Friday, October 30, 2009

Well.......He's here!

Meet Shado...our 4 mo Shelty/Pom mix puppy. We are so excited to welcome this little guy into our home. We are somewhat sad though, I think and everybody agrees, that he has been an abused little guy and probably severely. The entire ride home from Stansbury he shivered and acted so scared. We took him outside to play and run with Jack, after a bit of coaxing he did warm up a bit....but, whenever "a human" would go over to him to either pet him, or pick him up, he would suddenly lay down, turn over and cower was so sad to see. After he had been here about 3-4 hrs, he started even barking at the neighbor dog and running all over the back yard...with, might I add, his tail wagging! A beautiful glimmer of hope. He doesn't do stairs though...that needs to change LOL. We then took him to pet smart for a bath, brush and toilnail grinding. The girls said he did very well..little timid during the hair drying, but everything else he enjoyed. He came home just beautiful with a Halloween bow. He didn't much want to do anything after that..just layed around. We decided he could go to his crate to bed...It's a nice soft bed and a warm blankie. He crawled back, curled up and snuggled in for the night....I hope we can help him come out of this horrible "shell" he is living in....I don't know too much about doggie's mental status...I'm hoping whatever damage was done to his little mind won't be lasting, and that we can help him be a sweet happy little guy...we're sure gonna try...........he has already made a place in our hearts, of dog will ever replace Mockey, but there is a HUGE hole Mockey left behind that I really think Shado can fill. Oh, and his name...story of course....when we got him, I asked what his name was and the gal said..."we just call him shelty" WHAT! What is with these brainless people not even giving this poor little guy a name....anyway...Shelty won't work, we decided to go for Shado....since Mockey was a Shelty Mix (just a different mix) we decided that Shado will be Mockey's shadow...two special little dogs....I know, pretty lame...LOL...but it's the Schroeder way ya know!

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Josh and Juli said...

Such a cute dog! That's too bad that his previous owners were abusive - if anyone can turn things around, you guys can! Hopefully it will happen soon!