Monday, December 22, 2008

Lucas update.....................

Another set back for seems like he goes through one after another, but through it all..he is such a charmer!!! I will post some new pictures later of his cute smile....he was supposed to go home today, but doc's all have different ideas (and he has a lot of doc's) one says one thing, and the others say the meantime he developed a fever that they decided they needed to culture (he ended his anitbiotic just yesterday for the previous fever/infection)....if we hope for the best it would be that there would be no growth in the culture and he just has a low grade fever from teething....lets pray for this little family to go home together for Christmas...they have already missed being together for all the festivities of the holiday, hopefully they can spend Lukie's first Christmas home together!!! the video of the soldier is their family favorite and be prepared to feel something good!!! Merry Christmas Everyone

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