Saturday, July 3, 2010

3rd, 4th, and 5th of July Festivities!!!

Isn't this Holiday season the best??? Since the 4th falls on Sunday this year, we have the unique privilege of celebrating this wonderful Holiday for 3 whole days!! I just love that...we get to be reminded and pay tribute to our wonderful, beautiful country for extra days this year and what an honor that is! I know some are uncomfortable with not celebrating everything on Sunday, but I look at it this way, one day celebrating just isn't enough for me, having the extra couple days makes it all good. It's funny though, we attended the Magna parade this afternoon, shopped, cleaned up some of the garage then saw the Magna Fireworks (which were excellent as far as I'm concerned) we sat on the football field with several other high spirited families at Cyprus High.... everybody happy to be there! After the fireworks were done, everybody started clapping...then there was the grand "finale" so to speak someone sent off 1/2 dozen illegal fireworks from behind the bleachers LOL...they were really beautiful...Lol......then, fireworks done, we were off to the church on 6400 W and 2700 S to see the Rocky Mt speedway there just in time to spread out our blankets and they started!! Woot! Woot! The firework watchers there were a little more subdued...maybe tired from the day at hand...but both fireworks were really good. Now, as I type, it is 12:45am and some neighbor who lives close by is and has been setting off a stream of illegal fireworks ...for at least an hour! You got solid hour....It amazes me how much these must cost! Our poor Jack the dog is just having a hard time with all the noise...he's not a real fan of these festivities...then there's shado...our other dog...sound asleep with not a care in the world...night and day these two. I hope they do run out of fireworks soon...a little hard to sleep with HUGE bangs throughout the night!

Then, about 10 min after Trevor and Staci left for home (midnight) she text me to tell me that they had already seen a drunk driver and to let Kati and Kristi know to be careful getting home...go figure...what a way to spoil such a great day...I hope these people get off the roads and sleep it off! How can it be fun to drink yourself into oblivion and then get behind the wheel of a powerful machine to endanger not only yourself but defenseless people out to have a great day...Selfish Cowards as far as I'm concerned...anyway...hope your holidays are fantastic and wonderful and let's remember what a great country we live in!!!!

I'm Proud to be an American!!!!!

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Allison said...

Hope you guys have a happy 4th of July!