Monday, August 16, 2010

Two sisters...and their posterity!

My cousin Diane and I, through this great media of emails and facebook, came up with this little get together for these two ladies...they are both getting older and we needed everyone (as many as possible)to be together as a pictures don't show it all, but My cousin Karen and her husband were there, Diane's and grandkids, Steven, my cousin, and his family made it... my brothers and their kids and grandkids were there as well as my family...we were missing some of the grandkids and their kids as well as my cousin Linda and her family...they are living in Arizona and were unable to be was a great event.....everybody was in the park playing and having a great time...

Eva Jane and Dolores....two sisters!

Birthday party for both...Eva Jane turns 86 on Aug 19th and Dolores turns 82 on Aug 22nd.....Eva Jane is my aunt and Dolores my mom...two great ladies honored with as many family member as could come....

Balloon art for all the grandkids by Trevor .... that is always fun!
....we honor these two great women and love them! Happy Birthday!!!

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Rachel said...

Give Delores a hug from us! Happy Birthday! :)