Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another update on Lucas.......never ending's just amazing how much this little guy and his family can take..seems one thing after another. The other day Lucas had a seizure while Allison was with him. She had to pack the boys in the car, go get Jayden and get him to the doctor, but as it seems to happen to this family, another "hurdle to get over" as mom was trying to get Lucas some medical attention...a flat tire!! It was a cold day as well and they had to wait an hour for roadside assistance to come change the tire!! Can you just believe it...probably if you didn't hear it from us you wouldn't believe's just so crazy. What's more, they don't know what caused the seizure...that is another question. They did a test today...I, again, swiped some pictures from their site...our little Lucas getting yet another test...look how good he is being good though..what a trooper!!

Mom and Dad's words:
Electroencephalography (EEG) is the measurement of electrical activity produced by the brain as recorded from electrodes placed on the scalp.

This will show residual from his seizure on Tuesday. The blood work showed it was not from electrolytes so we still don't know what caused his seizure. A neurologist will follow up with us before Tuesday.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hard decisions have been made......

We have made some hard decisions about Grandma. She is getting more and more difficult with her Alzheimer's and mental has become more and more apparent to us that we just are not set up and qualified to take care of such illnesses, that at the right care center, they are efficient and trained in taking care of the needs of these people...there are activities, equipment, and nursing staff that work 8-12hr shifts and not a 24/7 situation...our family has sacrificed so much for these last 11 wks....I feel like I have somewhat failed Ilene, but my immediate family is so important to me and her anger and other issues just don't bring peace into our is hard to see her anger when my little grandson Max is here...he, being a little 3 yr old boy, has a lot of energy and she is not tolerant of that at all...I will not give up my time with my Max..more important to me than trying to do something I just am not qualified to do, for someone with little appreciation for that service. We have found a wonderful Care Center.. Washington Terrace in So Ogden. I was really impressed at the staff and the center itself...the fact that they thrive on making and maintaining goals for the residents (which Ilene will have some trouble with, but it will be good for her), activities, state of the art equipment for the care of it's residents etc. Very impressed. We take her on Sunday, Feb 1st....please keep us in your prayers, with her anger and aggression and NOT wanting to go anywhere, this will be a hard day for us all, but in the long run will be better for us all............of course this also brings more challenges...I gave up a good job to stay at home with her, I will now be in need of a part time position somewhere..(they filled my position on Jan 9th..just missed out! Shoot) We have so much coming up in the future at the Schroeder house...Missions, Weddings etc...I just pray something works out for us that will make our family ready for future and life.....sometimes I wish I could have no cares in the world for one day..not realistic I know, and I know others would like that day too, but we just move forward and find the Joy in our Journey....:)

Monday, January 26, 2009

A happier Lucas update!!!!!!!

The kids took Lucas to PCMC for a doctors visit....seems everytime they go for a "doctors visit" they end up staying and are so discouraged.....well, in their words:

**Mike is amazed a normal doctors appointment for the most part. Can't beat the love at home feeling!

I had to swipe these pictures though....the first one is the family at home together...(well, dad is taking the picture)....what a nice day!!!

This next one is my favorite....the expression tells it is Lucas at PCMC waiting to have his labs that an expression or what!!! Love this family!!

Friday, January 23, 2009


Lucas was sent home from PCMC....he is back with his family! Don't know details, but it's just a good thing that he can be home.....

The Fullmer's just replied explaining what caused Lucas to go into the their words:

Lucas couldn't keep anything down, he was throwing up all night. The last time he did this he had NEC. We called the doctor and he said come to the ER. They took an xray and it showed just air like always and no obstruction. He did good all night no throwing up, so we were discharged home.

Here is a description I found about NEC and you will know and see why the family and doctors are really cautious and concerned when Lucas is having trouble...
What causes NEC?

No single factor has been established as the cause of NEC. It is now thought that NEC is the result of a combination of several factors. The two consistent findings are prematurity and feedings. The premature intestine reacts abnormally and develops an acute inflammatory response to feedings leading to intestinal necrosis (death). Some postnatal issues including heart abnormalities, obstruction of circulation in the bowel, infection or gastroschisis are also associated with NEC.

What are the signs and symptoms of NEC?

NEC is difficult to diagnose. The baby may have lethargy, poor feeding, bilious vomiting, distended abdomen and blood in stools. Physical examination may show the baby to have abdominal tenderness, periumbilical darkening or erythema (redness, or a fixed loop of bowel that can be felt.
How is NEC diagnosed?

Abdominal X-rays are done frequently if NEC is suspected. These films will show the neonatal team if there are any fixed or distended loops of bowel that may indicate an ileus (obstruction). Pneumatosis intestinalis (air in the bowel wall) can be seen early in NEC and can resolve over a number of hours. Pneumoperitoneum (air in the abdomen) is an indicator for immediate surgery. Air in the abdomen shows that the bowel has perforated (torn).

Thank Heavens he went home happy and didn't have NEC....

Baby Lucas is back in PCMC........

He's was re-admitted yesterday...don't know the details yet, but will post as soon as I's so sad for him to be back, but he needs to be where he will get medical care when it's needed...though his mom and dad are awsome at taking care of him at home.........

This little family has been through so much within these last months...Lucas is such a beautiful baby and has such a strength within him...I admire his family so much, they have been placed with challenges and obstacles that not one of us would want to take on, yet they move forward with faith and will....the quote paraphrased that the Lord doesn't give us anymore than we can handle really proves out with the Fullmers..they are an inspiration to us all....our prayers remain with them and Lukie at this time, that the Lord will guide those doctors that they will know and take care of his needs so he can again go home to his family.....and that this family will remaine strong and immovable...that their faith will grow and they can find that "Joy in their Journey" and feel Heavenly Father's Spirit through this long and challenging struggle with their little man...we love you Fullmer's ....

Monday, January 19, 2009

Another Lucas Update...

Lucas had a Broviac placed at PCMC on saturday. There were some complications. The surgeon tried a common spot for the broviac which was unsuccessful. The incision that he made would not stop bleeding. Since the liver is the organ that helps the blood clot and Lucas's liver is somewhat compromised, they had a hard time stopping the bleeding. They would apply pressure to stop the bleeding, as soon as they took the pressure off, the bleeding would start up again. There were tense moments for dad and mom knowing the surgery was done, but not being able to see Lucas for over an hour in recovery and not knowing why. Finally the surgeon came and talked to them. Here is an update provided by Allison...the mom:

After 40 minutes the bleeding started to slow down and we were able to see our little sweet heart. About 45 minutes later we were discharged back to UVRMC. Primary's didn't relay the info to UVRMC telling them we are headed back to be readmitted. UVRMC suddenly got very busy and admitted 13 new patients. They didn't have a room for us. We waited a hour and a half for a room. In the mean time Luke's cut kept bleeding pretty badly. They tried a few things to stop it and didn't know what to do. They did blood work to see if they could tell why he was bleeding. At 2:00am they were considering calling one of their surgeons to look at him, or possibly go back to PCMC. Luckily after 12 hours of bleeding it finally slowed down. It was a long and crazy night but by morning it had stopped. This afternoon we were discharged to go home. Let's hope we can beat our 18 days home!

Our thoughts and prayers are still with you little guy...we love you tons!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Update on Lucas......

For those keeping up with Lucas's little is the latest from his mom....

january 12, 2009
For those of you who know Lukie's reputation know it was too good to be true he has been home for so long. Seventeen days to be exact, one of the record long times. Well last night Luke was fussy and couldn't sleep. He finally settled down at 2:00, which is totally not like him. This morning he felt warm so I took his temperature which was 102.3, and I could feel his heart pounding. So I called his doc and they had me bring him in asap. We were admitted to Utah Valley an did blood work. His white blood cell count was very high which means infection. We will have to wait at least a day to get results on the blood cultures. If his line is bad he will have a broviac placed which is more surgery. This will have to be done at Primary Children's. Each central line is so vital to him. There is only a few places you can place a central line so they will do everything they can to keep his PICC line.

Lukie will be 8 months old tomorrow. He weighs 10 lbs 6 oz and 23 1/2 inches. He is such a sweet heart and gets so scared to be in the hospital. He loves being home with his family. Please remember him in your prayers. Thank

Tuesday, January 6, 2009 Rare Silver Dollar.............

Really cool.....we have some furniture that used to be Gary's parents Lazy Boy chair in our livingroom for instance. We were moving around the furniture the other day and a silver dollar fell from the lazy boy chair. It is a Rare "Peace" 1925 Silver Dollar....we are thinking that it had been lodged in the chair..that it probably belonged to Gary's dad at one time....we looked it up and it's value ranges from (get this) $20 to $9000...go figure that one out...anyway, value or not, it is really a cool coin....kind of fun to have.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Things Change

things change
let it be
things change

meters to miles
sun to rain
tears to smiles
life's a change

things change
let it be
things change

enjoying to rejoicing
rocks to sand
dark to light
life's a big dance

things change
let it be
things change


I've been thinking...change is such a hard thing for me for some reason...and there is so much change in my life right now! I think the Lord is telling me something, I just need to listen...we all go through change...some good and some that at first may not seem so good, but usually turns out to be...
Christmas is over, I have loved every minute of it. I have had my kids home by my side and it has been fun spending time with them...
Kati from college...

Kristi several days off from work,

Rob winter break from school

and Trevor, Staci and Max either coming here or the family going there
....spending time together.

Tomorrow there will be another change. Break is over. Kati will go back to Ephraim to school, Kristi will go to school and work, Rob goes back to Cyprus, Trevor starts a hard semester and Staci and Max will be supporting him. I really love these kids and I am so proud to be their mom...they are great examples to me. I know these are good changes so that they can better themselves...change means growth in most cases..I can accept that, and I love and cherish every moment we can have together....

Today was a change, we started a new ward. I was actually worried about this change, but I am really excited for's turning out to be something good...of course the Lord wanted this to happen, it was very obvious today at Sacrament Meeting (the spirit was so strong)...Sometimes I am too stubborn, it takes me some time to see the good in the change....

Grandma is changing daily..

we never know exactly how she is going to be..home health informed me that they are discharging her on the 16th...meaning no back up for me to have time to myself...nobody to give her insulin but me...Gary is learning so I can have a break, but you know that means we cannot leave of us has to be home with her...this is turning out to be such a sacrifice for us...but again, it's change in our lives, a change we have to live with and make the best of for now...

Soon we will have a new President of the United States of America...

I will honestly say I am worried, it will be a huge change...I am not convinced he is the right man for the job....I pray for him and I pray for us....and so on and so on....we live in a world of change as hard as it may be, it makes us stretch and is what we make of it.....Faith and finding Joy in the Journey is the only way...sometimes I question myself....change can sometimes be so hard, but I have learned to step back and try to find the good in any change...that's the trick.