Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rob is going on a mission............

I've been thinking a lot lately about this year...boy is it busy and life changing. Rob's mission papers were officially submitted last night. Wow! This is crazy...where has time gone?? Seems like just yesterday we had a HUGE surprise at having a boy! Dr Dinger's famous words "it's a boy!" Gary " a BOY!" we were so sure we were having our 4th daughter and ok with that...but what a nice surprise....cuddling with this little guy was amazing and knowing he would be our last meant something even more special..hard to put in words. He was such a joy growing up...loving every moment...struggling with him through challenges in elementary and scouts....enjoying watching him grow and learn in every aspect of life...watching him in aww as he encourages friends to read the Book of Mormon ... no pressure, but sharing a sweet testimony of this book and suggesting they read for themselves...watching him advance in his Priesthood...Rob has honored and performed his Priesthood duties with love, respect and honor could always count on Rob to pass the sacrament as a deacon every Sunday dressed in white shirt and tie, get to church early to set up the sacrament table as a teacher as well as perform his duties without argument in going door to door to collect fast offerings, occasional sacrament taken to home bound members of our ward etc...these were things he knew he was expected to do and there was never a question as to his responsibilities to which he gladly did. I think one of those things where I really saw Rob grow was blessing the sacrament as a new Priest...this was somewhat of a challenge...he had his share of repeated blessings whether it be from nerves or just not reading the blessing completely, he just kept trying and trying until he finally overcame this particular challenge and would bless the sacrament with a love in his heart for this Priesthood responsibility. Rob was then ordained an now holds the Melchizedek Priesthood....our son has the same keys as his dad...this is amazing. He has helped with a couple blessings....still goes up and blesses the sacrament when he is needed and I can say, this is a young man who truly honors his Priesthood. Well, last night after a month of doctors visits, papers filled out and interviews his "papers" were officially sent in to the Apostles to look over and assign him a mission call....holy little boy will soon be out for 2 years serving the Lord and those people he will be assigned to teach! Have we really prepared him for this, does he have all the tools he will need to live on his own with a companion and be able to share his testimony and teach the gospel to others...will he be able to take care of his physical cooking, cleaning etc....I know he has the laundry thing down pat....but how about shopping and preparing for those things he will need? What if he get's homesick or just sick....will he know to go to the Lord for assurance and help....does he pray and read his scriptures the way he needs to....what if he needs me...ugh!!! I know every mom goes through this...we just want to be available just in case, but we can't. I pray he will find "another son's mother" on his mission to maybe fill my shoes...maybe a meal occasionally...maybe some guidance and support....I'm feeling a few pieces of my heart flaking off right now...I know this is the best possible thing for Rob and those who he will teach...he is such a great young man...but I will miss him...I hurt for those family times he will miss out on for two years...we have been such a close family.....but through it all...feelings set aside....this is what he is supposed to do, I support him and love him dearly and put him and his life in the hands of our Lord to watch over him, keep him safe for these next 2 years... to guide him and strengthen him that he will be the tool....those hands that will spread the gospel to all the you buddy!!

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