Monday, April 5, 2010

Birthdays, Easter, Spring Break and Mission preparation......UGH!

Holy Cow! Between Birthdays, Easter, Spring Break and starting Rob's Mission's been busy at our house for sure! This is our run down since March 25th..Trevor's Birthday....April 1st My Birthday....April 4th Kristi's birthday and Easter....April 5th starting on Mission Preparation for Rob (his dentist appt)...April 19th Kati's Birthday! And the Snowy Spring Break right in the middle of it all! Whew! I love this time of year! Oh, and 40 something days left of school!!!!!! HAPPY SPRING EVERYBODY!!!! Some of our weekend encluded watching Conference....going to saturday 2nd session of Conference....Max coming for a sleepover, celebrating Easter with him, decorating eggs with Max (of course I didn't get pictures but he was extremely talented in the decorating) Easter egg hunt (in the house because it was so cold outside) Candy, Candy, Candy Easter brunch with Staci, Trevor and Max....then Easter dinner with the rest of the family......ending with a Costco Cheesecake for Kristi's Birthday! Kristi had to share her birthday this year with Easter...Great Weekend!


Kati Jo Schroe said...

So I am rest of family.........geeze ;)

Schroeder's in a NUT SHELL! said...

Yea....I got lazy and didn't want to type out everybody in 'the rest of the family' your profile picture....whose in it with you?