Monday, June 30, 2008

Max can always find somewhere to play....if you can't find him, check out the laundry basket!!!! is going to be a HOT day today.....but it's the 4th of July this week!!! Hurray!!! I love July!!! Everybody have a great week!!! (We also get Friday off, BONUS!!)......Update on Sunday....TALKS DONE!!!!! I could have died when we got into church and there sat the Stake President and 2nd Counselor!!! I told them they needed to leave, but they wouldn't......I think we have paid our dues now, we spoke to the congregation and the Stake leaders!!! We have been friends with Pres Porter for years...He's a great guy, one of those seminary teacher/principle who are fantastic speakers and teachers, and really a character...but for some reason, now he is Stake President, anytime he calls us to his office or we speak and he is there, I am intimidated by him....he just laughs and tells me to think of him as Cornel...not President Porter...and then Pres Hall is just a nut...he is in our Ward and was our Bishop...he and his wife Donnaheah are also characters,...... Kati used to babysit for him when she was younger, we have a yard full of transplanted plants from their yard and most important, He is a Die Hard University of Utah fan....soooo...we have been know to decorate very nicely, his yard with BYU paraphernalia from the Wilkinson Center as well as homemade items with the BYU's been somewhat a challenge to be creative lately, but the BYU and Uof U game is fun around here....but like I said before, OUR TALKS ARE DONE AND WE LIVED TO SEE TODAY!!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

It was a SUCCESS!!!! The Benefit Concert for Kerry Moore

I can't even begin to tell you what a wonderful experience it was to be a part of this fabulous night honoring Kerry Moore.....the auditorium was almost full...estimate over 700 people....Rogers Bakery donated so many baked goods...we sold a ton and 100% of the money went towards the Moore Family....The choir was fabulous with every graduating year represented somewhere in the room from 1984 on.....They sang like they had been together forever when in actuality they have been singing for a month and not everybody would be at practices at the same time....donations were wonderful...after counting, we estimate that the Moores will probably get from $8000 to $10,000....that is not bad for a night....Mr Moore was overwhelmed!!! To say the least....he was honored to conduct their last song and it was marvelous!!! Their piano player was blind and has been from birth...he is amazing, all he does is hear the music, then he can play it...outstanding!!! The SHeDAISY's sang 2 numbers and were great of course....Staci and Kristi, Amber and Danny sang "For Good" from wicked and did an awsome job....the crowd responded with explosions of clapping...standing ovations all night....great job to everyone!! Gary, Kati, Sheranne, and I ran the concessions and we were busy!!!! Sold tons of water and goodies....I posted a picture of Staci and Kristi's group, the SHeDAISY's......and Kerry and Stacy Moore on stage....our hearts and prayers go out to Kerry Moore...he started chemo this week and had a hard time, but is doing a lot is going to be a hard long fought battle, but he has the spirit to win and we pray he does...he has influenced so many for so many years....there is more for him to do out there!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Baby Lucas Fullmer

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own lives and we forget those around us that really matter and need our love and prayers.....there is a little guy, Lucas Fullmer, who could really use some prayers right now and so does his Family....He has had a tough time in his young life, gone through things anyone of us would find hard, he just needs us to remember him and pray for his well being. We have his tribute that his great dad made on our site...I thought it was something we needed to be reminded of and see it is....remember to pray for him please!!!

Mockey!!!! He's getting Old but getting better!! Ha Ha Ha

Any of you remember our dog Mockey...he just had a birthday and is now a whopping 16 years old!! He is really healthy and doing good....has slowed down a bit and I think his hearing is slightly gone...I know he has cataracts 'cause you can see them....minus 8 teeth, he is perfect!! It's funny, when he gets hot, he comes in and lays down on the air conditioning vent for fresh air...he is such a good dog and a big part of our family....'s good old WestFest starting today....everything is centrally located at the Family Fitness Center..carnival, parties, fireworks, and yes, Helicopter Rides!!! I am not sure how much they cost, but they have been flying non stop all afternoon overhead.....I am a little surprised they are flying over the neighborhoods, but I guess and hope they are safe, they are sure busy. We like to go walking at the outside track over at the fitness center... I have been watching them putting up the carnival...just seeing it being put together like tinker toys, I'm not going to lie, is a little scary...nothing looks safe and to think that it will hold tons of people swinging, rolling, and flying everywhere...I guess that's the thrill part!! I can't wait though, tomorrow we are going over and I am going to have my first funnel cake!! I heard it is really good....I'll let you all know what I think. The concert for Mr Moore is getting closer and lots of finishing up work is happening. This is really going to be good...We were just notified that the Air Conditioning is out in the Auditorium...of course, there is always something...we are going tomorrow to buy lots more water just in cast people need's not a real long concert, but will be good. Things are coming together. Staci and Kristi spent a night handing and hanging flyers in's amazing which businesses support the community and which ones don't....most have been really good after they read the flyer and know the cause...I just finished making 60 bags of plain and cashew carmels to sell...there will be lots of good things to buy thanks to some of the businesses here that want to help out.

The Helicopters are flying.............over our HEADS!! helicopters right now!!!! Hurray!!! Peace!!!

Oh, Gary, Rob and I are speaking at Sacrament Meeting Sunday...I, of course, am not happy....I hate to speak, but the topic is about the family etc...that I can talk on.....I will be glad when this weekend is over..Just Too Busy!!!

Oh, spoke too soon....the helicopters are back!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Tribute for Kerry Moore..."Reunited....and it feels so good"

Once again....I haven't downloaded pictures on the internet, but I really intend to soon....I wanted to let you know what is going on this week..ALOT!!! The girls, Staci and Kristi are getting ready for Saturday...the big event that they have been working on....The girls found out a few weeks ago that their choir teacher at Cyprus High, Mr Kerry Moore has a form of cancer that will involve some expensive treatments etc...a lot of former students have been really concerned and wanted to find a way to help. Mr Moore has talked about always wanting to form an Alumni Choir...these former students have worked tirelessly getting this dream for Mr Moore to happen. Sat June 28th from 7-9 is their benefit concert for the Moore Family intitled Reunited...and it feels so good. The concert will be at the Cyprus High Auditorium in Magna utah ... free admission with any donations accepted for the Moore Family...there will be concessions that have been donated and 100% of the money earned will be given to the Moore Family to help in the expensive cost of treatment. There are some special musical guests coming like the SHeDAISY's, Bob Gandy, etc...(friends and former students) The girls will be singing a number from Wicked, in a quartet with some friends, as well as several choir numbers with the Alumni Choir....this will be an emotional but great concert that will honor and hopefully help Mr Moore and his family get the help that he needs....he is a great man who has done so much for our community, this is such a small way we can help him. Come if you Can....plenty of room................

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What a Great Day

It is so much fun to be connected with the Carters and Fullmer Blogs....what a bunch of cute kids......and those two beautiful babies!!! It is good to see Lucas looking so healthy...and Kezlyn, oh what a beautiful little girl!!! Everything is good and busy at the Schroeder home.....Max is here today..he got to pet this goat the other goats are really cute...Staci and Kristi are singing a duet with a couple of friends at a benefit for their High School Chorus Teacher Mr Moore on June 28th (they are at a practice today)...he was recently diagnosed with cancer and will need an expensive a bunch of alumni of all ages from all over who have had Mr Moore have put together this benefit on his behalf to earn some money and to recognize him and how much they appreciate...anyway, they are singing a song from the musical will be good, but Kristi and Staci are funny, they are on the program to sing after SheDaisy sings 2 numbers...what great positioning ha ha ha...the SheDaisy's also had Mr Moore in High school and have kept in touch with him. This will be a good thing, Staci has worked tirelessly getting concessions donated for that night to sell, and there will be a donation box around....anyone is welcome to come and will really enjoy the will be emotionally driven and really good.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

We all just got some new laptop computers....they were on sale and we decided we couldn't pass the price up. Kati got one for school....Kristi got one for school and life...Gary and I got one because some day soon we will need to replace the desktop downstairs and at this price we couldn't pass it by. It is pretty nice to have one up here in the living room, just getting used to it is a little hard. I think it is easier than I first thought...I actually like it. Trevor downloaded a bunch of stuff to keep us going and we are good to go with it. I will need to download some of my pictures though...I have a few, but they are Kati only...I will try to get more soon. This pictures is already on the computer so I decided to use it....pretty isn't it...I love waterfalls.....

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Just a little update about baby Lucas......couple nights ago they introduced some breast milk into his diet...He didn't do well with that and started throwing up bile again.....he now has another tube in his nose and they are backing off from the milk...I think he was even having trouble with pediolyte at that time. He is a sick little boy and still needs your prayers as do Allison and Mike...they are remarkably strong and steady, but they are having long tiring days not knowing from day to day how Lucas will be or react to treatment. Thank you for all who have had Lucas in their prayers, but keep him in mind, tough times ahead. He is a beautiful little guy.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

We just visited with the Fullmers and Lucas

We had a great visit with Allison, Mike the boys and Lucas...of course he slept most of the time, but finally woke up and even smiled....really!!! He is adorable and is doing really good....thanks for all the prayers, he pulled out his feeding tube by himself, you know, just tired of the whole thing, and has been eating just tiny amounts and not throwing any up for the last 36 the doctors heard bowel sounds!!! Amazing and a miracle....not over yet though, please keep up the prayers...they have to stay in the hospital for another 2 weeks doing good before he can go home to Orem....with all our love and prayers, Lucas is going to grow big and strong to keep up with Jayden, Kaleb and Isaac!!! Thanks!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Lucas Hinckley Fullmer

Little Lucas is our cute little cousin that was born on May 13th with digestive problems... He is a very sick little boy, and we are asking you to take a look at the Tribute Video, and if you wouldn't mind, please say a little prayer for him.