Monday, December 15, 2008

A night out at Temple Square to see the lights.......

We started out, Staci Trevor Max and I, meeting Kati and her friend Ben at Gateway...(they have this beautiful tree that changes colors from white to's really fun)..then we took the train to Temple Square. You know, it seems their might have been a few less lights, but the grounds on Temple Square were so beautiful non the just makes my Holidays to spend time down there with family.(Gary had to stay home with grandma, that was sad..we are going to go on a DATE this week...we will go visit there together) That will be nice!!!

Then..on to Temple was a beautiful, not too cold, friday night...lots of happy people, everybody scampering to take the best in front of the temple and the reflection pond with Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus...we never did get a chance to get the best pictures in front of these, but that's was nice to see everybody wanting that experience..having the desire to have their pictures in a setting as beautiful as these.....what a great time of year...we just need to remember this all the time, but unfortunately we usually move on with our lives and forget what is really important....Our Savior and what he did for each and every one of us....he LOVES us and wants the very best for us...we have to endure and keep promises we made Him....just "Find Joy in our Journey"

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