Saturday, November 24, 2012

Wow!! I really do need to do some "catch up" on this blog

It has been a WHILE since I updated my blog.....I used to be so good at it, but have been a slacker lately....I can't make any promises, but I will TRY to do's like a journal to me and interesting to go back and re-read past posts.  We have been in our wonderful home now for 6 months...yes a half of a's really hard to believe sometimes.  It has felt like "home" from the very beginning.....and I am happy here.  Yes, I was made Primary President soon after the move, and yes, it was hard not knowing anybody...but through the spirit I was given the most amazing counselors to be by my side....I couldn't ask for anyone better....and the teachers are AMAZING!  We just did our Primary program.....the kids did a FABULOUS job....they are the BEST Primary kids EVER!  I was a proud Primary President....I feel so much LOVE in my heart sometimes that it could just burst.  Gary went 7 months without a calling, but was finally nabbed and his "day of rest" has come to an end....he is Sec in the High Priest Group....he is working with some amazing men....cream of the crop so to's a really great ward and we are happy to be here.  It is 2days after Thanksgiving....yes, we have had our first Thanksgiving in our new home....plenty of room and great food, we even used Grandmother's China....we were very careful, but it was really nice.....we played Just Dance, listened to Christmas music, went Black Thursday shopping and had a blast....went to bed at midnight and got up for Village Inn was really nice.  Yesterday I started putting up Christmas...YIKEES....what a job....the tree is up and most of the decorations in the living room ....there is so much more to do though, UGH...but, with a little Christmas Music playing, I can get this done! is 6:46am right now, and I am laying on the couch with the tree lights favorite!   Oh, (just a side note)we got a new car.....yes, a RED Nissan Rogue! (this is what happens when your car payment comes home from his mission haha)  I LOVE IT......NOW FOR THE VERY BEST NEWS!  YES!  2 1/2 weeks our Elder Rob comes home!!  We could never be more excited!  His 2 wonderful years of service are almost has been a fabulous time for our family...long...but so blessed....I LOVE having a missionary...but now it's time for him to move on with his life....we have him accepted to LDS Business College...I will,update his blog now....this is a great life in the Schroeder home...I am so Thankful for EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY!

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