Wednesday, April 28, 2010

School is almost out!!!! Hurray!!!!!

As of today, there are 26 school days left this year!!! That means a job free summer for me! At first, I thought it would be hard not having my income for those couple months, but I am really looking forward to the will be worth it 'cause I have plenty to do and catch up on. Had a bit of a scare yesterday was secretaries day last counselors and college guy gave us a plant/flowers and a sweet....Brett over CTE gave us a $25 gift card to a Cracker Barrel, then yesterday our administration sent us to lunch at Iggy's and gave us more flowers!! During lunch, our Admin secretary told me in front of all that she heard from our principle that everybody with 30hr/wk were going to be cut down to 19hr/wk's!! Holy Cow! That was random and a punch in the face! I had talked earlier to my boss about this very subject and was assured that because our pay comes from a completely different budget that we would be just fine...hmmmm....somebody got it wrong. I stewed over this all night not knowing the outcome, but I kept reminding myself that my boss would certainly tell me if there were changes...then I got a bit dare our admin secretary...she didn't have all the facts so why did she decide to spread rummors about something as important and life altering as this! Why do people put their noses in places they don't belong? Anyway, when I got to work today...long story short....I have been once again job will not be involved in the hour cut...I will be just fine! WHEW! I have a missionary to support, I can't afford to cut my hours right now...and I won't have too...Yeah!!! I guess moral to this story is....don't pass along information without facts, most importantly keep your nose where it belongs! Rumors can be painful and scary especially if you don't have the correct facts......this will save on sleepless nights anyway! Anyway, I really love my job, the people I work with and the hours I have! I'll be good for another year....Hurray for Kearns High Cougars!!!

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audge8 said...

What a relief about your job! I am so happy for you! And 26 days...I can't wait until summer either! Go Morgan Mountaineers!!! :)