Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Did we really decide to do that?

One thing I can say for sure....never say NEVER! I have really learned that in the past, but of course I forgot...early on in our marriage I said I would NEVER have a station wagon...well shortly we inherited a small Ford Station Wagon, YUCK!, then I said I would NEVER have a white car...well we have had 2 white cars since, many times before I had kids I just knew I would NEVER do certain things when I had kids...hahaha that was a joke, what the heck...how could I EVER use my son's shirt to wipe his boggars off his face, or let a child cry throughout the store just so I could finish what I had come for, or bribe my children to make peace...etc etc...well, it has happened again...GEESH! I said we would NEVER EVER move from our home of 25yrs..that we would stay forever and ever...well, time to eat my words again! WE have our home on the market and boy did we pick an awkward market to put it on...but yes, the time is now to move on. We need a rambler type home that is large enough for whoever is living with us....including my mom whom we will move in as soon as we move. The stairs are just too hard on her now so we really need something different. We have had one offer that was an FHA loan involved, but it required us to drop our price $10,000! Their initial offer was $5,000 less than we were asking and with the FHA loan we would have to pay their closing costs which would be around $5,000...not good, so we countered...We are kind of thinking they aren't going for our counter since we haven't heard from their realtor for several days...they seem to be ignoring our realtor...I'm sure it's a pass but that's ok...they also wanted our stove which is brand new and our refrigerator...can you say they wanted everything for nothing...yup! Love this economy, but since we are not in a rush to sell, we are not going for that offer...anyway again we won't say NEVER because we may end up taking one similar if it gets to that point just not so soon, we are also having trouble finding something to buy that isn't in short sale or bank owned....wow, we did pick a good time to finally do something we thought we would never do...but I just feel it's the time and that said, I also know it will happen when it is supposed to and we will find our home that we can live in forever and bring mom into as well. I have to have a clean home all the time just in case...that's a nice perk.....anyway....advise I give to all NEVER SAY NEVER!!!

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