Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Elder Robert David Schroeder.........

WOW! It really is real! Rob opened his mission call tonight and he has been sent to the Kennerick Washington Mission!! The really crazy thing is he is leaving in exactly 2 months from today! Holy Get This Done Fast Mission!!! He is really going............ready to serve those wonderful people in Washington and teach them the gospel....share his testimony and love for our Father in Heaven. This is going to be the "Best Two Years" for Elder Schroeder.....he will have 2 years of great experiences, challenges, up and downs, spiritual experiences, testimony builders, growing times and trying times....but all in all, he will be the best missionary for the people of Kennerick Washington...there is someone in Kennerick who is just waiting for him to teach them those eternal gospel principles so they too will have the blessings of Eternal exciting is know there is a reason he is being sent to Kennerick! My heart is so full right now! I really can't express how proud I am of him and his willingness to serve the Lord for the next 2 years....he is and has always been such a kind hearted young caring and loving to everyone. He has been such a great example to me throughout his life. He is a hard worker and when given a task will complete it completely...he will really be missed at the Schroeder house for the next 2 years.

Max is struggling with this missionary thing.....he really doesn't want Rob to be gone for 2 makes him really sad...but these are teaching moments for this little guy too....he is learning what and how important this mission is to Rob, that there are things we can do to support him and help him while he is on his mission....Max really loves his uncle Rob...they have had a really great relationship for the last 5 years of his little times this mission will go fast and times it will seem like a lifetime, non-the-less, it will be a great 2 years and a blessing to our family.

Now, the really hard part is he leaves exactly 2 months from today!!!!! This is really the challenge...getting him ready! Some sisters in our ward are having a Missionary Open House for help him get the things he will need to take with him...that will be a huge help....then, he is going to stop working about a month early so he will have time to prepare as well. Just a ton of things racing through my head right now....all in all, I am so grateful for this Gospel, for the many opportunities we all have to grow and strengthen our Testimonies, for these fine young men who are willing to put 2 years of their lives aside in serving others and sharing the gospel....for the many many others old and young who do the same..who spread the gospel and serve our Father in Heaven...I have learned there are so many ways to serve a don't always need to be a 19yr old young man....Gary and I have been called to a service mission in genealogy...we are waiting to hear and officially get our instructions.....the Gospel is True, I'm more and more grateful to our Savior Jesus Christ..for ALL he has done for us...for his consistent love and guidance in all we do....this will be a great 2 years....I am actually going to start a mission blog for Rob sometime this are all invited to follow it...Love you Rob

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