Monday, January 16, 2012

I feel sooooo lazy!!!!!

I am really enjoying Martin Luther King Day....I am so LAZY!!! I am doing a little cleaning, but mostly just watching mindless tv, sitting by the fire (I really hope we get a fireplace in our new home when we move) in the recliner...hoping that the Home Showing company doesn't call for a showing today because I want to really be that bad???

I'm so disappointed that our house isn't selling .. we are going to upgrade our counter tops in the kitchen in hopes they look better for buyers...people love our home, "it's clean, well taken care of"...yada yada yada..either they are lying or I just don't know the answer. Every time I am with my mom I am sad because I know she needs to be with us...she is healthy and doing good, don't get me wrong...but I think she is just lonely and it's just not fair for her to be alone all the time. If we had more room here, another bathroom etc, I would move her in immediatly, but it's just not feasible for us all to be happy and not hate each other in a week to move her in right now...besides, her legs hurt so much the stairs would be impossible. We really could use a lot of prayers and good thoughts right now to get this moving....

Well, on this day of Martin Luther King, I think I will run to Walmart,

make Rob's disc with his pictures, (a picture of the missionaries on P-Day...such handsome young men...)

buy me a cookie or something and come back home to sit back put my feet up and chill until tonight when I booggie at, what a life :)

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