Friday, December 30, 2011

Top 10..11..12..13..things that happened for the year 2011.....there just was so muc....

Wow....this year has really gone by FAST!!!! I can't believe it! I have been thinking about all that has happened this year...knowing there is so much more to happen in the year's just fun to be a part of this whole experience of life and what it has to are a few of the things I remember from the year 2011...

January....I started my new contracted job at Kearns High School as their attendance secretary....what great timing as our Elder Rob has just been sent out on his mission

January....Elder Rob was sent to Hermiston Oregon in the Kennewick Washington mission...and that's where it began...

February...This was a trying and stressful time for our entire family...particularly Kati Jo...this particular incidence is something I don't cherish and don't want to ever go through anything like it again, but as is all our experiences I have seen growth and strength through it....there is always a reason for everything....

March....this is the month we made our decision after 25yrs of living in our home and creating family memories to's time to move on/forward to a different area, ward, place etc...we will also be moving my mom in with us....

March....My sweet aunt Eva Jane passed away. This was really my only aunt since my mom only had one sister and we were astranged from my father's family all our growing up years. I have a lot of great memories of this sweet wonderful lady. She lead a good life, and left behind her sweet companion who will always miss her and live for the day he can be with her again eternally....

March....Kristi received her endowments! This was a fabulous day and I am proud to be her mom and support her with this new endevor in her life.

July....Grandma Schroeder passed away and returned to her Heavenly Father and family. This was actually a hard time for all of us...she had such a hard life and fought a tough battle...we had her body flown to Riverside California to be buried with Dave, there we did a small gravesite service with her brother, sister and neice. It turned out to be really nice.

Max started 1st grade!!! He is in a Charter School in West Haven so Staci has quite a drive every day taking him to school, which she is more than willing to do to get a good education for her son...and, of course she spends time at the school helping out whenever needed...what a good mom....Since Max is all day it's been fun eat lunch with all the kids...he also loves the great playground, and he has a fantastic teacher!

August...Gary and I decided to extend our service mission at the genealogy library for another year...yeah!

September...Gary and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary! We actually went to the west coast....kind of where Elder Schroeder is (but we made sure not to stalk him) It was such beautiful country!!! I loved every minute of it and we had a lot of driving around to see it all!!! Oh, and we got a parking ticket in Seattle Hahahaha...

November...Uncle Leon passed away and his funeral was exactly 9 months from Eva Jane's...they just couldn't be apart and he was so sad with her gone. What a grand reunion it was for these two and the rest of their families...sad note though, my mom is now the last in that part of the family...I know she is lonely...hopefully it won't be too much longer before we can move her in with us....

December....We got to SKYPE with our Elder Schroeder! It was awsome..on Christmas Day...such a beautiful day...we opened gifts, attended church with Kristi and Kati (Kristi's choir sang two very ambitious and beautiful songs and did fantastic) came home, family came over and we skyped with our missionary for one hour!! It was so nice to see him and feel his spirit...he loves his mission and is enjoying being in Walla Walla...

That's it in a nutshell!!! It was hard picking the top how many ever things that happened in the Schroeder house in 2011...I left out a few that were just as memorable such as talking with Elder Rob on Mother's Day...that was wonderful... this was just a bit of our family in excited to start the year 2012...hopefully some wonderful things will happen and change the Schroeder world as we see it's to 2012 may it be FANTASTIC!!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Conference......Scriptures,,,,,,The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints......

I just loved General Conference last weekend....talks were inspiring and peaceful...loved, loved, loved it! I did make some new decisions in how I live my life though...I noticed there were a lot of talks on reading scriptures, all scriptures (including the Old Testiment) and praying, well, I have made it my goal to read scriptures every morning before getting ready for work and so far so good. It really does start your day out you reminders of what and how you need to live your life especially in a job where I work directly with parents/kids/teachers/co workders etc all day long and find times that challenge me and how I conduct myself on a daily basis. It's good to make sure I make those choices in my actions that are proper and that reflect me as a member of The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and an example of Jesus Christ and how he would act. It makes a difference and I find I have much better days because of it. (I didn't say perfect days, just better days hahahaha) Anyway, I will pick up the conference talks and re focus is on remembering who I am and who I represent in my life.....

Friday, September 9, 2011

Never Forget!

This is a day I will never forget....I will always remember watching TV and trying to figure out what just happened, then seeing the 2nd plane fly into the 2nd tower....then later the pentagon....then the plane diverted onto the ground by brave passengers and not knowing what was going to happen next. Then, the quiet skys of West was strange to do recess duty at West Valley Elementary School and have the skys so quiet, it was a bit disconcerting especially for us who live in the flight path of the Salt Lake Airport, it was so quiet it was eirie....I think of those families who lost loved ones that heart will always be with them....The Pledge of Allegience....The Star Spangled Banner....our flag.....One Nation Under God, I hope we can always find a way to remember.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

School/'s that time again.........

It's that time again!!!!! I started back to work last Tuesday...I really like my job so it wasn't a big deal...I like the people I work with and I especially like the kids. We have some of the best kids around and it makes my job that much better...oh, and I am starting this new year at a differnt desk in a different office!!! I will be honest, I had really mixed feelings when I was told I would be moving, but after setting things up...and looking behind me, at my desk...I have a HUGE WINDOW!!! I was in a windowless room before and if you really know me, I LOVE light and windows! BONUS! I can always walk across the hall and see my old buddies when I need's all good! We started with a week of registration....busy, busy, busy! Kearns High started this year with the option of mailing in your registration...something only a quarter or less of the parents did....after standing in a registration line for 1hr and line might I add...I think they will re-think next year and get their registration mailed much easier and FASTER!!! I always mailed in our kids lines for me! Anyway, even after 7hrs of non stop registration on Friday, we are only half way there....the problem is, we only have a few hours next week earmarked to register kids...lots to do..lots to do! I am happy to be back though

These are our halls for the next week...quiet and clean.....then on August 22nd the
action begins and another school year is in business! BRING IT ON! We are ready..(or not hahaha) ready or not, 2011-2012 school year here we come!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Saying Goodby to Grandma Schroeder....'Till we meet again...

Thursday, July 21, 2011...we left for the final destination and goodby's for Grandma Schroeder. We stayed the first night in Las Vegas then Friday we left for Hemmett/Riverside California. We met at Sherrie's house where we met her husband Ron and their two friends who were there to support Sherrie. Grandma's brother John and his girlfriend Betty who was adorable and sweet andter Ellen and Herb who have always been most gracious always were also at Sherrie's waiting for us. Sherrie and Ron provided a nice meal, we talked and got to know each other, then we left for Riverside Vet Memorial Cemetary. We met at Grandma's grave...she had already been buried. She and Grandpa are located in the most BEAUTIFUL spot at the cemetary. They are under a ridge of trees overlooking a beautiful landscape....we couldn't have picked a more perfect place for their resting place. It was early evening and just a beautiful night as we stood around the gravesite to give honor to Grandma. We cried, laughed, and remembered this "complex" women...Kati gave opening prayer, Kristi read her obituary, and Staci read a couple of hymns she loved...she loved music. Gary then talked a little about his mom...her complex personality and the fact that through it all...she loved her family, each and every one of us. He then dedicated her gravesite and gave a beautiful prayer..I then gave the closing prayer. We stayed behind to talk and be together as family, we not often get to spend time together. It was again a nice, beautiful day where we could feel love for each other and for Grandma Schroeder...Families are Eternal and we will be together again...thank heavens for our Savior and the Atonement, that we can be forgiven of our sins and for offenses we may have made to others....we will see grandma again.....the reunion will be great as it was for grandma on that day July 15th 2011 where she met with her husband, sister, brother, parents and others she loved. God be with you 'till we meet again grandma....we do love you.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Grandma Schroeder 8/26/1925 to 7/15/2011

Grandma Schroeder passed away July 15, 2011. She was 84yrs old and was living in Washington Terrace at the time. She will be missed, but it was a good passing. Grandma is now with Grandpa, her sister who passed away when she was 5yrs old, parents and many family and friends she loved and longed to see again. Grandma will be buried in the Riverside Veterans Cemetary in Riverside California on Friday July 22, 2011 with her husband/grandpa David Kurt Schroeder. And small family graveside service will be held at 1pm that same day with granddaughter Staci Jacobs reading her favorite Hymn, Kristi reading her obituary, Kati giving opening prayer, Son Gary dedicating grave and daughter in law LuAnn closing prayer. Hopefully in attendance will by her sister Ellen Hensen and brother in law Herb, Neice Sherrie and her husband and her brother John Welch. Her other brother Jerry, younger sister Betty as well as parents and Husband preceded her in death. What a grand reunion it was when Grandma passed this a struggle to not leave and move on...but to see her family again. Till we meet again Grandma Schroeder....we Love you.

Friday, July 1, 2011

I Love JULY!!!

I Love JULY.....I Love the fact that July is REALLY Summer...I Love JULY because it's soooo patriotic.....I Love the Scouts hanging flags in my yard and how great it looks to have flags all over the neighborhood...Thanks Scouts!....I Love to Celebrate our Country.....I Love to be reminded that we live in the best Country EVER....I Love the USA....I Love ALL those Military men/women and their families who have sacrificed so much for me to LOVE THIS COUNTRY! It makes me so excited to have these wonderful Holidays in JULY....the 4th with all it's celebrating and fireworks....I LOVE Fireworks.....and parades and watching families....watching the looks on childrens faces on the parade route....the excitment...the cotton candy and snowcones all over their faces, hands and cloths....the SUN...the HEAT....the BARBQUE's....Rocky Mountain Speedways SOUNDS....

and the 24th of July....for those Pioneers who sacrificed EVERYTHING to come to Utah and make this a great State..I love the PARADE and all the excitment...handcarts...Trek...junk food at the parade...happy faces and tired people everywhere...the horses in the parade...I Love that the Gospel was established Here in UTAH and that I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints....I Love the Values and Principles it teaches me and that we can be Eternal Families FOREVER....I Love having a son on his MISSION teaching that gospel to those who want to hear's a BEAUITFUL month!

I LOVE RED WHITE and BLUE....and Freedom! THANK YOU to EVERYONE who has made it possible for me to LOVE JULY!!!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Did we really decide to do that?

One thing I can say for sure....never say NEVER! I have really learned that in the past, but of course I forgot...early on in our marriage I said I would NEVER have a station wagon...well shortly we inherited a small Ford Station Wagon, YUCK!, then I said I would NEVER have a white car...well we have had 2 white cars since, many times before I had kids I just knew I would NEVER do certain things when I had kids...hahaha that was a joke, what the could I EVER use my son's shirt to wipe his boggars off his face, or let a child cry throughout the store just so I could finish what I had come for, or bribe my children to make peace...etc etc...well, it has happened again...GEESH! I said we would NEVER EVER move from our home of 25yrs..that we would stay forever and ever...well, time to eat my words again! WE have our home on the market and boy did we pick an awkward market to put it on...but yes, the time is now to move on. We need a rambler type home that is large enough for whoever is living with us....including my mom whom we will move in as soon as we move. The stairs are just too hard on her now so we really need something different. We have had one offer that was an FHA loan involved, but it required us to drop our price $10,000! Their initial offer was $5,000 less than we were asking and with the FHA loan we would have to pay their closing costs which would be around $5,000...not good, so we countered...We are kind of thinking they aren't going for our counter since we haven't heard from their realtor for several days...they seem to be ignoring our realtor...I'm sure it's a pass but that's ok...they also wanted our stove which is brand new and our refrigerator...can you say they wanted everything for nothing...yup! Love this economy, but since we are not in a rush to sell, we are not going for that offer...anyway again we won't say NEVER because we may end up taking one similar if it gets to that point just not so soon, we are also having trouble finding something to buy that isn't in short sale or bank, we did pick a good time to finally do something we thought we would never do...but I just feel it's the time and that said, I also know it will happen when it is supposed to and we will find our home that we can live in forever and bring mom into as well. I have to have a clean home all the time just in case...that's a nice perk.....anyway....advise I give to all NEVER SAY NEVER!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Through the eyes of a Mom.....and Grandma....

I have been reading everyone's thoughts about Mother's......what a nice day for us all to stop and reflect on all the mother's in our are a few of my thoughts...kind of cheezy and lame, but these are things I've been thinking about lately....

#1 It is darn hard to be a mom!!!! Can I put that any clearer. The pregnancy, birth
then allllll the responsibility that NEVER goes away! GEESH! But, through it all, I
would NEVER trade a moment of my experience of being a mom and a grandma....

Here are the reasons I LOVE being a mom.......
**4 of the most WONDERFUL and SPECIAL kids in the entire world!
honestly, there is never a dull moment in our home. Because of
these kids, I have grown as a person so much and learn something
every day. The times we laugh so's bathroom time....
the times we cry so hard you think the pain will never go away...
but through it all...through all these experiences, we are being
molded into the people we are now.

**Waking up every morning to get kids ready for school..making
sure everyone is dressed, lunches packed, backpacks on and the bus
is made....I especially loved Summer's and Day's off from school
I loved having my kids home around me more than anything.....
(I hated homework)

**Loved going on excursions with the kids...we always seemed to come
up with something to do from grabbing Staci out of school and hauling
all 4 kids including a 6wk old son to the airport to see the 1st
Pres Bush land in trips camping in our HUGE family tent!

**Our vacations...they were "Schroeder Adventures" for sure...something
ALWAYS seemed to go wrong...from multiple skunks in the camp ground forcing
us to hide out in our tent all doors breaking on the van
in "someone" we all love riding her bike out of control
heading towards the rushing LIGHTENING hitting the ground
in front of the cabin creating HUGH thunder and blue light...flat tires,
trailer carrying our stuff breaking down....running out of gas in the
boat and the girls getting stuck in "quick sand" trying to get help...
hiking into back country only to find out mountain lions are watching us...
need I go on...hahaha...but we are "Schroeder Vacation Survivors" and they
are not over.....stay tuned!

**With those 4 wonderful kids, there are a lot of hard challenging times,
some we made it through with a few "bumps and bruises" and some we are
still working on making it through...through these times, as hard as they
are...I see the Lord's hand in EVERYTHING...and I am in aww at how
courageous and strong my kids they move forward through their
challenges...with all the Faith they need to take the next step in their
lives....oh, through all the tears and TIGHT hugs, we have all been able
to move's the LOVE we share that helps, and the fact that
each of my kids have the courage to do what they know they should no matter
how hard it is at the time...they are my true HERO's.

**Then, the icing on the cake with all of this is being Max's grandma. I
LOVE that little man so much and it's such an honor to be his grandma...and
watching Staci be his mom...she is such a great makes me proud...
Oh how I love being a Mom and a Grandma....I love my family in such a big
way, I am so greatful for the experience I have had so far, and am so
so excited and anxious for ALL the experiences to come.....thanks to my
Mother and Grandmother for all they did for me and the love they have
shown and taught me through out my life..........

Another great reason for this day....I get to talk on the phone to my missionary
son whom I haven't seen for exactly 5 eternal months....I can't wait!

**MOTHER'S are the BEST!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Update...our dog Shado....'s been a while since I update about our little 4 legged member of the family. Shado...yes, still a bit on the non-trusting side, but getting much better every day. He is a beautiful dog, loves to play outside and run in the yard (when it's good weather of course) sleeps at the foot of our bed, loves to be cuddly when he is in control..meaning, if you want him to be cuddly he won't and will shy away...still afraid of being "called" to your side which probably means the people who abused him probably would call him in a sweet nice tone, then when he came to them they would inflict the abuse....I wish so much I could confront these HORRIBLE people...unfortunately, they are still out there abusing more innocent's sad.

We take Shado and Jack to the groomers together for their nails, grooming and brushing their teeth..usually you kind of drag Shado into the groomers .. if you can imagine, picture drag on his leash with a stream of pee behind..sorry, he lays down and won't stand...terrified of what might happen to him...but since he has been to the groomers several times (and he gets the right groomer..they all know him, but some are better than others)you can see a change in him each time. Last saturday he actually WALKED out of the groomers...on his leash....looking a bit cautious, but walking non the less....woot woot! Kati and I decided to see if he would still walk on his leash so we were courageous and walked him and Jack to West Valley Elementary...and YES, he walked all the way, on his leash, actually enjoying himself...amazing!!! Hi Five for Shado! This is such an accomplishment for him, and will be nice when we take him other places. He still won't venture down our stairs..he is still terrified of the stairs/basement (not quite sure which) we are sure he must of had a terrible experience with his previous owners, the abusers, in regards to the stairs etc..his Vet thinks the same. Anyway, things are looking up...he will be 2yrs old in July...the damage done was great for him to still have trouble at this point...I hate to think about it. Anyway, we love the little guy and patience is the key.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


I was thinking about who are the heros in my know, I could have all the same answers everyone else has and it would be accurate, there are so many heros in the world...people who help others especially in crisis...they are true heros... but I have 4 heros who are living, learning and teaching me something every Heros are my kids...corny I know, but it is so true...there aren't 4 people right now that teach me more than these kids. They all face their own set trials, experiences and challenges.. they hurt, are afraid, feel alone, feel confusion, regret...all those feelings everyone of us go through but then they move on...they find a way to make it work and realise that the only solution to whatever they may be going through is to have Faith in our Father in Heaven, to do whatever He asks of them no matter what..they know that their set of trials are special for them and that they are never alone, really...that through their faith and growing strength they can make it through anything and they soon find that JOY again that is awaiting them and may be gone for just a fleeting moment during the times they are challenged. I'm really proud to be the mom of such "Super Heors" in my family...who are there for each other...who step it up whenever they are needed for family or friends....I'm their mom, but they are my teachers...I am grateful for them everyday...Thanks kids, for showing me the way!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

What a weekend!!!!!

This has been a weekend to remember and cherish. What and example of love, Eternal Families, the Gospel in action, the Atonement, why we are here on this earth and all the good things a family can be to each other. These last two weeks have been probably the hardest for our family to go through..we lost someone who has been a part of our family for over 2 years due to choices and decisions that were made in life which set a path of turmoil and personal destruction, but more than that, the choices made have effected so many other lives as well. We all have a choice to either do good or not...these choices aren't something that just effect our lives, but so many other lives that are linked to us who love us and want the very best for all of us. We hope and pray the outcome will someday be a happy for now, it's time for the Schroeder's to move on with our family and lives. It is a time to continue to live in accordance to the gospel plan, the way our Father in Heaven would want us to do, so that those choices we make will bring us happiness and joy every day of our lives, and ultimately bring us back to Him as Eternal Families. With that said, after such a heartbreaking and sad couple of weeks, we have had a weekend that will be one to remember forever and that really says it all.....again, choices of others have determined a huge part of this weekend and it was full of the true meaning of Eternal Families in so many ways. 1st, my sweet aunt Eva Jane died last week and the viewing and funeral was Friday and Saturday. Also, as Utah weather goes, this was supposed to be a snow filled weekend with more than a foot of new snow in several locations from the south end to the north end...because there would be a lot of traveling involved this weekend, we have prayed that the weather would be good, that we could be safe and make it too those things that we needed to go to, truthfully, I did pray that the snow would hold off until next week! Of course, that didn't happen but what did happen was just as significant...we woke up to just skiff of snow at our house on Friday morning, it then snowed a bit during the day, and as we understand it Utah County did get a significantly larger amount that melted during the day so our travels to Springville to see family and pay respects to my Aunt were eventless to say the least...we had a great visit with family we haven't seen for years, we were able to share time with my uncle Leon at the loss of his "beautiful lady" as he called her that night...and make it home without any problems. We knew that the Taukinukufili's were on their way from Las Vegas and we wanted them to be safe and not have any problems with seemed to us that was going to happen...until just after midnight we looked out the window and the ground was snow covered! Yikes! We kept in contact with them throughout their travels and yes, they did encounter the great Utah weather about Lehi...they arrived safely though around 3am at which time the kids crashed anywhere they could and Kristi, Luana and I sat up talking until 5am...soooooo...downstairs we had sleeping Trevor, Max, Joe, Vaughn...upstairs Staci in Kati's room, Bryce, Gary and the 2 dogs, Luana, Sierra, Cheyenne, Kristi and me (Kati was spending the night at her friends house)...Woke up to several inches new snow the next morning, but the streets were essentially clear.....Saturday morning as events went...Gary took Grandma Bahr to the funeral and Kati met them there...I went to a friends civil wedding ceremony which was beautifully done by the way...saw many friends and work associates there, went grocery shopping for all the many people hanging out at our home back home to visit and enjoy eveyone then got ready to go to the Temple with Kristi...we arrived at the Jordan River Temple a little early which was fine, the "angels" at the Temple took us under their wing and made this experience for Kristi an extremely special day...everything went perfect for her (some family and friend had a little different experience being late etc..but it was all good)it couldn't have gone any better for Kristi for her first experience in the Temple. It was a mothers reward to see her beautiful daughter dressed in white making such a precious choice to receive her endowments and attend the temple...this was a day shared my those she loves and who loves her..the session was FULL, the largest session I have ever been on. (so was Leatherby's afterwards with our group of 25) I wish I could express in detail the joy and feelings of that experience, especially after such a hard previous week in our family...lets just say..the church is true and the blessings and joys of Eternal Families are priceless...good choices in life bring us that Joy while those wrong choices just don't, it has been so evident these past couple opposite I lay here in bed typing, Gary getting ready to go hometeaching, 13 people whom I love with all my heart are scattered throughout my tiny, 4 bedroom one bathroom house sleeping peacefully (and 2 dogs fighting on the bed next to me) my son on his mission who hopefully had a baptism yesterday they had planned to do (we won't know details until his pday tuesday) I can't help but think about the love our Savior has for us...what He did for us so that we can find THIS joy...This is what it's all about....the love of our family/friends...the peace we find in living lives that, yes we make mistakes, but that through the atonement we can repent and find Joy in all of this...I wish I could share all that I feel in my heart today...but more than that, my hope and prayer is that everyone will someday in their lives feel this great love and joy in their hearts as I am hearing stirrings throughout the house...time to get up and start the day with 13 of my favorite people EVER!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tribute to my Aunt...

You know, sometimes we go through life and don't stop and think of those we love but don't have a lot of contact is my sweet Aunt Eva Jane...Last Friday my aunt passed from this life to the next meeting up with my loving grandparents...grandmother and granddaddy...I have a lot of memories of my aunt...(we used to just call her Eva Jane)all really good memories. I remember going over to their house with mom....climbing their peach tree and picking peaches to take home, only, I LOVED peaches and would eat more than I would pick! They had the BEST peaches and they were really a treat. I remember she was little in stature, but strong willed in her personality, Faith and Belief. I remember we would always spend Christmas at Grandmother and Granddaddy's house, then we would go over to Bjarnson's to see their Christmas (which was always the best!) I remember spending time with them and sitting at their kitchen table that was in the corner of the kitchen by the window...(until they added on and made a really nice dinning room) I remember loving Eva Jane's was the best. I loved her sweet laugh (or giggle) I loved the way she wanted us to be comfortable when we visited. I loved how clean their home always was..and it smelled so good. I will always appreciate and love her for sharing their backyard for my wedding luncheon. We brought the food, they provided the was beautiful and I will always appreciate and love their help. I loved taking our kids to our family Christmas/Santa party in their family room. Each family eventually had to break off and have our own party when we got too big for their family room...and that was sad...but it was great while it lasted and my kids totally enjoyed themselves. I loved how in these last few years, when we would see Eva Jane and Leon, they were truly glad to see us...I felt their love. I remember taking mom to see Eva Jane in the hospital after her accident and how she just held onto my hand...she acted like she just didn't want to let go. I loved taking mom to visit Eva Jane and Leon last summer at their home...probably the last time she really remembered who we all were. This was a nice memorable visit and will cherish these memories. (she and my mom are the only sisters) I loved the fact that Diane, (my cousin) and I were able to get as many of the family together this summer as we could to celebrate the lives and birthdays of these two great women/sisters (their birthdays are close together) even though Eva Jane was having a hard time knowing who we all were, we knew who she was and that was actually the last time we had to see her. Our families don't really know each other, they have grown apart and have their own little families...that is sad...but because of this great women, we all have grown and have the love for her that her life deserved. I hope she can give Grandmother and Granddaddy a hug and kiss for me...Rest in Peace..your work is done here on earth. Thanks for the memories....

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wow...a lot has happened since I last wrote....update...Dec 8th elder Rob went into the MTC....Dec 15th I had a Hysterectomy....Dec 28th Elder Rob left to his Kennewick Washington Mission...Jan 3rd started my new job as attendance secretary...(probably something I should have waited on since my recovery period is 6 weeks and it had only been 2 1/2 when I went back) It has been a long recovery and I don't suggest anyone ever doing it the way I have. Stick to the 6 weeks...I can now see the importance in problem is I had to go back since it was a new job..and train my replacement as well. Things will all be ok, just need a little longer to recover due to it. It's been fun reading Elder Rob's letters and emails since he got to his mission. He is now in Hermisten Oregon, about 1/2 hr from Kennewick and loves his mission. I manage his finance's and I notice when he uses his debit card...hahahaha...he doesn't use it much, but occasionally they eat out or something at a fast connection with my son right now. Sounds crazy, but I know he is doing good when I see them stop for a fun lunch once in a while. Two latest movies to watch are True Grit (of course never the same as good old John Wayne) and

Yogi Bear...haha...I liked them anyway. Back to work at the Genealogy's been fun working in the front lobby etc. I have found some information for a co-worker of mine about his father that he doesn't know and more names to take to the temple..which we better get doing soon! All in all...other than being ready, I mean REALLY ready for Spring...things are doing great at the Schroeder house!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


It's late, everyone is in bed, where I should be but of course not able to sleep right now...I've just been thinking...things are going good here...everybody healthy (except a little recovery left on my part, and a cold for Gary) happy and content. Elder Rob is doing good, Staci and Trevor are doing good...(except maybe the little thing like her wallet getting taken from her car at the gym tonight)minor little bumps in the road...then I hear about a dear friend of who I used to be such great friends with growing up...ya know...thick and thin...that kind of with whom recently, thanks to facebook, we have been able to reconnect and have some great girls afternoons out talking and laughing with another great friend, again rekindled friendship through facebook....I learned, through her daughter that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer....first stages so there will be a lumpectomy and some radiation involved....but a definite bump in her road....just worried about her and thinking...something new to add to my prayers...something new for her and her family to face....breast cancer..such a nasty invasive disease that intrudes on a world of women who don't deserve it, but who teach us what life is all about....hang in there are one of the strong women of this world...and you can conquer this intruder as you have others.......