Monday, April 18, 2011

Update...our dog Shado....'s been a while since I update about our little 4 legged member of the family. Shado...yes, still a bit on the non-trusting side, but getting much better every day. He is a beautiful dog, loves to play outside and run in the yard (when it's good weather of course) sleeps at the foot of our bed, loves to be cuddly when he is in control..meaning, if you want him to be cuddly he won't and will shy away...still afraid of being "called" to your side which probably means the people who abused him probably would call him in a sweet nice tone, then when he came to them they would inflict the abuse....I wish so much I could confront these HORRIBLE people...unfortunately, they are still out there abusing more innocent's sad.

We take Shado and Jack to the groomers together for their nails, grooming and brushing their teeth..usually you kind of drag Shado into the groomers .. if you can imagine, picture drag on his leash with a stream of pee behind..sorry, he lays down and won't stand...terrified of what might happen to him...but since he has been to the groomers several times (and he gets the right groomer..they all know him, but some are better than others)you can see a change in him each time. Last saturday he actually WALKED out of the groomers...on his leash....looking a bit cautious, but walking non the less....woot woot! Kati and I decided to see if he would still walk on his leash so we were courageous and walked him and Jack to West Valley Elementary...and YES, he walked all the way, on his leash, actually enjoying himself...amazing!!! Hi Five for Shado! This is such an accomplishment for him, and will be nice when we take him other places. He still won't venture down our stairs..he is still terrified of the stairs/basement (not quite sure which) we are sure he must of had a terrible experience with his previous owners, the abusers, in regards to the stairs etc..his Vet thinks the same. Anyway, things are looking up...he will be 2yrs old in July...the damage done was great for him to still have trouble at this point...I hate to think about it. Anyway, we love the little guy and patience is the key.

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The Bronson Bunch said...

He is a beautiful dog. What a good home he us lucky to be in!! Sounds like he has come a long way.