Sunday, March 21, 2010

Is it Spring??????

Oh how I love Spring!!! Yesterday was such a beautiful day...we took Max to the "Brown" park in the neighborhood to play and he had the time of his life...he makes friends wherever he goes and loves to play...when we got home he rode his bike all around the circle, no going inside for him...tooooo nice outside! YIPEE! I can really get used to this weather.....hope it stays a while!!! I am itching to go outside and work in the yard...ya know...fix the mess the two dogs created...and I mean mess...but since going to the home show last week I have some fun ideas to try in the back yard, not to mention cutting down the stupid ugly crab apple tree! Did I mention, several years back when we bought the two apple trees, they were the same type, supposedly hahaha...only one turned out to be an ugly crab apple tree!!! Well, this year...CHOP CHOP!

I've been thinking........last week was crazy at Kearns High School! Monday, one of our students parents called to tell me their son would not be in school all week due to a car accident the night before, he was in the Hospital and going to have surgery....then Wednesday one of our office aids and his sister were returning to school from their lunch and got into a HUGE car accident...they were side-swiped by a truck of junk, sent into a fence and the bar at the top of the fence came through the drivers window almost impailing Scott, instead it hit him in the chest and broke his seat back! Thank Heavens...someone....and we all know who....was watching out for him that day! He did break several ribs and they did surgery to wire his ribs back, he's in lots of pain and discomfort, but he's alive. His sister is also in severe pain from whiplash....but their both here to tell about it! Whew! Then just down the street, another student and his girlfriend were returning to school and got into a smaller accident...they are ok. Then friday, long story short...we had a student try to committ suicide....he took medicine but would not tell the paramedic's or doctor's what he took.....scary...last I heard he was in ICU in a sad....what makes these kids give up on themselves and life.....I hope he is ok....totally is determined on what he took.....prayers are with him and his family. Then, during lunch the paramedic's came to school AGAIN! Holy Cow! One of our kids was in gym and a ball hit his finger so hard the bone actually came out! EWWWW! Is this SPRING or crazy luck at Kearns High! Here's praying for a better week!

Oh...footnote....I lost another pound and Gary lost 2.3 pounds....inch by inch by inch! We'll make it though...ugh!

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