Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ok....I'll take it......

I'm feeling a little bummed right now. I have been working so hard at this diet thing...I mean, passing by the good stuff and eating my Smart One's at work...going to Yoga (ouch*&%$) with Kati, not cheating at all...(that is really good for me) only to loose 1 measly pound today at weigh in. Of course, Gary lost 2.6lbs (good for him). Don't get me wrong, I'm happy with the loss, but it just seems like as hard as I work, it should come off faster...heaven forbid if I were to go out and eat a nice meal not concerned at the consequences today, I could probably gain 3-5lbs....really, not kidding. Of course my plan is to stick this hard, start a Zumba class with Kati this Wed (with Yoga) and move forward...I'm just a little discouraged....I know whaa whaa whaa...need to get out of my pitty party, and I will....just need some encouragement I guess! I goooooo.....

Monday, January 25, 2010

I LOVE being Max's Grandma Lu.......

Can't wait for our sleepover on Friday! Luv ya buddy

Sunday, January 24, 2010

WHEW! 3 wks down.....on to the next!

Just an update on my Weight Watcher attempt.......really, it hasn't been bad. I actually have not had any real desires to "Cheat" yet....I know, now I better knock on wood (and preferably real wood LOL).....but as of yesterday's weigh in....I lost 4.6 plus the other 3lbs earlier....grand total 7.6lbs in 3 wks! I'm feeling good about the much more to go, but it will happen...I'm determined this time. Gary had a 5.2lb loss yesterday (of course, wouldn't you know it...the men always loose more....) On to the next week! One thing I did notice this time around, usually after weigh in on saturday we feel free to cheat just a little, but this time is desire. That has been a surprise for me and I hope and pray the feeling doesn't change....this will be so much easier if I just follow the plan and not deviate at all...that's my goal! Anyway, wish me luck for another good week.....oh, I forgot to mention...this weight loss was during a 5 day trip to Las Vegas and 2 dinners at work (that I actually skipped and ate my Smart Ones instead)........time will tell....all I can say is "ONE DAY AT A TIME"

Friday, January 8, 2010


A Millard County Deputy was shot and killed in the line of duty. The blue line represents all law enforcement who daily protect this nation. The black background was designed as a constant reminder of our fallen officers. I have such a hard time understanding why someone feels they have the right to take someone else away from their families....this Deputy was a young mom, wife, daughter, granddaughter,sister and friend. She was doing her job to defend and protect those in Millard County. This ... person ... choose to shoot her and take her life with no thought at I understand both men are illegal in our Country and the shooter has been deported 3 time and come back with numerous counts of illegal activity on his rap does this happen? I hope they don't ever let him out....hope this time justice prevails. May God be with this young Deputies family, friends and especially 2 little children....their mom was a hero, and I for one appreciate all those who put their lives on the line to protect and defend my family and me...they most certainly are HEROS in my mind...Thank You.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 2 and counting.......

Ok, just a little update....Hurray!!! Day 2 and doing great on Weight Watchers! LOL...little things mean a lot when you're dieting! Rachel, you mentioned the reduced fat Kettle Corn....where do you get it...that would be great and the hot chocolate at night sounds like a really good idea....if anyone has any ideas for us feel free to post them....ideas are great when you're dieting!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Here we go again....broken record!

Sorry for the post and I know everybody is going to read this and shake their heads...."yea yea yea"..."here we go again"..."let's see how long this lasts" are sure to be some of the comments made while reading this, but all I can say is "I gotta try again!" I am a failure at this, totally proven in the past, and I'm not going to say this time is going to be any easier for any strange reason....actually, I fought with myself whether to even put anything down on my blog about this...but since I have family and friends who just might pay a little attention to my little drabbles here on my blog, I decided to see if there might be a little support out there for me to have the courage to fight this horrible addiction I have called "FOOD!" Yes, you guessed....another public DIET! Gary and I re-joined Weight Watchers again...we found this program has been the only diet plan we have any success on at all...we are made to be accountable each week for what we do during that week. I am going to again start using the treadmill at least 3 mornings a week at first...then move foward from that. Hopefully you will support Gary and I....only if you know of the extreme challenge dieting is will you understand how hard this will be for us, but we really need to get our lives healthy and under control....Let the Games Begin and the Fat Lady Sing!