Saturday, January 2, 2010

Here we go again....broken record!

Sorry for the post and I know everybody is going to read this and shake their heads...."yea yea yea"..."here we go again"..."let's see how long this lasts" are sure to be some of the comments made while reading this, but all I can say is "I gotta try again!" I am a failure at this, totally proven in the past, and I'm not going to say this time is going to be any easier for any strange reason....actually, I fought with myself whether to even put anything down on my blog about this...but since I have family and friends who just might pay a little attention to my little drabbles here on my blog, I decided to see if there might be a little support out there for me to have the courage to fight this horrible addiction I have called "FOOD!" Yes, you guessed....another public DIET! Gary and I re-joined Weight Watchers again...we found this program has been the only diet plan we have any success on at all...we are made to be accountable each week for what we do during that week. I am going to again start using the treadmill at least 3 mornings a week at first...then move foward from that. Hopefully you will support Gary and I....only if you know of the extreme challenge dieting is will you understand how hard this will be for us, but we really need to get our lives healthy and under control....Let the Games Begin and the Fat Lady Sing!


Deb said...

You are brave to put your goals out there, especially if you have said it in the past. I usually just quietly try to get back on the wagon. Good luck with the diet! I know you can do it!

Rachel said...

Good for you! You guys can do it! It is hard! Weight Watchers has been the best for us too. This last time we didn't officially do it, but I made a little poster we hung up on our closet door where we put our weigh in results each Monday morning and our goals at the bottom. It really helps to have your spouse doing it with you!
Have you tried the Kettle Corn 94% fat free popcorn? Yummy snack. And I like to indulge in a cup of hot cocoa at night when I want something sweet, it helps me feel full since it is so hot I guess.
Best of Luck! You can do it!

LouandAngela said...

GOOD LUCK!! I'm pulling for you! It's quite the challenge! And yeah, I'm STILL addicted to food--even after my success. Aarrggghhh!! It's good to be public about it. I think it makes you stick to it even more when you know people are pulling for you!