Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Good-By 2009......

Hello 2010! Wow! Another year gone by....a lot has happened at the Schroeder House....Hmmm let's see what I can remember....(hopefully mostly good) Our little street was taken out of the Marcrest 1st and put into Marcrest 2nd ward....sad to lose great friends, but it was a good move and we are making good NEW friends....(HONESTLY I really hate change so this was hard at first) then I was released from Stake Relief Society Presidency...I miss working with those great Spiritual Women and am so thankful I was able to rub shoulders with them for the time I did.....they were such a great influence on me. Kristi graduated from LDS Business College in April, Kati graduated from Snow in May, and Rob graduated from Cyprus in June...WHEW! Gary and I were put in as 'Shephards' for the Young adults in our Ward....did some costuming for Beauty and the Beast..this being our Stake production this last summer...HUGE production and very well done! Took Grandma Schroeder to live at Washington Terrace...some good...some bad experiences with this. She is not with it at all..doesn't know who we are most of the time but happy in her own little world. Hired to work at Kearns High as the Guidance Counselors Secretary...love the people I'm working with...they are great. Saw friends move in, move out...again really hard 'cause I'm just not good with change. Spent great time with our family at the cabin....lost a very dear friend-Mockey-our very special dog of 17 1/2yrs...he will never be forgotten. Had join our family Jack...Kati's jack russell terrior and Shado our 6mo old shelty/pomeranian who we have grown to love very much for their own personalities..Max and his emergency room visits...one with croup and one getting him 7 stitches in his ear..OUCH! He did real good...then Kristi moved out into an apartment in Logan with friends (we miss her)....then, of course, some hard times and challenges I won't mention at this time but which have been and are challenging us to stretch and depend on our Testimonies and Faith in the Gospel.....I have found these things make us stronger in every way if we allow them too...lots and lots more but, instead of looking back...I am looking forward to 2010 as a year we commit ourselves to pray more, read scriptures more, study more, love more, grow more and be thankful for all we do have.....here's to 2009 ... but now on to 2010 with open arms!!!

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