Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lots of "NEWS" in my world!

Wow! We have now lived in our New home for 2 1/2 months....we have moved my mom in, moved Kristi & Kati to their New apartment....Staci, Trevor & Max have been living with us during the week because Trevor got a great New job here in SLC...too far to drive from Ogden...they will be moving into their New apartment in Holiday mid Sept....I was just sustained and set apart as the New Primary President in the Westbrook 9 th ward...(talk about being out of my comfort zone)...I start the New school year at work tomorrow....Max got his 1st pair of New glasses....these make for great New adventures in the Schroeder family, and I couldn't be happier. Sometimes New can be scary....such as my New calling as Primary President....I feel so under qualified, but I am grateful to my Heavenly Father who lets me know when it's time to get off my butt and do some growing. I have called some of the most wondful women as my counselors and secretary..that I am excited for....there again our Lord knows who I need to help me with this daunting task and this heavy mantle of teaching these beautiful children to love their Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ....I have been in Primary Presidencies as a counselor before many many years ago....things have changed so much as things usually do....I don't bring with me the knowledge, but I do bring with me the Love for these precious children and I do love children....that is not New....I sat in primary today and watched these magnificent young people interact and learn about our Heavenly heart was full....they are some of the most choice and full of energy to learn and grow in the gospel....I feel this New adventure in my life is a precious gift from my Heavenly be able to witness and be a part of the lives of His children...I can't wait! I am excited! I love the Lord and our Savior Jesus Christ...I feel their Love for me....I Love my testimony and look forward to sharing it with the children in our ward....I am so grateful for these beautiful opportunities to serve and grow and feel so lucky to have been lead to this home ... Such a blessing for our family....we started our New adventure on Memorial Day 2012 and look forward to all it brings.....

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