Monday, October 18, 2010

Life is sometimes full of so many changes.....

Isn't it crazy how things change day after never really know what to expect from one day to another....Kristi found this out today...last week one of the employees at her work was laid off...her boss called everybody in and reassured them that their jobs were secure and not to worry....well he lied of course and today Kristi and another girl were laid the door closes on that job and experience, and of course will open on another job and opportunity....I actually really think things happen for a reason....not sure why or what this reason is, I do know Kristi was not happy working for this company (or boss) and would have probably stuck it out working somewhere she was not happy...but now is forced to move on and make different will all be good, you watch..just a bump in the road of life...Trevor and Staci are doing better with Trevor getting a job that might just help him with his business endeavors for the future as well as give him experience in building a business...they found a great school for Max to attend that he loves....Kati is loving her schooling learning all about hair and everything it takes to cut, curl, etc well as her job seems to be working out so that she can advance....Rob has had set backs but they also seem to be something he needed to prepare better for his mission..looking forward to taking out his endowments soon and having the opportunity to attend to Temple several times before he leaves...also, his old boss hired him back for the short couple months before he leaves....Gary and I are loving our new calling of a Service Mission in Genealogy, finding out and learning alot about our own families....on and on...a month ago was so different than this month and so on....these changes are and can be so good, sometime painful, sometime lots of tears fall...but I have noticed in my older age, that looking back at everything...I would not change a thing...the lessons we learn, the blessing we get from all our trials and challenges are worth so much....I am very grateful for everything in my life...because it is my life.

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