Sunday, October 18, 2009

Girls Day/Night out!!!!

What a fun day! Kristi and Staci came home...sooooo...Staci,Kristi, Kati and I spent the entire day together!!! (partly a birthday present for Staci) We started at Michaels and got supplies to make this stone to place under the Lilac bush...that is where Mockey used to always sleep outside...Kristi and I made it today and I think it turned out a lot better than I expected.... was off to Tai Pan Trading....whooo hooo...the girls found some HUGE fruits and Christmas ornaments to pose by.....who decorates with these things anyway!!! LOL

Ok....Staci, put the purses down, slowly walk you can see, purses are something Staci she couldn't pick which one to buy...actually, Kati and I bought one too....hahaha

After Tai Pan it was off to Target to buy Halloween shirts to wear to dinner and Thriller....then, we went to Walmart to get our pedicures!!! Sorry I don't have pictures of the shirts or pedicures, just rest assured, they were AWESOME!!! We all got orange toes, and the girls got Halloween decorations painted on their big toes. It was sooo much fun and yes, the Schroeder Nerds were on the town!!! We then went to Biachi's (spelling?) at Gateway....Yummy!!! Then it was to Kingsbury Hall for....da da da daaaa...THRILLER!!! I just love that show. We were 4th row up, on the end with an empty seat by Kati....yes, if you have ever been to Thriller and know that before the show the Zombies walk up and down the isles harassing and scaring everybody....Kati got her share and we laughed so hard! Here is a Zombie that decided to sit next to Kati....I got a picture with my cell phone..not really good, but you get the picture anyway. GREAT SHOW as always! Then, of course the night wasn't finished until we stopped at Baskin Robbins for our favorite Ice Cream. This was one of those priceless day/nights that I will always remember. Thanks girls! Love you!!

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Tara said...

I'm jealous, it sounds like so much fun! Do you let outsiders pose as family members just for the girls night out fun?