Sunday, August 14, 2011

School/'s that time again.........

It's that time again!!!!! I started back to work last Tuesday...I really like my job so it wasn't a big deal...I like the people I work with and I especially like the kids. We have some of the best kids around and it makes my job that much better...oh, and I am starting this new year at a differnt desk in a different office!!! I will be honest, I had really mixed feelings when I was told I would be moving, but after setting things up...and looking behind me, at my desk...I have a HUGE WINDOW!!! I was in a windowless room before and if you really know me, I LOVE light and windows! BONUS! I can always walk across the hall and see my old buddies when I need's all good! We started with a week of registration....busy, busy, busy! Kearns High started this year with the option of mailing in your registration...something only a quarter or less of the parents did....after standing in a registration line for 1hr and line might I add...I think they will re-think next year and get their registration mailed much easier and FASTER!!! I always mailed in our kids lines for me! Anyway, even after 7hrs of non stop registration on Friday, we are only half way there....the problem is, we only have a few hours next week earmarked to register kids...lots to do..lots to do! I am happy to be back though

These are our halls for the next week...quiet and clean.....then on August 22nd the
action begins and another school year is in business! BRING IT ON! We are ready..(or not hahaha) ready or not, 2011-2012 school year here we come!!!

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Emily said...

One of my really good friends is student teaching math at Kearns this symester. His name is Kyle Day. He is awesome!