Monday, August 2, 2010

Now it's August......

Wow! Last few weeks have really been busy with preparations for girls camp buying food, crafts, packing and was really great though...only we had a ton of extra does that happen??? I just think nobody really wants to eat much while camping, at least this year...of course, if we cut down on the food...we would probably run out and everyone would be hungry...UGH....happy medium! Anyway, I will add pictures really was a great girls camp and our girls were fantastic! Not a bit of drama...two wards and everybody got along...go figure that one LOL

August has hit!!! I was checking the calendar...oh my gosh is this going to be a busy month

**Rob and I have to pick up pants at Mr Mac's....and...I think we need to take back the ones he already has...they need to be tailored just a bit more...a bit big and riding a bike I am sure he will loose weight...better get them right now

**Temple recommend interview Tuesday night

**I have two 6 hour meetings Wed and Thurs this week, and Kristi coming home for a friends well as bringing some of her boxes...I need to clean out her room again in preparation for her return home

**Going to take Grandma Bahr on Friday to get some valances for her windows

**Monday the 9th leaving for West Yellowstone until the 12th...very excited!!! As well as Rob's birthday on the 9th

**Saturday morning moving Kristi from Logan....
then off to Springville for a combined sister (my mom and aunt) Birthday Party (what a nice thing since my aunt is getting really bad right now)

**Rob takes out his endowments on the 21st in preparation for his mission

**Ben's birthday on the 20th

**School/Work starts on the 23rd..............and it goes on and on....this is going to be a busy month..I just hope we all survive!!! Hahah

Let the Month begin...........................

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