel is our foundation and our family is's to many more years of loving and growing experiences in the Schroeder Family.....where CRAZY is our middle name and the LOVE for life is around every corner!!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Wow!! I really do need to do some "catch up" on this blog

It has been a WHILE since I updated my blog.....I used to be so good at it, but have been a slacker lately....I can't make any promises, but I will TRY to do's like a journal to me and interesting to go back and re-read past posts.  We have been in our wonderful home now for 6 months...yes a half of a's really hard to believe sometimes.  It has felt like "home" from the very beginning.....and I am happy here.  Yes, I was made Primary President soon after the move, and yes, it was hard not knowing anybody...but through the spirit I was given the most amazing counselors to be by my side....I couldn't ask for anyone better....and the teachers are AMAZING!  We just did our Primary program.....the kids did a FABULOUS job....they are the BEST Primary kids EVER!  I was a proud Primary President....I feel so much LOVE in my heart sometimes that it could just burst.  Gary went 7 months without a calling, but was finally nabbed and his "day of rest" has come to an end....he is Sec in the High Priest Group....he is working with some amazing men....cream of the crop so to's a really great ward and we are happy to be here.  It is 2days after Thanksgiving....yes, we have had our first Thanksgiving in our new home....plenty of room and great food, we even used Grandmother's China....we were very careful, but it was really nice.....we played Just Dance, listened to Christmas music, went Black Thursday shopping and had a blast....went to bed at midnight and got up for Village Inn was really nice.  Yesterday I started putting up Christmas...YIKEES....what a job....the tree is up and most of the decorations in the living room ....there is so much more to do though, UGH...but, with a little Christmas Music playing, I can get this done! is 6:46am right now, and I am laying on the couch with the tree lights favorite!   Oh, (just a side note)we got a new car.....yes, a RED Nissan Rogue! (this is what happens when your car payment comes home from his mission haha)  I LOVE IT......NOW FOR THE VERY BEST NEWS!  YES!  2 1/2 weeks our Elder Rob comes home!!  We could never be more excited!  His 2 wonderful years of service are almost has been a fabulous time for our family...long...but so blessed....I LOVE having a missionary...but now it's time for him to move on with his life....we have him accepted to LDS Business College...I will,update his blog now....this is a great life in the Schroeder home...I am so Thankful for EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lots of "NEWS" in my world!

Wow! We have now lived in our New home for 2 1/2 months....we have moved my mom in, moved Kristi & Kati to their New apartment....Staci, Trevor & Max have been living with us during the week because Trevor got a great New job here in SLC...too far to drive from Ogden...they will be moving into their New apartment in Holiday mid Sept....I was just sustained and set apart as the New Primary President in the Westbrook 9 th ward...(talk about being out of my comfort zone)...I start the New school year at work tomorrow....Max got his 1st pair of New glasses....these make for great New adventures in the Schroeder family, and I couldn't be happier. Sometimes New can be scary....such as my New calling as Primary President....I feel so under qualified, but I am grateful to my Heavenly Father who lets me know when it's time to get off my butt and do some growing. I have called some of the most wondful women as my counselors and secretary..that I am excited for....there again our Lord knows who I need to help me with this daunting task and this heavy mantle of teaching these beautiful children to love their Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ....I have been in Primary Presidencies as a counselor before many many years ago....things have changed so much as things usually do....I don't bring with me the knowledge, but I do bring with me the Love for these precious children and I do love children....that is not New....I sat in primary today and watched these magnificent young people interact and learn about our Heavenly heart was full....they are some of the most choice and full of energy to learn and grow in the gospel....I feel this New adventure in my life is a precious gift from my Heavenly be able to witness and be a part of the lives of His children...I can't wait! I am excited! I love the Lord and our Savior Jesus Christ...I feel their Love for me....I Love my testimony and look forward to sharing it with the children in our ward....I am so grateful for these beautiful opportunities to serve and grow and feel so lucky to have been lead to this home ... Such a blessing for our family....we started our New adventure on Memorial Day 2012 and look forward to all it brings.....

Monday, June 11, 2012

Things change in the blink of an eye......

. Well here I am.........sitting here in our "new" house! Yes we have moved!!! Finally after 1 year with our home on Milden on the market, all of a sudden it took off and we had several offers.....we accepted the offer from a young couple and they were so happy we did. It makes me really happy that the person buying/bought our home loved it and wanted to take good care of it....after 26yrs of memory after memory we have moved on!!! We now live in the city of Taylorsville...apparently it used to be West Jordan, but the zip code changed and it is now matter to me, I love the home and am really happy to be here. Yes, we did a lot of fixing up before we moved in...I think most do to make it your own...and after putting in our furniture, decorating the walls and soon move Grandma Bahr in with us we can settle down! Moving is a lot of work...always something to do. The yard is beautiful front and back...not much to add to it just a few fresh flowers growing around, but it is beautiful and I love it.......plenty of room for us, Rob's room is really big....our bedroom is HUGE! I love it! All in all I LOVE THIS HOUSE and I feel at home. Like I told the girls, just because we left our other home doesn't mean we left our memories...they will always be with it's time to make new memories, and that we'll our new home....the one I LOVE!!! Oh, I failed to mention the "old" Bishop owned this home before us...and boy was he loved by the 9th ward we now live in....YIKEES...somewhat big shoes to fill...LOL...seriously, we won't/don't want to fill anyones elses shoes, it's just the Schroeder's movin in hahaha.... Thank heavens I am out of work this summer (I love working for the school district...summers off) that way I can keep busy rattling around the house, emptying boxes and decorating here and there.....oh did I say I love the new house???? I do!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wow! I have been a much that this site has changed and a little different lol....there actually is a semi good reason for my....slacking...we have been in the process of selling our home ...yes, the one we have lived in for the past 26 years! Why you ask? know when you are supposed to do something and you are not totally positive as to the whys of it all....well we fall in that category .... We will go and do as we are commanded sort of is such a huge thing, we have had our house on the market for over a year...finally had multiple offers after having a couple previously...which we won't get into right now....and set out looking for that home...( or reason) we are moving. We found it! I am really happy and excited and after a month of stress...and some hiccups here and being worked out tomorrow...we just might have this ordeal soon accomplished! We should be signing on the many dotted lines on May 1st.....then the fun begins...moving 26 yrs of stuff...YIKEES! I am hoping for a peaceful week ... No surprise hiccups.....if you have ever sold or bought a home...WOW....and we are doing it all at the same will be fine...and I will survive. This is our family timeline....we close MAY 1st....then we rent back our home we are in now for a that month we are changing carpets in the 4 bedrooms, changing kitchen counter tops and slowly moving our JUNK over hoping to be finished the week befor Memorial weekend....why you ask? Well because Kati and Krist have found an apartment with a friend that we will be moving them into during the memorial day weekend....then, we will be moving my mom in with us the last week of June....then we are moving Staci and Trevor to either Roy or Clearfield that next weekend....when the Schroeder's do something we do it BIG HAHAHA...and Elder Rob misses out on all the fun.....he will have 6 months left on his mission at that point....he thinks it's really funny...anyway....I will keep you posted as to the life of the Schroeders....stay tuned :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

I feel sooooo lazy!!!!!

I am really enjoying Martin Luther King Day....I am so LAZY!!! I am doing a little cleaning, but mostly just watching mindless tv, sitting by the fire (I really hope we get a fireplace in our new home when we move) in the recliner...hoping that the Home Showing company doesn't call for a showing today because I want to really be that bad???

I'm so disappointed that our house isn't selling .. we are going to upgrade our counter tops in the kitchen in hopes they look better for buyers...people love our home, "it's clean, well taken care of"...yada yada yada..either they are lying or I just don't know the answer. Every time I am with my mom I am sad because I know she needs to be with us...she is healthy and doing good, don't get me wrong...but I think she is just lonely and it's just not fair for her to be alone all the time. If we had more room here, another bathroom etc, I would move her in immediatly, but it's just not feasible for us all to be happy and not hate each other in a week to move her in right now...besides, her legs hurt so much the stairs would be impossible. We really could use a lot of prayers and good thoughts right now to get this moving....

Well, on this day of Martin Luther King, I think I will run to Walmart,

make Rob's disc with his pictures, (a picture of the missionaries on P-Day...such handsome young men...)

buy me a cookie or something and come back home to sit back put my feet up and chill until tonight when I booggie at, what a life :)

Friday, December 30, 2011

Top 10..11..12..13..things that happened for the year 2011.....there just was so muc....

Wow....this year has really gone by FAST!!!! I can't believe it! I have been thinking about all that has happened this year...knowing there is so much more to happen in the year's just fun to be a part of this whole experience of life and what it has to are a few of the things I remember from the year 2011...

January....I started my new contracted job at Kearns High School as their attendance secretary....what great timing as our Elder Rob has just been sent out on his mission

January....Elder Rob was sent to Hermiston Oregon in the Kennewick Washington mission...and that's where it began...

February...This was a trying and stressful time for our entire family...particularly Kati Jo...this particular incidence is something I don't cherish and don't want to ever go through anything like it again, but as is all our experiences I have seen growth and strength through it....there is always a reason for everything....

March....this is the month we made our decision after 25yrs of living in our home and creating family memories to's time to move on/forward to a different area, ward, place etc...we will also be moving my mom in with us....

March....My sweet aunt Eva Jane passed away. This was really my only aunt since my mom only had one sister and we were astranged from my father's family all our growing up years. I have a lot of great memories of this sweet wonderful lady. She lead a good life, and left behind her sweet companion who will always miss her and live for the day he can be with her again eternally....

March....Kristi received her endowments! This was a fabulous day and I am proud to be her mom and support her with this new endevor in her life.

July....Grandma Schroeder passed away and returned to her Heavenly Father and family. This was actually a hard time for all of us...she had such a hard life and fought a tough battle...we had her body flown to Riverside California to be buried with Dave, there we did a small gravesite service with her brother, sister and neice. It turned out to be really nice.

Max started 1st grade!!! He is in a Charter School in West Haven so Staci has quite a drive every day taking him to school, which she is more than willing to do to get a good education for her son...and, of course she spends time at the school helping out whenever needed...what a good mom....Since Max is all day it's been fun eat lunch with all the kids...he also loves the great playground, and he has a fantastic teacher!

August...Gary and I decided to extend our service mission at the genealogy library for another year...yeah!

September...Gary and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary! We actually went to the west coast....kind of where Elder Schroeder is (but we made sure not to stalk him) It was such beautiful country!!! I loved every minute of it and we had a lot of driving around to see it all!!! Oh, and we got a parking ticket in Seattle Hahahaha...

November...Uncle Leon passed away and his funeral was exactly 9 months from Eva Jane's...they just couldn't be apart and he was so sad with her gone. What a grand reunion it was for these two and the rest of their families...sad note though, my mom is now the last in that part of the family...I know she is lonely...hopefully it won't be too much longer before we can move her in with us....

December....We got to SKYPE with our Elder Schroeder! It was awsome..on Christmas Day...such a beautiful day...we opened gifts, attended church with Kristi and Kati (Kristi's choir sang two very ambitious and beautiful songs and did fantastic) came home, family came over and we skyped with our missionary for one hour!! It was so nice to see him and feel his spirit...he loves his mission and is enjoying being in Walla Walla...

That's it in a nutshell!!! It was hard picking the top how many ever things that happened in the Schroeder house in 2011...I left out a few that were just as memorable such as talking with Elder Rob on Mother's Day...that was wonderful... this was just a bit of our family in excited to start the year 2012...hopefully some wonderful things will happen and change the Schroeder world as we see it's to 2012 may it be FANTASTIC!!!