Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Oh my aching head!!!! I woke up with this AWFUL little pain in my head this morning and it has just continuously gotten worse throughout the day!!! Yes, I did go to Zumba this morning (Cher kicked my butt!!) and then to work...which we were treated to a luncheon to thank us for a great year.....and no, I couldn't eat!! Sick to my stomach!!

Ahhh haaaa....(sigh) I think I am having withdrawals from caffeine....I have gone about 4 days ... minus my Diet Dr Pepper ...... and's what I get to pay for it.....I guess this just can't be "cold turkey"...... UGH!!!

Oh, side note......I did get official hours as Guidance Counseling Secretary have remained the same!!! Hurray!!! I can't thank whoever involved more! This helps since Rob is just getting ready to send in his papers....need the $$$ to pay for his mission....whew!!! That was a bit of a I'm happy!

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