Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm soooo excited!!!

We actually have a nice back yard....actually, I love our yard! I go out and lay on the swing for hours at night just listening to all the "outside noises" and thinking....the smells are fabulous...neighbors cooking this and that....grilling and just burning wood....often it smells like we are in the mountains...and I LOVE the mountains and all the smells!!! So...Kati came home and said "Mom, go buy one of those portable fire pits...we can roast marshmallows and stuff" What a good idea! I checked into them and they are kind of pricey...something a family sending out a new missionary probably can't afford....but, we have an area open and away from foliage etc that would be a great spot for a pit......we built it for a fraction of the cost of a portable pit!!! Hurray!! Tonight we roast hot dogs and S'mores....in the fall, when it's cool at night, won't this be a fun thing...sitting around talking with family and friends....I love our new fire pit!


Anonymous said...

You guys deserve it...you are always doing so many fun things as a family! And, can't wait to hear about Rob's mission call.

The Fullmer's said...

Looks like fun! You will love it:) I love summer time!