Thursday, May 28, 2009

Never thought I would LOVE Las Vegas?????

You know, life sure throws curve balls really never know what is down the path of life until you get there! I would have never thought I would want to spend time in Las Vegas...but since dear friends moved there, it just happens to be one of my favorite places to be...isn't that funny. We just had a great weekend with our friends the Taukinukufili's...what a great family and my how everybody is growing. We are going again in September for Cheyenne's baptism...this time most of the family will be going. Not too much a fan of the drive, but it's all worth it for the visit. Love those kids and miss them a lot. Here is a pic of them....not this last visit, we just didn't take out the camera's, but here they are...Joey 14yrs old and going into 9th grade, Vaughn 11yrs old and going into Jr High, Sierra just turned 10yrs old while we were there, and Cheyenne will be turning 8yrs old in times

These kids are just as cute and spunky as they look!!! We have lots of good times with them...Cheyenne has decided she is Kristi's BFF....Kristi started babysitting them when Cheyenne was born so there is a long lasting relationship there...they were then coming to our house to be watched while Luana worked at the bank for a while, that is where we really got close...they are my "adopted grandkids" =) Love this family!!

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The Reimers Family said...

They look so sweet! They're lucky to have good friends like you and your family!