Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sore...but smiling.....

It was a very nice day of those productive Saturdays. We got up early and worked in the much needed yard....I weeded all the gardens (and there are alot!) I love flowers, so I made sure we had enough space for them in the front and back...only, we also grow a lot of crab grass and those viney weeds that like to invade the gardens...I worked hard but it's done and they look though, I am extremely sore! OUCH! I always use muscles I don't usually use and pay for it the next day...UGH....but when I look at the yard I am appreciative of the fact that I can get down, crawl around, dig and pull and do what it takes to make our yard pleasant and fun to be in....then..later in the evening Max came over while Staci and Trevor went to a play.....since it was Westfest, we took him to the fireworks!!!! He oooohhed and aahhed the entire night..he just loved the fireworks and was dissappointed when they were over....thank heavens there are more days of fireworks to come...don't you just love this time of just makes me smile!!!

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