Friday, October 30, 2009

Well.......He's here!

Meet Shado...our 4 mo Shelty/Pom mix puppy. We are so excited to welcome this little guy into our home. We are somewhat sad though, I think and everybody agrees, that he has been an abused little guy and probably severely. The entire ride home from Stansbury he shivered and acted so scared. We took him outside to play and run with Jack, after a bit of coaxing he did warm up a bit....but, whenever "a human" would go over to him to either pet him, or pick him up, he would suddenly lay down, turn over and cower was so sad to see. After he had been here about 3-4 hrs, he started even barking at the neighbor dog and running all over the back yard...with, might I add, his tail wagging! A beautiful glimmer of hope. He doesn't do stairs though...that needs to change LOL. We then took him to pet smart for a bath, brush and toilnail grinding. The girls said he did very well..little timid during the hair drying, but everything else he enjoyed. He came home just beautiful with a Halloween bow. He didn't much want to do anything after that..just layed around. We decided he could go to his crate to bed...It's a nice soft bed and a warm blankie. He crawled back, curled up and snuggled in for the night....I hope we can help him come out of this horrible "shell" he is living in....I don't know too much about doggie's mental status...I'm hoping whatever damage was done to his little mind won't be lasting, and that we can help him be a sweet happy little guy...we're sure gonna try...........he has already made a place in our hearts, of dog will ever replace Mockey, but there is a HUGE hole Mockey left behind that I really think Shado can fill. Oh, and his name...story of course....when we got him, I asked what his name was and the gal said..."we just call him shelty" WHAT! What is with these brainless people not even giving this poor little guy a name....anyway...Shelty won't work, we decided to go for Shado....since Mockey was a Shelty Mix (just a different mix) we decided that Shado will be Mockey's shadow...two special little dogs....I know, pretty lame...LOL...but it's the Schroeder way ya know!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

In remembrance.......

We will always remember you dear friend....this is just a way for us to honor your sweet memory and the over 17yrs you gave our certainly were man's best friend, companion, helper and comforter. Till we meet again sweet boy......luv you!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Girls Day/Night out!!!!

What a fun day! Kristi and Staci came home...sooooo...Staci,Kristi, Kati and I spent the entire day together!!! (partly a birthday present for Staci) We started at Michaels and got supplies to make this stone to place under the Lilac bush...that is where Mockey used to always sleep outside...Kristi and I made it today and I think it turned out a lot better than I expected.... was off to Tai Pan Trading....whooo hooo...the girls found some HUGE fruits and Christmas ornaments to pose by.....who decorates with these things anyway!!! LOL

Ok....Staci, put the purses down, slowly walk you can see, purses are something Staci she couldn't pick which one to buy...actually, Kati and I bought one too....hahaha

After Tai Pan it was off to Target to buy Halloween shirts to wear to dinner and Thriller....then, we went to Walmart to get our pedicures!!! Sorry I don't have pictures of the shirts or pedicures, just rest assured, they were AWESOME!!! We all got orange toes, and the girls got Halloween decorations painted on their big toes. It was sooo much fun and yes, the Schroeder Nerds were on the town!!! We then went to Biachi's (spelling?) at Gateway....Yummy!!! Then it was to Kingsbury Hall for....da da da daaaa...THRILLER!!! I just love that show. We were 4th row up, on the end with an empty seat by Kati....yes, if you have ever been to Thriller and know that before the show the Zombies walk up and down the isles harassing and scaring everybody....Kati got her share and we laughed so hard! Here is a Zombie that decided to sit next to Kati....I got a picture with my cell phone..not really good, but you get the picture anyway. GREAT SHOW as always! Then, of course the night wasn't finished until we stopped at Baskin Robbins for our favorite Ice Cream. This was one of those priceless day/nights that I will always remember. Thanks girls! Love you!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Trying to be a better me..................

Have you ever just looked around you, especially recently, and noticed all the tough times, challenges and obstacles invading homes and families? I look around, I see so much pain, sorrow, enduring to the end, service, love, heart ach, illness...etc etc...seems I could go on and on. Believe me, the Schroeder household have had their share as well.....I think about the Family Unit and the Love and Security that should be felt there. I see others struggling with faith, decisions, trust etc and see that as such a way that satan works his "mighty miracles" to destroy these precious families. This is part of enduring to the end, that we must follow our leaders that teach us and guide's just so hard at times. We are so easily discouraged in simple things, that when it comes to the hard do we ever do it. I know we have been given promises..and "guides" to help us receive those promises...these things will help us stay strong especially during hard times and I am committed to try to do better myself. I want my family to succeed and be Eternally together. I want to do the right things to keep us Faithfully obedient to all the Lord's commandments...Attending the Temple...that is so easy for me, why is it soooo hard to find the time! Well, I am going to go more often. Once a month just isn't good enough, it needs to be more often especially right now. I need to feel the Lord close to me and witness again to me that these things are true and good and precious and WORTH IT! My scripture reading....I am sooo bad at that, and it has got to be a priority for me. Prayers, what a hard thing for me to always remember. I'm quick to pray when there is a problem, when I need help, or when others need help (which is actually a lot) but I have been so bad at my own evening personal prayers for quite some time now and that is just not an option anymore .....I guess I have just been plain lazy...I can't allow this anymore. I know it is up to me to make sure I do those things that promise blessings....right now I need those blessings and to feel close to our Savior. My Testimony is strong, but I have been ignoring it and just not doing my part. I love my family, I want the very best for each one....and I want us all to succeed.'s my big list.........Personal Prayers, Family Prayers, Personal Scripture Study, Family Scripture Study, Try to attend the Temple twice a month even if it's by myself.....try to give service to someone at least once a month....or whenever the Lord needs me too. I Love my Savior. I am so sorry for being a slacker. I know I have let my "busy" schedule of life take over and put aside those things that are really important....that will change. This sounds like if I do all these things I will be "perfect" lol...not a chance....I will always have something to work on...that's just who I am. If the Lord can forgive me for these past short comings, I promise to do better with my be a better mother, wife, grandma, friend...just a better me.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009

Our BEST FRIEND..................

Just sitting here thinking about someone in our lives that never judges, gets mad, distrusts and who loves unconditionally, this is our friend Mockey. Mockey came to our family during a time when we were all working on recovering from the loss of another close friend..Sandy..and he filled the holes in our heart in a way we will always be grateful for. He was just a pup, hyper and into everything. He was tiny, running as fast as he could throughout the house and under the couch, and yes, falling through the slats in the stairs of the deck! We had to go through and put chicken wire along the bottom of the fence so to avoid an escape, then when he did escape, we would chase him all over Milden Lane (thanks neighbors for your patience) He loved to ride in the car, that became a good thing for us. It was always such a pain to go looking for him (with 4 little kids), you would meet him eye to eye and then he would dart away! Finally we got smart and used a secret tool, the car....due to the fact he love a good ride, we would open the sliding door and he would run and jump right in...ha ha gotcha!!! He grew to be a beautiful loving friend who would run trails along the fence....he was everybodys friend. He is always there when we need his comfort. Seems to know when we need his snuggling. Has has always been such a sweet boy, and such a good dog..the best, and we are a lucky family to have been able to call him our friend for the last 17yrs. We hope to have many more years with Mockey, but see him slowing down a lot. He doesn't run trails anymore, doesn't run away anymore, has a hard time climbing the deck stairs, doesn't jump on the beds or furniture anymore...and as of lately, doesn't look at us and whine to have us do something for him....he lays at our feet, sleeps outside in the tomato bushes or under the lilac bush...we pick him up so he can sleep on the bed, or on occasion we put him in his favorite place on the back of the couch to look out the window, but we have to hold on to him so he doesn't fall... you can feel him getting skinnier and skinner because he isn't eating as much......We are realistic, we know he is older than most dogs ever get, but because of our love he is still with us and we hope he is for a long time to just don't find dogs that are so loving and good. Mockey, we want to thank you for all the wonderful loving years you shared with our family...17yrs is a long time and as long as you need us, we need you....We love you sweet friend....