Friday, March 20, 2009

Carpet or NO carpet......that is the question?

Well.....debate amongst the Schroeder clan....should we replace our carpet with wood floors or not. I am for wood floors...Gary hates wood floors because they "aren't homey enough" Well...compromise here...we will get carpet one more time...the next time we do anything to the floors it will be hardwood! I can go for that especially since he really never voices much concerning how we furnish this house. I can go with the big 'NADA' this time....but look out future...hardwood here we come!! We picked a burbur so it won't be much work...I always love the smell of new carpet after it is installed...hmmmmmmmmmmmm so good, and everything feels clean and new.


The Reimers Family said...

Well, where are the pics? I would've voted with you on the hardwood, but that was nice of you to let the hubby have a say. A+ wife:)

The Harding Hive said...

Oh, I love new carpet too. I bet it looks fantastic. Post some pics.

Schroeders in a nut shell said...

soon as I get it installed I will post pictures for sure......I can't wait for the 'new carpet smell' hmmmmmmm smells so good =)