Saturday, February 27, 2010


Well....I know I didn't post last week about the weight loss...because, we didn't have time to go weigh in....this week I lost 1 measly pound and Gary lost .2 pounds....can we say "plateau"....this is the hard part of dieting....we need to up our game so to speak...different exercising least it wasn't a gain, but it gets a little frustrating....we won't give week will be better.....*sigh*

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Still loosing.........................

Had a pretty good weigh in again today, I least it is another loss... I lost 1.2lbs, and Gary lost 1lb...I keep telling myself that is good and I do appreciate the loss....but, geezzz...I am so impatient!!!! I'm honestly working really hard, not even letting myself be temped to cheat or even go into my extra points as well as Zumba, Yoga and the treadmill.....just seems like a meager loss when I work so hard.....I'm (sorta patiently) waiting for the day something snaps, I stand on those scales and the gal says...woooo hoooo you lost 5lbs this week (I've done it before in the past) I know two pounds a week is a good safe weight loss, and I keep telling myself this is good, and believe me I am glad I am loosing and not gaining, it just seems I have so far to go and I honestly am not the most patient person in the world.....I want it now!!! Hahaha....(me and drama) will happen...yes in baby steps, but it will happen. I love any encouragement you can share.....keep me strong!!! Thanks for your help so far...I really appreciate everything you guys tell me, and I need to hear it!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

*sigh* luck ran out!

Ya know....I have been so proud of the fact that I just don't get sick...really! luck ran out! Max had a sleep over last weekend (and no, he wasn't sick at all)...we had our usual good times...Saturday afternoon I took him to Planet 51 (which between his popcorn and the movie..he was super fantastic) I came home I getting sick....then Wham Bam!!! It hit me like a ton of bricks! Here it is Tuesday and I am feeling horrible....I am such a baby because I was able to hold off everyone's germs for almost 2 look at me! I am staying home from work today to try and rest this thing off because tomorrow is Zumba and Yoga...really, I LOVE going to these two classes with Kati and I am not missing them! Because of our schedules we can only do the Wednesday it's that and the treadmill at home that keep me going and I refuse to give into a "virus" and let it stop me! My plan today is eat my oranges, drink my water, take my vitamines and tomorrow I ZUMBA!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Today I am a little happier than last weigh in I lost 2 pounds (Gary lost 3 pounds of course) and I am happy...especially since I have started working out on certain days with the diet............which I think is paying off. I've been told 2 pound weight loss a week is healthy....this brings the official total to 7.6 pounds (Gary 10 pounds).....but really I started the diet a week before my first weigh in, so my actual weight loss is a tinch over 10 pounds..............:+) I can be happy with this.............on to another week!