Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wow! I have been a much that this site has changed and a little different lol....there actually is a semi good reason for my....slacking...we have been in the process of selling our home ...yes, the one we have lived in for the past 26 years! Why you ask? know when you are supposed to do something and you are not totally positive as to the whys of it all....well we fall in that category .... We will go and do as we are commanded sort of is such a huge thing, we have had our house on the market for over a year...finally had multiple offers after having a couple previously...which we won't get into right now....and set out looking for that home...( or reason) we are moving. We found it! I am really happy and excited and after a month of stress...and some hiccups here and being worked out tomorrow...we just might have this ordeal soon accomplished! We should be signing on the many dotted lines on May 1st.....then the fun begins...moving 26 yrs of stuff...YIKEES! I am hoping for a peaceful week ... No surprise hiccups.....if you have ever sold or bought a home...WOW....and we are doing it all at the same will be fine...and I will survive. This is our family timeline....we close MAY 1st....then we rent back our home we are in now for a that month we are changing carpets in the 4 bedrooms, changing kitchen counter tops and slowly moving our JUNK over hoping to be finished the week befor Memorial weekend....why you ask? Well because Kati and Krist have found an apartment with a friend that we will be moving them into during the memorial day weekend....then, we will be moving my mom in with us the last week of June....then we are moving Staci and Trevor to either Roy or Clearfield that next weekend....when the Schroeder's do something we do it BIG HAHAHA...and Elder Rob misses out on all the fun.....he will have 6 months left on his mission at that point....he thinks it's really funny...anyway....I will keep you posted as to the life of the Schroeders....stay tuned :)