Saturday, March 13, 2010


Yes....what a surprise! Weigh in was today and when I woke up this morning I felt puffy in my face and hands...which usually means "WATER WEIGHT" UGH!!!! But, alas, it wasn't so bad...I still lost 1.8 lbs....that was a pleasant surprise especially after last week when I actually gained .4lbs and wasn't happy....I had really pushed the exercise issue that muscles were extremely stiff and sore. The gals at Weight Watchers told me that when you are sore and stiff you accumulate water in those muscles which looks as though you gained weight...well, sounds nice anyway...not sure how true it is though. Anyway, that week is gone and it is a new week...I have an official total weight loss of 11.8 lbs and unofficial weight loss (I lost about 4 lbs the first week....didn't weight until I had been on the diet for a week) so, again, unofficially I have lost about 15 lbs..Yahoo!!!! Much better week thank you :+)


The Bronson Bunch said...

Way to go LuAnn! You must be feeling great!

Rachel said...

Hooray! That is awesome! You are really making a lot of progress, great job! :)