Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Yes, Kati was in the Earthquake in Southern Calif!!!

Ok....this is really funny....Kati has really never been in an earthquake before, until today, they had an earthquake of 5.4 in southern california...yes, where Kati is dancing her heart out!!! I talked with her...they are all fine, a little shook up, but fine....apparently, they were in this huge room dancing, no tables or chairs etc, and the floors started rocking and the light fixtures shaking...it scared them to death and they really didn't know what to do....or I should say, those from other states didn't know what to do, the californiaites did just fine.....anyway, if you can just imagine with me the commotion all over, she said everybody ran to the only doorways available....um...like 30 girls in one doorway....it was scary for sure...or as she said "FREAKIN SCARY!!!" They are just fine now...the story should be good when she gets home....this from a girl that sees a spider the size of a quarter, and by the time she tells the story a few times, this spider is now the size of a soft ball....I can't wait!!! She is funny....they were on their way to lunch and then back to dance....hopefully they won't feel too many aftershocks...it should be a fun night!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

YAHOO!! We got the Cabin at Smith Moorehouse!!!

I am so excited!!! We have a friend that has let us use his cabin up at Smith Moorehouse for about the last 3-4 years....usually at the last moment...Gary just called and he said we can use it this weekend!!! Yes, it is Max's birthday party weekend, but we will just work it out...thank heavens it isn't very far away....Somehow we will make it work...it is so beautiful up there ... it is in a gated community of cabins, and they let us use their 4 wheelers while we are there....that is so much fun....sooooooo what a busy week....we will work out whatever we need too so that we can go....I think it will work out just fine. We actually are planning on taking our family pictures just before the party at the duck pond.....you know, that is just how the schroeders work....moment to moment....but it makes life interesting for sure. I will for sure get pictures and post them...it is so beautiful up there. It will be a fun time. If you can't tell, I am excited!!! Love the Mountains, that is why I want family pictures at the duck pond...it is the look of mountains all around....

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kati is Dancing in California!!!

Well........Kati is happily in Anaheim California dancing up a storm!!!(actually she won't start dancing until tomorrow) The Badgeretts go to dance camp every summer and she loves it...they learn so much. Last year they danced with Choreographer Shane Sparks from "So you think you can Dance" He is sometimes a judge on the show and choreographer..I think his love is hip hop...he taught the girls a dance routine which they performed...and of course, they have pictures with him.(Kati totally admires him...but she says he is short)Kati loves hip hop because it is a challenging form of dance..last year she needed another credit hour and decided to take a hip hop class..SHE HATED IT...she said it was "white girl hip hop" I guess you'll have to imagine with me what that meant???Anyway, they left with the drill team from Dixie College this morning , and....they went on a bus, what fun ha ha. They arrived this afternoon and are just chilling today...after camp, they are going to Newport Beach for a day...to relax...these camps are quite a work out mentally and physically, that is why she loves to go....it's a challenge and work. She took my camera, as soon as she gets home I will post a couple of her pictures....

Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Max....oops, I mean Superman!!

We had a "sort of" birthday party for Max tonight. His birthday is actually tomorrow, we are doing a family party with everybody next sat....he got his super-
man costume and wore it all night, of course you can see this with the superman action pic's on this blog...we also had tortillas with meat sauce, Navajo Taco's, etc and yummy cake and ice cream.....Dan and Sherann came over as well as Staci's friend from school, Jen. Topping off the night we did fireworks in the front yard...we will have pictures as soon as they are downloaded.

I guess my favorite moment was when Max was saying his prayers and was thanking Heavenly Father for Grandma Lu..of course, he was coached by dad to say that as well as other things, but then all of a sudden he said "thank you for my superman costume that Grandma Lu made," without any coaching...it was really cute, but funny too....these are the cudo moments that make it all worth while...I just wish that I could learn to not laugh during the prayer every time he says something funny like he did....I have always had a problem with laughing during the prayer when something is funny....I have no control over myself when it comes to that....I actually have given up trying.."can't teach an old dog new tricks" really applies to me for sure....anyway, Happy 3rd Birthday little Superman!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

OOPS!!! Carmels for the Empress!!!

Well...this has been quite a busy day, and it is midnight and not over yet!!! I totally forgot that on Monday night, a gentleman bought out all the carmels at the Empress Theatre...he apparently does this when he comes to the theatre... I needed to make more for tomorrow's show and totally forgot!!! I actually need to make the cashew carmels, the almond carmels and plain....get them cut and wrapped before 5pm tomorrow night...this and work from 8am-1pm...so, therefore, I will be up basically all night tonight....oh well, my fault, procrastination hits hard!!!

And Here it is....Superman Costume for Max....enjoy little guy

I actully had to create this costume...so don't laugh!! Max will like it, hopefully, it was fun to make ... I just had to hurry because he is coming tomorrow and is expecting it.....just a few little hand work and it will be done!!! TA DA!!!

Superman has been CREATED!!! For My Max

Yes...I am a messy seamstress, I know, you don't have to tell me!!! Just wait until you see the kitchen when I get going on the costumes for Seussical the Musical for the Empress....then it will really look bad....what can I say....anyone vote for me to get my own sewing room? I do!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sewing Empress Theatre Costumes again

Well, they got me again...I had a short break for about 2 or 3 shows....I am back at it....we are doing the custumes for Seussical the Musical coming next month....there are a lot of characters in this particular play, and thank heavens we borrowed some costumes from Brighton High...but there are plenty of things to make as well...it is going to be a fantastic play...one for all ages...I have seen some of the practices..top notch actors AGAIN....If you are interested in 7 Brides for 7 Brothers, now is the time...get you tickets online and come see the play...EZTicketLive.com....it would be worth your time and effort I can assure you....sell out nights almost every night...very professional actors in our area...I am very impressed with the talent here....play after Seussical is Wait Until Dark...OOOOOOOOh...scary...that is going to be a good one!!!..

I started working from 8am to 1pm now...what a nice schedule....I think I am going to enjoy having the afternoon off everyday...Working tomorrow though...everyone have a great 24th of July!!! We will be doing fireworks for Max's Birthday...how fun is it to think everyone celebrates your birthday with fireworks....I better finish Max's superman costume before friday....too much to do and too little time!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Grandma Bahr turns 80 this August!!!

Wow....and I thought I was old!!! Just kidding....we would like to honor this matron of our family on this big occasion....we talked about it somewhat at the luncheon for Lucas, but to let you all start planning...we thought we would have a pot luck party at Mike and Rachels either on Friday August 22nd or Saturday August 23rd...let us know which date would work for your family members.....Staci has offered to get a fabulous cake...we were thinking that if every family donated $5 we could get her a nice cake...and then everyone bring pot luck....we have had some nice luncheons these last two sundays doing this....it will be fun to have another excuse to get together again....keep these dates in mind and let us know what would work for everybody....I will let Kevin know so that he can get his family involved as well...they need to sign on with their own blog...it's a great way to communicate...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Got A Flat TIRE!!!

Well.......I went to Ogden to see Trevor, Staci and Max after work yesterday and yes, got a flat tire!! I think I got it driving through some road construction because I hit a pot hole or something with that tire ... it made a loud noise, and then I noticed that the tire was flat after I parked at Staci and Trevors house.....I called to have Gary come because I didn't want to drive on the little spare tire all the way from Ogden in the dark by myself, rather, have him follow me...he brought Kati to learn to change the tire! She did good! I have pictures, but it's on my cell phone so I can't transfer to this site...sorry, they are really good though....Oh, and yes, I got the material to make Max his superman costume!! That should be fun...His birthday is coming, next week and he will be the big 3 years old...how time flies! He's not a baby anymore...now he's a "big boy" or as he says "Maximus"

Monday, July 14, 2008

Well....I am making a "Superman Costume" for Max!!

Ok...so I haven't seen Max in a week...and yes, I am going through Max withdrawal...so we get a phone call at 8:20pm and it's Max. He talked to "Pa" then he wanted to talk to me "Grandma Lu" First thing he said was "will you make me a superman costume grandma Lu?" And of course, my answer immediately was "yes" which he then said "and a Super hero's costume, and a He Man costume and a barney costume? (did he say Barney costume?)" I guess since he got a yes, why not go for the gusto...grandma loves me, so grandma will say "YES" to all the costumes....this week I have to make some bonnets and aprons for the girls in our ward to go to Trek with, so, yes, I will make a Superman costume with a big "S" on the cape!! ha ha ha....I have to say, he knows I will do anything for him....yes I am a grandma sucker...I need the license plate cover "Grandma's the name, spoiling's the game!"

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Only Fair....here are the other's crazy pic's

Kristi playing a "sour skittles" game at camp

Can you pick out Kristi? What an outfit!!

Max covered Rob with frosting at his 1st birthday party...lookin good Rob

At DisneyWorld...strike a pose guys!!!

Girls home from their rapids trip....they had fun!!!

Well, I was told that I should put an unflattering picture of Kristi on the site now....I will find one and make sure she gets her day in the light.....

The girls got home today and said that they had a ton of fun...I will post some pictures as soon as I get them....they said that the rapids were good...not wild, but nice...actually, Kati said that the rapids in Moab are much funner, but that they did have a great time. They were in 5 man rafts and a friend of theirs, Emily, brought her fiance with her...he is a somewhat of an expert on the rapids, goes every year, so he knew what to do...

They had a somewhat scary drive to their camp spot friday night....they didn't leave here until 5pm, so they were driving in the mountains at night...if any of you heard, Kristi hit a deer last year here in West Valley on 5600 west...it was very traumatic...she had eye contact with the deer before hitting it...it did some real damage to the front end of her car and probably died as well...she didn't know for sure, it got up and wobbled off into the field...the policeman went looking for it...anyway, she doesn't drive in the mountains at night anymore, but friday night had too....Kati said Kristi was terrified, and could see that there were deer off the side of the road....everybody in the car was watching out for her...THEN, they were following one of their leaders ahead of them, they said that they could see something on the road.. and all of a sudden their leader slammed on his brakes....there were 2 elk chilling in the middle of the street...as described...they were GINORMOUS.....then, Kristi really didn't like the drive, she did ok though, and maybe needed to do this...you know, "get back on the horse" so to speak...they got to their camping spot safely...and the trip was tons of fun....pictures to come.................

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Great Adventures of Kristi and Kati!!!

Well...............Kristi and Kati just left for Flaming Gorge river rafting for the weekend.....they are going to take lots of pictures and we will post some when they get home.....they are going to have tons of fun...it is with a Young Adult Group in our Stake. I am excited for them, they are going to have a fun weekend. More news to come when they get home with the details. I lost my track buddy though....I guess Rob and Gary will have to fill in because I really like to go walking. I can probably go by myself, but how boring is that.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Syd ... this one's for you ..... riddle of the day!!!

If a chicken and a half, laid an egg and a half, in a day and a half, how long would it take a grasshopper to kick all the seeds out of a dill pickle? Figure it out!!

Family Day....lots of blessings

Yesterday was supposed to be a big day for Mike and Allison's baby Lucas, Krisley and Jake's baby Kezlyn, and Tara's baby Kennedy....they were all getting blessed...Little Lucas was first, but he decided to get a fever earlier that morning and had to go to the hospital.....they got his fever down, but had trouble with his IV and picc line....he had a really good day on Saturday according to Mike....then on his special day, had a bad day....we will have his blessing soon with the family when he is doing better....haven't heard anything as of today.....Mike was able to come to kezlyn's blessing and dinner with the family, Please continue to keep this family in your prayers, this is a hard thing for Lucas to go through and Mom and Dad...it starts to get a little discouraging when set backs happen...they are doing a fantastic job and I am really proud of them!!! Some of us went to kezlyn's blessing...Jake did a great job with her blessing...she is such a beautiful little girl and Krissley and Jake are doing a great job with her....the other half of us attended Kennedy's blessing...they were both at the same time....I saw pictures of her and she is adorable...grandma Bahr said she is tiny....she is doing really good, she had some problems early on, but seems to have grown out of them....what a great time with the other family members...we all really enjoyed it.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Friday, July 4, 2008


Hope everyone has had a great 4th of July this year.....we had a quiet morning, tinkered around the house....then the action began about 1pm....we took both Grandma's and went to Ogden Utah!!! Horray!!! We picked up Max, Trevor and Staci and we went to Dee's Restaurant to eat, that was good if you like Dee's Restaurant, Grandma Schroeder wanted pie so we figured Dees would be good...we actually wanted to go to another restaruant that Trevor's Grandma and Grandpa love to go to, but they were closed for the holidays.... then we went to our Family Fun Spot...The Duck Pond....Max Loves the Duck Pond...there are a ton of geese and ducks and seaguls...we always come prepared with lots of bread, Max loves to chase the geese, they are huge and taller then he is, but he isn't afraid of them...not even when they start hissing at him....anyway, they surround us when then know we have the bread for them...it's really fun..then we walk around the pond...it's really beautiful out there...great spots for pictures...lots of brides take their bridals there...lots of families take pictures there too...actually, we plan to have a family portrait soon, at least before Kati leaves to go back to school...that will be fun.....We really had a good day, hope you did too.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

New, Creative template for my post!!!! HELP!!

Ok, does anyone have any ideas for me to create a new template for my post...I am sure you have noticed that I keep changing the page....I haven't found what I wany yet...any suggestions welcome!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

WHEW!!!! It's HOT!!!

Oh my goodness, just a week ago our lawn looks so pretty and green, now, there's not enough water around to keep it green....well, anyway, I've been following the every 3 watering day suggestion, and it's not working! My flowers don't like it either. This weekend I will take pictures of the yard and all the flowers...I just love flowers, I'm not go to lie....hope everybody is good....(this is a picture of girls camp a couple of years ago...the year Kristi and I got ecoli!! Anyway, what we did to blow fire was put cornstarch in your mouth then light the end of a stick with fire and blow on it...It's real cool...Kristi and Kati tried but the cornstarch kept choking them....it was funny)