Friday, April 24, 2009

Beauty and the Beast....

Our Stake has a ton of talent, probably just as much as other Stakes but we like to put our talents to good use at least every 4-5yrs in a Huge production. Just a list of shows they have done...Fiddler on the Roof, Music Man, Oklahoma (Kristi, Kati and I were involved as towns people etc)and this year Beauty and the Beast. I have been so busy with Life, I decided not to get involved....well, that was short lived. I was asked if I would help with costuming (something I have done for several other shows for Oklahoma and local theaters)...I agreed. We had help with 3 other women who are seamstresses and they did beautiful jobs...actually Laurie made Bell's yellow dress, blue jumper and a bunch of bloomers. (She is an absolute fabulous seamstress!!) Brenda made Gaston's costume and the silly girls dresses..beautiful. Kirsten worked on the main costumes renting the majority and making the salt and pepper, egg beater and chip's costumes. Jean Rhea helped with men's shirts and the Baker's apron (she was amazing to just jump in and help out)....I made several town's skirts, men's shirts, bloomers, fixed Bell's pink dress, added sparkly trim to Lumier's human tux to make it a little more bright and bold...I made Mrs Pott's human skirt and blouse...remade a lot of bloomers from adult sizes to children sizes, hemmed, took in..let out, made 2 more napkin costumes due to the fact we borrowed 8 from Cyprus High (Go Cyprus!)but we had 10 girls ready to wear the costume, and the list goes on. It was a time when I was having trouble with headach and neck achs...not a great time to sit and sew I really pays off though when you see some of those things that helped make the show "go on" so to speak. I don't exactly have pictures of all the costumes, but I posted pictures of the show ... we get to see it tomorrow, and can I say I am really excited..what a great cast! They are fantastic...a show to remember.......enjoy some of the pictures

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