Monday, August 25, 2008

Grandma Bahr's 80th Birthday Party!!!

What a great night!! It was so fun to have everybody at Mom's birthday party...we had all the family there...with the exception of Kati, who is at school, and Alex who had to go home to Vernal...we did take some pictures and hopefully Mike and Allison can get them photo shopped in to the family....we Missed them a ton!! We had so many babies there....what a fun family!! Syd's little girl Zaylei was there..actually the first time we have seen many of the babies....Thanks to Mike and Rachel...we really had a huge crew and their house was overflowing for sure...Leon and Eva Jane came as well and as Grandma Schroeder...we ate, talked and got to know each other again...little Lucas was there...he had a hard time at first...our thoughts and prayers are always with him...he is adorable!! So are the older boys!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Oh what a weekend....Thursday night, while I was unable to sleep, got up, went into the livingroom and switched on the Olympics (which, sorry to say, I just haven't been able to get a grasp on this year) and watched the men's volleyball as the US won...which was nice...fell asleep for a few minutes, woke up with a strange feeling in my lip!!! Yes, my lip!!! Something tried to eat me while I was asleep....something tiny with 6 legs, creapy crawly, probably something I swallowed because there was no evidence except the HUGE and growing lip left behind on my FACE!!! Oh my to the bathroom to check the growing, and I mean growing results of a fiendish little creature....Oh my LIP!!! The upper lip, honestly it was huge and getting bigger....looked like botox gone bad for sure....I looked like a FREAKIN DUCK!!! And I had to go to work in a couple hours....I put ice on it, didn't work, I kept trying to pull it in, so it didn't look so bad, I took some pictures with my camera, I really am debating whether I should post a looks so bad and scary, maybe not....these are pictures you keep to yourself for sure...anyway, Gary saw it..."Whoa" was his comment....I sent a picture to Kati and Kristi...they both said the same thing...."Oh my Gosh...what bit you!!" I went to work, I had to do a report that I am the only one trained on right now, and it had to be done by the end of the day...I could hardly talk at this time........try to talk with a huge swollen upper I see why ducks don't talk....the beak!! Anyway, I had to cover my face while driving, didn't want to scare anyone and cause an accident, cover my face while going into work, I have never seen such big eyes when my supervisor and manager saw me..."whoa" was their collective comments....I had to hold my head down when passing anyone in the hall...on and on and on...what an experience...I finished my report at 10:45 and took my beak home....that is when Rob took me to the movie Dark Knight...he felt my pain and knew it would be best for me to sit in a dark movie until the swelling went down..what a kid! Anyway, the swelling eventually went down by the next moring, the lip was sore, and I am doing a lot better....what a weekend!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Kristi and Kati went to the Jack Johnson Concert

Kristi and Kati just got home from the Jack Johnson concert and said it was a good concert....this was at the USANA Amphitheater. Kristi said she is a "people watcher" but concerts have a different breed...drunks and people that are high from other substances! Very entertaining...sometimes...they went to the John Mayer concert last month and actually had to leave early...they were tired of Mayer, I guess he talked more than he sang, and then he thought it was necessary to display his fowl mouth...then the rowdy crowd didn't make it any better, just wasn't good...they enjoyed the pre show more ... can't remember who sang, but they knew her and wanted to see her more than John Mayer ...Kristi got the tickets free ....too bad everybody can't enjoy these concerts....I'm not sure how much the drunks enjoy or remember anyway............crazy!! Oh, you might be thinking how did Kati go to the concert....well, she came home today and is leaving again in the morning...she doesn't start school until Wednesday...just getting all the preliminary things done.....

Excitement in our circle....we have had 2 abandoned stolen cars left in our circle in the past month...and, I think there was another car left just outside our circle today...the police were parked behind the car just sitting with nobody around and it wasn't in front of anybody's home....I am wondering if it is the same people...not sure, but really, this is a pretty good place to leave a stolen car...there are so many cars in our circle, some new and different, some I be honest with you, I didn't even notice the car left just across the street from us...Curtis always has different cars there and I guess I just figured it was one of his...he called after it had been there 2 days, and when he looked inside, the radio was stripped and the glove compartment things were everywhere...the kids all noticed the car, but thought it was Curtis's car....guess we better be more observant...more aware of the things in our neighborhood...kind of creepy to think someone was there, outside our home....

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Remember to Fast for Lucas tomorrow

Just a reminder to anyone seeing this blog to fast for little Lucas tomorrow....he will see the doctor at the Pittsburgh Hospital on Monday......remember, miracles can happen...through faith and prayers anything can happen...........

Rob just got back from TREK!!!!

Rob just spent the last 3 days doing a little of what the pioneers did...pushed and pulled handcarts!! What a great experience for these kids to get a "tiny" taste of what their posterity did before them to get our family to this great western state. Gary and I went on trek about 12 years ago, Staci went several years ago and Kristi has gone twice...unfortunately, kati hasn't had the opportunity...she did go up with me one year and we washed the hair of the kids during one of their day activities..but she has the desire and wants to go someday..and will. Rob had some great experiences that are somewhat personal and special to him...ask him anytime and I am sure he will share with you the challenges and experiences he experience he told us about...first if you don't know anything about trek, you are paired up with a "family" a ma and pa and kids...usually about 6-8 kids to a cart or get exceptionally close to this family, you work together to accomplish the trek up dirt roads, in the sun and heat for miles and miles....the last night apparently they pulled Rob and his brother Corbin off to the side, told them that they had died and that they will not see their family again...they then took them into a meadow with others that had died from their families. They then told the families about their brothers and sisters that had died...apparently their ma's and pa's didn't know this was going to happen...they had some interesting feelings dealing with the experience of losing a family member...after a time, they let the kids go back over the hill to their families and continue with the trek...of course this wasn't real, and they didn't die, but the feelings were unique and interesting for these families to have...what the real pioneers had to deal with, loosing loved ones while on their journey out west, losing mothers, fathers and children...burying them off the side of a dirt road never to have them by their side the rest of their lives on this earth....what a blessing it is to have the knowledge of Eternal Families and know that your loved ones are only gone for this life, that if we live right we will all see each other again....kind of like the kids coming over the hill, back to their families...what a great experience...Good Job Rob

KATI is in Ephraim!!! Snow College Life Again!!

Well....Kati is at Snow in her new apartment....this is going to be a good and fun year for her...first of all, she is in an apt with girls she knows, last year she didn't know a single roommate...this year she is off campus..(ha campus is actually closer than the dorms were) instead of the dreary dingy dorms she was in last yaer...this year she has her own room, not sharing with another girl...this is really good because these girls brought their own laptops and other electronics they need to be careful with...they have locks on their doors and can manage their stuff better...this year she only shares a bathroom with one girl, not 3 other girls (this should be better for sharing toilet paper...what a joke last year...toilet paper conflict! Oh Brother! A true college experience for sure!!)....this year they have a beautiful kitchen with microwave, dishwasher, plenty cupboard space, table etc....this year they have a separate living room with TV provided and cable (like a college student needs cable)'s just all around nicer living space........have a fun year Kati Jo

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Trip to West Yellowstone

There are tons of these brightly painted Buffalo...Max calls them Bison...all over West Yellowstone....they are actually's funny, Max was completely infatuated with these animals...whenever I called them Buffalo, he would correct me and tell me that "Grandma, they are Bison" end of story...I really don't know where he came up with the correct name...maybe we called them that once and he thing about him, he remembers everything!!

We went to a museum and this is a little bear that the children can touch...I am not really sure what Max was doing ... head to head with the little bear .... but he really liked these little guys ...there were 3 bears at the restaurant we had breakfast at....they also were once alive ... Kati and Max named them while we waited for our seats ... they were cute ... we didn't see any live animals on this visit...usually we see tons of "Bison", elk and deer...but not one this visit....not sure where they were....probably just inside the Yellowstone Park...we didn't go into the park this time...we actually went into Bozeman Montana and around was a beautiful drive and usually there are animals in that area....we went to the Play Mill theatre and watched Hello Dolly, Oklahoma, and See How they Run...they were all great...actually only Staci and Trevor saw Oklahoma, but we saw the others....its really a great little theatre every bit Off Broadway for sure...

This is Max with his Mountain Man Rendezvous Sword...Max loved all the neat stuff...They put on this Rendezvous for a week just outside West Yellowstone town every August...they have tons of hides, leathers, instruments, anything you can imagine that would go with the Mountain Men....Kati loved the fur hides...they were soft and she said she wanted to cuddle with them....they had a badger fur that was $100...she thought that would be funny to put up in her room....I am sure PETA would get wind of that and have her hide!! Max also got this cool snake made out of cut moved just like a real snake...we thought it would be funny to put in Kristi's bed and surprise her... he also got a pop riffle which was made out of wood that he loves...we just had a great time...we stayed at the KOA just outside West yellowstone..they told us it is in Bear Country and to take proper precautions, but like I said, all the animals were somewhere else this visit, though I didn't much care that the bears were somewhere else.. they can stay somewhere else...they are kind of scary.....the guys went swimming while the girls went thing there is lots of shopping to be done..this is a town for Tourists for sure!!...the weather was perfect..little cool, but enjoyable....GREAT TIME

Monday, August 4, 2008

Mr Max's Birthday Party

We had so much fun with Max at his party...
he still had to wear his superman costume..
funny thing is, he got another one from Pa Breon
and Grandma well
as a Superman pillow and other
Spiderman cars, Spiderman socks, Superman
cartoon DVD, Superman baseball cap, hulk face....
.do you see a theme here? He also
got an M&M shirt and backpack for the
train ride to Salt Lake from the M&M
store in Vegas..... weird but fun centipede,
money (of course), bike helmet,
coloring books, truck thing, and lots of cloths
that he really wasn't interested in at all.....
mom was was really fun....we
actually decorated with the Thomas
the Engine theme...cake included...he has
always wanted the Thomas cake
until just recently, and of course, changed
his mind to Superman....too late Max,
Thomas was just fine.....he just had a great
time with his family and friends...

Luv Ya Big Guy!!! Happy Birthday!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Our Camping Trip

I think, besides riding the 4 wheelers, Rob spent most of his time developing and perfecting his skills at the pool table.....he is doing pretty good too.....The pool room is a fun place to be....this cabin is such a great place to go...we are so grateful to Bob and his family for letting us use this place when it is free....we have full access to everything ..... just bring our own food.... you can't beat that for a fun weekend!!

We just had the best time this was a whirlwind weekend, but tons of fun...what a beautiful place...peaceful and breathtaking....