Friday, May 29, 2009

Just thinking.......Wow, time sure flies......

I was sitting here thinking....we are winding down the school year...Rob graduates next Friday from Cyprus's amazing how the kids have grown! Before I knew it, they're on their own, making their own life decisions. Life has certainly changed as I know it....

Our youngest is graduating from high school and Seminary....looking back, I remember the first and last day of school for each of our kids....putting these innocent little kids on that big yellow bus...driving behind the bus just because I had to know they got to school ok....I would actually follow the bus to Lakeridge Elementary School and walk the kids to their classes...actually, some years I would just take them on the first day...they were sooooo little, I just couldn't imagine them on their own trying to find their classrooms...Then, I would usually wait at the bus stop after school to make sure they got home ok....sometimes, well most of the time, I would drive to the school and park so I could see the buses to make sure the kids got on ok...then I would hurry home to wait for them....we had many bus experiences for sure...Kati and Allyssa getting off at the wrong stop because they wanted to walk home...of course we had to go find them...little stinkers (they were in kindergarten) so many many things they learned from riding the bus...not all so good, but lessons learned which turned out ok....then they went to Jr High...what an experience....I think all kids should skip Jr High....these are tough times in their young lives....lots of good and bad memories with all 4 kids, but all growing experiences that help mold them into who they are now...Staci and Kristi attended Hunter Jr High while the boundaries changed and Kati and Rob attended Brockbank....thank heavens for the Seminary program..what a blessing it was for our 9th graders, and then throughout their high school experience (all 4 kids graduated from the Seminary Program as well)...something to lean on and help them. Then it was on to High School...Cyprus...good school...loved all the experiences there with all 4 kids...Choirs, dances, bands, fund raisers so much learned, again some good and some not so good, experiences that helped to mold and strengthen a part of who these kids are today...great people with so much to offer their communities....

Now after Friday June 5th at 7pm...the public school experience will be over with memories left behind, new things await our family....marriages, missions, roommate experiences, colleges, jobs, so much was a great ride and I enjoyed every minute because I have such great kids...thanks for those memories guys and I look forward to a whole bunch of new memories...luv ya kids

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Never thought I would LOVE Las Vegas?????

You know, life sure throws curve balls really never know what is down the path of life until you get there! I would have never thought I would want to spend time in Las Vegas...but since dear friends moved there, it just happens to be one of my favorite places to be...isn't that funny. We just had a great weekend with our friends the Taukinukufili's...what a great family and my how everybody is growing. We are going again in September for Cheyenne's baptism...this time most of the family will be going. Not too much a fan of the drive, but it's all worth it for the visit. Love those kids and miss them a lot. Here is a pic of them....not this last visit, we just didn't take out the camera's, but here they are...Joey 14yrs old and going into 9th grade, Vaughn 11yrs old and going into Jr High, Sierra just turned 10yrs old while we were there, and Cheyenne will be turning 8yrs old in times

These kids are just as cute and spunky as they look!!! We have lots of good times with them...Cheyenne has decided she is Kristi's BFF....Kristi started babysitting them when Cheyenne was born so there is a long lasting relationship there...they were then coming to our house to be watched while Luana worked at the bank for a while, that is where we really got close...they are my "adopted grandkids" =) Love this family!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

What a great life!

You know, I think about this world, all the problems we have around us and all the people struggling just to believe in something, something they can hold onto and work for....then I look around me....Wow, how blessed I am. No, I don't have a huge home with tons of beautiful furniture....but I have a peaceful home, a home with wonderful people to share it with who teach me something everyday and who I can love and count on to stregthen me and help me grow eternally. I have a home that has beautiful pictures of the Temples, of Christ, of things and people I love, one where I can go out and pick Lilac's and Iris's and put them in a vase on the kitchen table, or go out in the morning and lay on the swing on the deck and just listen....I love to listen to all the noises in the yard...birds, cars, sirens, kids playing, dogs barking you name it....I love to plant my flowers every May...and my vegetable garden, water it and watch it grow. It's been hard these last couple months, for some reason I have had trouble with headaches and haven't felt as good as usual...but I still go out and do everything I need to for our home. Then, there are these wonderful people who keep running through my house....they are here and there going to school, work, exercising, movies, friends on and on, but who stop for sometimes hours, or moments to tell me their fears, their loves, their futures, their desires...we sometimes laugh and we sometimes cry...but we do it together...we talk about those things that will make us better people..goals and plans with suggestions and love. I have been out of work for 3 months, but have worked hard and loved being here when these people come through the door...I know when they are hurting and sad or happy and excited and I love it when they sit down with me, and we talk...I love being that Grandma Lu to a little boy who wants to just sit on my lap and watch some silly cartoon, draw with sidewalk chalk on the sidewalks or go to the blue park and Wendy's to play, who wants to be with me because we love each other....I love being asked to stretch outside my be asked to give a lesson in Relief Society and then feel the spirit so strongly that the last 24hrs of preparation are crazy and full of roadblocks that are put there to stop my preparing what the Lord wants me to say. He loves the sisters in my ward, Satan wants to prevent them from hearing His words... then I felt the Spirit so strongly during that lesson and I knew that someone was touched by those things that were said...what a testimony builder to me.........what a good life I have, I am so grateful to our Father in Heaven for EVERYTHING he does and gives to us....sorry to go on, but like I said, I don't live in a huge house....but this is the Schroeder Mansion, family and friends welcome anytime, and I wouldn't have it any other way....I love you're the best!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fun, special Day with Max.......

Playing on the little trampoline with Jack.....two peas in a pod for sure LOL....

Playing at the "blue" that was fun.............

We made a bird feeder.......

We also drew on the sidewalk with colored chalk, watered all the flowers and plants (and me and Max) played with his airplane launcher in the yard, and ended with a lunch at Wendy's.....there was more, but these were the highlights....I'm tired, but these are the moments that are priceless and worth more than anything I can imagine...Love you buddy...thanks for the fun sleepover!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Update of a fun week with family......

These are pictures of Max's new found fun...SKATEBOARDING!! He really loves it...we went down on the walking nature path behind their house and of course there were two teenagers who had their own skateboards doing all kinds of stunts and having fun...past Max who was 'learning' to just stay on and 'push' with his foot...he sat down on his board looking a little disheartened...he said "I wish I was big" meaning, I wish I could do all that cool stuff on my skateboard....he actually is doing really good for a 3 1/2yr old!

We went over to visit Grandma Schroeder....Max having fun with her walker. We also stopped by on Mother's day and took her on a walk around the neighborhood in her wheelchair. It's sad to see her regress...she is getting more and more weak...I don't even think she can get up and walk by herself now. She doesn't know who we are at all...doesn't even talk unless we ask her questions......sad

Our trip to Hill Aerospace Museum....what a fun day...Max had a blast looking at all the BIG planes.....

Anytime spent with family is priceless....and these were priceless fun times!! Mother's Day was just as memorable only we didn't take any pictures =( First, we attended Trevor's and Staci's ward...Max sang to mother's with the primary...of course, he was the one sunbeam hanging over the edge singing very few words and smiling and waving alot!!! Then we visited Grandma Schroeder and took her on a ride through the neighborhood....we then walked the nature path behind the kids that path! It is so peaceful and pleasant, of course we couldn't have had a more beautiful day!! Then we went to the park and had dinner while Max played with the was just a really nice Mother's Day!! Love my Family!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I got Tagged!!!

I was looking through the blogs and saw that I was know, sometimes these tags make you stop for just a moment and think! Hmmmm....well, here I go....

8 things I look forward too:
#1 I look forward to going up to the cabin!!
#2 I look forward to starting a new job
#3 I look forward to the day when all our children and their spouses can attend
the Temple together for a session
#4 I look forward to retirement
#5 I look forward to family vacation to West Yellowstone
#6 I look forward to planting the flowers in my yard
#7 I look forward to fresh grown tomatoes
#8 I look forward to home grown apples this year

8 things I did yesterday:
#1 I made jewelry for the grandma's for mother's day
#2 I did some laundry
#3 I had a PPI with President Porter
#4 I had a Stake RS Meeting
#5 Cooked an easy dinner of fries and chicken nuggets
#6 Weed Wacked the lawn
#7 looked at the beautiful day and wished it would stay forever
#8 Watched Golden Girls

8 things I wish I could do:
#1 loose a ton of weight (well, maybe at least 50lbs)
#2 find that perfect job
#3 go to Disneyland
#4 just get away!
#5 afford to decorate and remodel my house
#6 Figure out how and afford to put in a 2nd bathroom
#7 make each and every day as beautiful as today and yesterday
#8 find time to just read and nothing else

8 shows I watch:
#1 Golden Girls
#2 24
#3 I Love Lucy
#4 Full House
#5 Andy Griffith
#6 Everybody Loves Raymond
#7 American Idol
#8 Real TV...Repo, Punk'd

That was actually a lot of fun....I have to pick 8 people to I pick Cortney, Krissly, Staci, Kristi, Kati, Debbie, Julianne, Joni and anybody else that would like to's kind of fun! Go for it!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Today was a good day...Kati Jo Graduated from Snow College!! The graduation started at 10am which meant seven adults and one 3yr old child had to be up and on the road at 7am.....we did pretty good..we were actually on the road at 7:15am!! Woot! Woot! It was a pretty rainy drive...but we were able to drive safely and we made it to Ephraim at about 9:25am...There were already lots of people arriving for the graduation and we found seats with Ben in the bleachers...(hard uncomfortable seats, but it kept us awake haha) 10am the graduates walked in following the color guard...saw Kati come through the ready to take some good pictures..well, I have a really stupid camera...I have posted pictures, but for some odd reason some are blurry and some are good! It wouldn't have anything to do with the photographer would it? Actually, this is what happens when you buy a cheap camera on Black think you're getting a good deal until your child graduates or something and these are the pictures you get!

1st picture is before the graduates was playing. Next picture Kati was walking in...she is in the middle. 3rd picture is the group...she's there really...

This picture was a teary moment...the lady in pink and the gentleman hugging the Pres of Snow College are a mom and dad that received diplomas for their two daughters who were roommates at Snow. Their daughters died together in a car accident on February 13, 2009 while traveling home for the weekend...the girls lived, loved and died together...their mom kissed their diploma's and held them heart broke for these parents who never dreamed when they sent their two girl's off together to receive their college education that they would one day honor their memories by receiving their diploma's on their behalf...the crowd gave them a standing ovation...the very least ......

Sorry about the blurry.......hope you can pick Kati Jo out....kind of like "where's Kati instead of where's Waldo...LOL

These are random family pictures....

Wooooo Wooooo Kati Jo!!!

These last two pictures I just had to put in for memories...we were getting Max to take his picture with the guys...well, as you can tell, he had a 'wedgy' and of course, had to take care of it!!! Good Job Max!!!

It was a great day.....Congratulations Kati Jo..ya did good!!!