Sunday, March 13, 2011


I was thinking about who are the heros in my know, I could have all the same answers everyone else has and it would be accurate, there are so many heros in the world...people who help others especially in crisis...they are true heros... but I have 4 heros who are living, learning and teaching me something every Heros are my kids...corny I know, but it is so true...there aren't 4 people right now that teach me more than these kids. They all face their own set trials, experiences and challenges.. they hurt, are afraid, feel alone, feel confusion, regret...all those feelings everyone of us go through but then they move on...they find a way to make it work and realise that the only solution to whatever they may be going through is to have Faith in our Father in Heaven, to do whatever He asks of them no matter what..they know that their set of trials are special for them and that they are never alone, really...that through their faith and growing strength they can make it through anything and they soon find that JOY again that is awaiting them and may be gone for just a fleeting moment during the times they are challenged. I'm really proud to be the mom of such "Super Heors" in my family...who are there for each other...who step it up whenever they are needed for family or friends....I'm their mom, but they are my teachers...I am grateful for them everyday...Thanks kids, for showing me the way!

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