Friday, February 20, 2009

Hunter Central Stake Women's Conference......

Tomorrow is our Hunter Central Stake Women's conference 2009...I am the 2nd counselor in the Stake Relief Society Presidency and just love this time of year...I have always loved Women's Conference, but for the last 2 years I have been a part of planning and preparing...what an experience that has been. We get together, it seemed like around August and talked about topics, who we would love to have as our guest speaker, what we want those sisters of our stake to come away with. We want these precious 4 hours of their time to be full of spiritual and mindful lessons that will help them be eternal families....that they will benefit from those wonderful presenters and take home with them the desire to strengthen their families and move forward with love for our Savior Jesus Christ. It is such a spiritual experience for me to sit with these 3 ladies and feel of their love for the sisters in our Stake, how the Lord directs our every decision as to what, where and who we have teach them principles that will help them and their's a testimonial to me every time we decide something and someone and it falls into place...Our Father in Heaven is aware of our sisters and knows what they need to hear and whom they need to hear it from.....I am really excited for our guest speaker sister Carole Mikita who is senior reporter on KSL-TV who specifically covers religion and the arts. She also produces and writes documentaries for KSL Television Programming that air twice a year during LDS General Conference.....she has been so wonderful and willing to come and teach and share with us her experiences and lessons learned...then our workshops and presenters will be the icing on the cake...I am thrilled and ready to be taught....just a few pictures of the decorations ready for will be a good day.

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