Thursday, May 29, 2008

We had a GREAT TIME with the Taukinukufili's in Las Vegas

We had so much fun with our
favorite friends the
Taukinukufili's in Las Vegas!!! We stayed with them from Saturday thru Monday....Sierra's Birthday!! Staci, Kristi and I went.....We, of course had to go visit the "strip" and see the few places we love to visit....the Aladin and the Hilo Hatties store ... this is a Hawaii store....but to our dismay, the Aladin turned in to Something Hollywood and Hilo Hatties is gone!!! We also visited the Rio Casino so we could watch the Marti Gras action....well, when we finally saw it, it was at 9pm and was a little risque for our liking...Luana, Staci, Kristi and I talked until 2am...more like laughed until 2am....what we laughed about will remain a secret between us...ha ha ha....went to church with the family sunday, had a nice sunday day then went to the Belagio to watch the water show...we met up with some of the rudest people on the street...I think it was the weekend for rudies....anyway, the show was of course really good. Next day, monday, we met up with a rude lady who wanted our parking spot and acted like a dope because she didn't get it....we were kind of "kicked" out of Denny's Restaurant....all we wanted was to go to breakfast, but again, rudies....then on our way home we were flipped off by some men because we didn't move over out of their way on the freeway...oh brother...more rudies...anyway, we really did have a great time and it was so good to see the family....we already miss them!!!

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