Monday, January 19, 2009

Another Lucas Update...

Lucas had a Broviac placed at PCMC on saturday. There were some complications. The surgeon tried a common spot for the broviac which was unsuccessful. The incision that he made would not stop bleeding. Since the liver is the organ that helps the blood clot and Lucas's liver is somewhat compromised, they had a hard time stopping the bleeding. They would apply pressure to stop the bleeding, as soon as they took the pressure off, the bleeding would start up again. There were tense moments for dad and mom knowing the surgery was done, but not being able to see Lucas for over an hour in recovery and not knowing why. Finally the surgeon came and talked to them. Here is an update provided by Allison...the mom:

After 40 minutes the bleeding started to slow down and we were able to see our little sweet heart. About 45 minutes later we were discharged back to UVRMC. Primary's didn't relay the info to UVRMC telling them we are headed back to be readmitted. UVRMC suddenly got very busy and admitted 13 new patients. They didn't have a room for us. We waited a hour and a half for a room. In the mean time Luke's cut kept bleeding pretty badly. They tried a few things to stop it and didn't know what to do. They did blood work to see if they could tell why he was bleeding. At 2:00am they were considering calling one of their surgeons to look at him, or possibly go back to PCMC. Luckily after 12 hours of bleeding it finally slowed down. It was a long and crazy night but by morning it had stopped. This afternoon we were discharged to go home. Let's hope we can beat our 18 days home!

Our thoughts and prayers are still with you little guy...we love you tons!!!


The Harding Hive said...

Oh my goodness LuAnn. That poor little guy. Such an inspiration!

The Harding Hive said...

Oh, and I love the new background.