Sunday, February 27, 2011

What a weekend!!!!!

This has been a weekend to remember and cherish. What and example of love, Eternal Families, the Gospel in action, the Atonement, why we are here on this earth and all the good things a family can be to each other. These last two weeks have been probably the hardest for our family to go through..we lost someone who has been a part of our family for over 2 years due to choices and decisions that were made in life which set a path of turmoil and personal destruction, but more than that, the choices made have effected so many other lives as well. We all have a choice to either do good or not...these choices aren't something that just effect our lives, but so many other lives that are linked to us who love us and want the very best for all of us. We hope and pray the outcome will someday be a happy for now, it's time for the Schroeder's to move on with our family and lives. It is a time to continue to live in accordance to the gospel plan, the way our Father in Heaven would want us to do, so that those choices we make will bring us happiness and joy every day of our lives, and ultimately bring us back to Him as Eternal Families. With that said, after such a heartbreaking and sad couple of weeks, we have had a weekend that will be one to remember forever and that really says it all.....again, choices of others have determined a huge part of this weekend and it was full of the true meaning of Eternal Families in so many ways. 1st, my sweet aunt Eva Jane died last week and the viewing and funeral was Friday and Saturday. Also, as Utah weather goes, this was supposed to be a snow filled weekend with more than a foot of new snow in several locations from the south end to the north end...because there would be a lot of traveling involved this weekend, we have prayed that the weather would be good, that we could be safe and make it too those things that we needed to go to, truthfully, I did pray that the snow would hold off until next week! Of course, that didn't happen but what did happen was just as significant...we woke up to just skiff of snow at our house on Friday morning, it then snowed a bit during the day, and as we understand it Utah County did get a significantly larger amount that melted during the day so our travels to Springville to see family and pay respects to my Aunt were eventless to say the least...we had a great visit with family we haven't seen for years, we were able to share time with my uncle Leon at the loss of his "beautiful lady" as he called her that night...and make it home without any problems. We knew that the Taukinukufili's were on their way from Las Vegas and we wanted them to be safe and not have any problems with seemed to us that was going to happen...until just after midnight we looked out the window and the ground was snow covered! Yikes! We kept in contact with them throughout their travels and yes, they did encounter the great Utah weather about Lehi...they arrived safely though around 3am at which time the kids crashed anywhere they could and Kristi, Luana and I sat up talking until 5am...soooooo...downstairs we had sleeping Trevor, Max, Joe, Vaughn...upstairs Staci in Kati's room, Bryce, Gary and the 2 dogs, Luana, Sierra, Cheyenne, Kristi and me (Kati was spending the night at her friends house)...Woke up to several inches new snow the next morning, but the streets were essentially clear.....Saturday morning as events went...Gary took Grandma Bahr to the funeral and Kati met them there...I went to a friends civil wedding ceremony which was beautifully done by the way...saw many friends and work associates there, went grocery shopping for all the many people hanging out at our home back home to visit and enjoy eveyone then got ready to go to the Temple with Kristi...we arrived at the Jordan River Temple a little early which was fine, the "angels" at the Temple took us under their wing and made this experience for Kristi an extremely special day...everything went perfect for her (some family and friend had a little different experience being late etc..but it was all good)it couldn't have gone any better for Kristi for her first experience in the Temple. It was a mothers reward to see her beautiful daughter dressed in white making such a precious choice to receive her endowments and attend the temple...this was a day shared my those she loves and who loves her..the session was FULL, the largest session I have ever been on. (so was Leatherby's afterwards with our group of 25) I wish I could express in detail the joy and feelings of that experience, especially after such a hard previous week in our family...lets just say..the church is true and the blessings and joys of Eternal Families are priceless...good choices in life bring us that Joy while those wrong choices just don't, it has been so evident these past couple opposite I lay here in bed typing, Gary getting ready to go hometeaching, 13 people whom I love with all my heart are scattered throughout my tiny, 4 bedroom one bathroom house sleeping peacefully (and 2 dogs fighting on the bed next to me) my son on his mission who hopefully had a baptism yesterday they had planned to do (we won't know details until his pday tuesday) I can't help but think about the love our Savior has for us...what He did for us so that we can find THIS joy...This is what it's all about....the love of our family/friends...the peace we find in living lives that, yes we make mistakes, but that through the atonement we can repent and find Joy in all of this...I wish I could share all that I feel in my heart today...but more than that, my hope and prayer is that everyone will someday in their lives feel this great love and joy in their hearts as I am hearing stirrings throughout the house...time to get up and start the day with 13 of my favorite people EVER!

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