Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day in Las Vegas.......

This is a picture of Cheyenne, Luana and Max (picture last October at our house..need to get a picture from the weekend from someone)....Cheyenne is the reason we traveled to Las Vegas this last weekend. She chose to be Baptized and we wanted to be a part of that day with her and with the family, so we STUFFED ourselves into our little Ford Focus and headed to St George first, then the next day on to Vegas. We stayed at Arizona Charlie's on Boulder....a motel Kristi and stayed at before....then spent our time with the Taukinukufili's. I was so proud of Cheyenne and she looked so beautiful...she has a beautiful dress that she wore after the Baptism. Max, wow, he was infatuated with Cheyenne...in fact he has decided when he turns 5...which is a whole hand, he and Cheyenne will be married. We asked him at Church about the up and coming wedding plans and he was very determined this would happen. Also, he was very interested in the fact that Joey was passing sacrament. He decided that Joey was able to hold the priesthood because he was "Tall" enough. Max has decided that soon he will be "Tall" enough to hold the priesthood. Hmmmm...can you say, "parent teaching moments?" He was full of cute, funny explanations for different things...it's funny what goes through these little guys minds. He kept following Cheyenne around the house until finally she decided to hide out in her mom and dad's room.....funny! They did get some pictures of the two of them, really cute, I will have to track down a copy from somebody and post them. All in all, it was a great time.....minus the drive there and home in our Focus tuna can....wonderful baptism and confirmation, great BBQ in the back yard, really great time visiting and playing games, swimming etc etc....can't wait to go back!! Love you Taukinukufili's

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